1.2 / June 2, 2017
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Draw shapes to solve puzzles! Join the best physics puzzles foryour brain. Download “Don’t Mess With My Head”, an amazingcollection of brain teaser puzzles.Do you like physics puzzles foryour brain where you are supposed to draw shapes to solve puzzles?Are you looking for a brain teasing puzzle game for your device?Stop your search then.Here comes the new brain teaser for truephysics geniuses. Don’t Mess with My Head is the best ever physicspuzzle game which has 150 levels. Draw lines and solve challengingpuzzles. You are not going to have such a free brain game with suchamazing physics challenges. You feel you can solve every puzzle?Try “Don’t Mess With My Head”.How to Play:The objective of the gameis to solve these puzzles. All you have to do is to draw lines andshapes in order to solve these puzzles. You can unlock the nextlevel by solving each puzzle in the given time. Sounds easy? Youbet it is not!Key Features:► Universal app, works best on allAndroid device including tabs► Cool graphics and backgrounds ► Verychallenging draw shapes to solve puzzles game-play ► Movie qualitysounds and music ► Simple and easy controls► 150 brain teasinglevels► Click on the light bulb sign to get a hint when you feelstuck““Don’t Mess With My Head” is a tough and challenging brainteasing game. It’s a perfect game to have on your device if youlove solving brain puzzles. Make sure to have some good practicebefore challenging your friends and family. Have fun!We would loveto hear from you. Please leave us a review and rating to let usknow what you think about our brain riddle game. We’ll use yourfeedback to make your experience better when you’ll play the gamefor next time. Thanks!

App Information Don’t Mess with My Head

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    Don’t Mess with My Head
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    June 2, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Crucial App Concepts, Inc.
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    2750 FM 1463 Suite 15026, Katy Tx 77494
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