1.1 / September 20, 2014
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Come on! You've entered the 3D indoor shooting range. Do not shootabsolutely white target, you need to shoot the target of black.Targets are moves faster as times go by. Please feel the pleasureof shooting.Then, try to challenge. Features: Support the vibrationfunction Leader boards for shooting.One hand / both hands shootingmode

App Information Don’t Shoot The White Target

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    Don’t Shoot The White Target
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  • Updated
    September 20, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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  • Developer
    Sponge Mobile
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    121-854 서울시 마포구 신수동 85-15 202호 스펀지 모바일
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수도권/부산/대구/대전/광주 등 전국 모든 지하철 노선 기능 제공.1. 다양한 경로 검색 방식 [출발시간기준 / 첫차기준/ 막차]과 경로에 따라서 [ 최단거리 / 최소환승] 요일에 [평일 /토요일/공휴일(일요일)] 으로 경로 검색 가능.경로 검색된 거리와 요금 표시. 경로 검색결과를 상세보기와 지도보기로 제공하고 환승 정보도 지도 위에 표현.2. 편리한디자인페이지 마다 알아보기 쉽게 편리한 디자인을 제공.3.위치에 따른 원터치 도착 정보(이후 5개 열차 도착정보,첫차,막차 시간 정보 제공, 전체 시간및 출구 정보 제공.4.경로 검색 결과 환승역과 도착역 도착 알림을 시간 이나위치로 설정하여 알림 기능.5.역주변 정보 제공역의 출구 정보와 내리는 문 방향, 횡단 가능 여부 환승시 빠른 환승을위한 몇번칸 몇번문등을 알기 쉽게 제공.----개발자 연락처 :서울시 마포구 신수동 85-15 202호스펀지모바일+827088203759Metropolitan / Busan / Daegu / War / Guangzhousubway nationwide, including all features.One. Search multiplepathways approach [Start time reference / First bus standard /Last] along the path and the shortest distance / minimum transfer -the day on weekdays / Saturday / holiday (Sunday) to search forpossible path. SHOW searched the streets and paths. Learn moreabout the path and the map view search results and transferinformation is provided as represented on the map.Two. FriendlydesignEach page offers a convenient design intuitively.3 one-toucharrivals according to the position (after 5 train arrivalinformation, first train, the last train time information,providing information and exit the whole time.4 search results pathand arrival stations, transfer stations and the arrival timenotifications, set the location notification.May provideinformation around the stationAnd make statements about thedirection of the exit of the stations, crossings during transitavailability for rapid transit, and clearly some beonkan providesome beonmun.
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Competitive game of 1:1 format that is based on the Greek mythologycomes up!Become a great hero of Greek mythology , please challengethe gods of Greece !Play action full of tension and enjoy a puzzle" Battle pang!"You are ready to challenge hero 's , in Greek gods?You will become a great hero to challenge the gods that threatenthe human .▶ I will overcome the crisis in a variety of items !Toescape the crisis forthcoming in front of the item is required .▶Foster hero of your own !Enemy or too strong ? Please challenge byraising the ability of the hero !▶ To Attack the enemy for solvingthe puzzle !Before the enemy attacks, make 3-match color block !★SynopsisOne day , Apollo gathered gods.He spoke with Greek godsgathered and say with a serious look.Human beings in the nearfuture , will ruin themselves to devastate the living things around.Zeus has decided to destroy a human being but he admitted that hiswork was failure .On the other hand , human beings are searchingfor the worriers who will save themselves from gods .
Zombie final Eliminater 1.2 APK
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Defense bored and boring game Go! Drag a new concept Action Defensegame Zombie final Eliminater!! ★ Eliminate Zombies with 5 typesmagic bullets! ★ 20 stages and 4 chapters! ★ 4 boss Zombies! ★Various missions and challenges.---------------------------------------- [How to Play] 1 Touch yourcharacter. 2 Drag from character to magic bullet mirror, makebullet track and touch up. 3 more reflected track, more powers.---------------------------------------- YouTube Video:http://youtu.be/tArLmjjpkfU [Introduction] Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/SpongeMobile Twitter: http://twitter.com/#! / Spongegame Blog: http://spngemobile.blogspot.com
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[Game Description]Play Finger football against the computer AI oragainst your friends. It is Calculated by PhysicsEngine.----------------------------------------[Game Features]Playagainst the computer or against your friends. Choose between morethan 112 countries to play with. The game has two modes. SinglePlay: 80 countries with FIFA world rankingsPlay with computer AI.Defeat FIFA rank No.1 Spain of 2012 FIFA Ranking.Double Play:select a country, and let's play football with friends[How toplay]1. Select Option of playing time 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3minutes, 4 minutes, and 5 minutes. 2. Click the Team Select andchoose countries (112 countries).3. When you click the button forSingle Play, starting with Jordan ranked 80.4. The higher FIFARanking is, the smatter AI is. 5. Drag player's flag more and thepower is increased more. YouTube Video: http://youtu.be/rV07PgFgG8E[Introduction] Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpongeMobileTwitter: http://twitter.com/ #! / Spongegame Blog:http://spngemobile.blogspot.com