1.3.2 / December 11, 2018
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Adore watching game streams? The app Donation Alerts makes iteasier than before. Watch Twitch & soon Youtube livetranslations in one app. Communicate with streamer & hisaudience through donates allowing you to pop-up your messages tothe stream screen. Now you can be completely involved into thestreamers' game. Our advantages: ☆ Twitch TV support, and otherservices such as Youtube Gaming in future in one app ☆ Live Chatsupport ☆ "During-stream" notifications offered through sound &graphics actions on the streamers' screen ☆ Notifications of thefavourite streams ☆ Donate in one tap ☆ Possibility to connect toseveral accounts at the same time: Twitch, Youtube etc.

App Information DonationAlerts – Game Streams, Chat & Donations

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    DonationAlerts – Game Streams, Chat & Donations
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  • Updated
    December 11, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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  • Developer
    Craigpark Limited
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    Trident Chambers, Wickhams Cay 1 P.O. Box 146, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
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Beautiful design, Intuitive actions, Lightning speed, Advancedsecurity – In a new powerful email app for Outlook & others!Quick and easy access to Outlook and Hotmail accounts on the go!Check email, read, reply, send photos, add and view attachments —stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Experience newfeatures to manage your Outlook email on your phone, tablet, orsmartwatch in the most efficient manner. Why choose us? – Timelycustom push notifications for each individual email account, e.g.'Work' email address set to ‘Do not Disturb’ mode from 21:00 to7:00 – User-friendly design: you do not have to think twice,whether you want to Flag, Mark as spam, Delete just one or multipleemails at once – Clean and tidy inbox with contact avatars and anoption to enable email threads (all conversations displayed neatlytogether) – Convenient search by Date, Recipient, Subject, inUnread, Flagged messages or Attachments to help you find emails ina flash – Personalized filters to automatically move incomingemails to specific folders or Mark them as read – Enhanced securityto protect your mobile app against unauthorized access by settingup a PIN password The application also supports all major emailservices that you can add to have all your mail in one place,whether it is a Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail, MSN Mail, Gmail, Yahoo,AOL, GMX or any POP/ IMAP/ SMTP-enabled mailbox. If you encounterany problems, send us an email at [email protected] and we willtry our best to help you in a timely manner. IMPORTANT: We are afree unofficial Outlook email application with a goal to provide anexcellent mail management product.
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Create awesome videos with Fast Motion, Slow Motion and ReverseVideo edits! Efectum – Video Editor App allows you to edit videosfrom your gallery or capture from the app and publish on Android.Get this mighty yet easy-to-use film maker for sharing on Facebook,Instagram, inShot, Go Pro, Wasap, Splice, YouTube, Twitter,Telegram, Vimeo and more. How does it work? Simply slow down thevideo or speed it up. Watch your video become something completelydifferent. Control the video frame rate and add your favoritemusic. VIDEO EDITING FEATURES - SLO-MO, FAST-MO, REVERSE videoeffects - Multiple speeds - Fast motion (like timelapse) - Rewindvideo - Add your favorite music - Turn sound on/off - Cut/tripvideos - Playback video - Video cutter - All popular video formatsare supported: AVI, 3GP, MKV, TS, MPG, MOV, MP4, WMV and more - HDquality - Easy to use with a wide variety of functions which arealways improving - Save and share on social networks SOME IDEAS TOTRY - Make you friends laugh with recording their talking, dancingor eating - Your pet failing at that trick or perhaps excelling atit - Weather changes, snow storms, heavy rains, lightnings... Staysafe! - Fire, lighters - Water balloons - Popping popcorn - Waves -Busy streets, Downtown - Playing pool And more! We welcome feedbackso if you have any suggestions or problems with the app, contact usat: [email protected] Create and make the world a little morefun ;)
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Texting with emoji is so 90s! Welcome to the new world of GIFcommunication!Adding GIFs to your messages is now so easy you can actuallyTALK IN GIF!Pixit shows awesome GIFs as you type your text. These arecustom-tailored to what you type, so you just need to pick the oneGIF you liked the most. You can also zoom-in on any word to getvery specific GIFs and add some hidden meaning to your texts.You can chat one on one, but it's even better to have fun in agroup chat. You can add as many people as you want to your Pixitgroup chats.*** Why people love Pixit ***"it's like if tumblr created a messenger app. so cool!!!""I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS APP FOR YEARS! THANK YOUGUYS!!!""I can't stop looking at these gifs, I'll never be boredagain!"***COOLER THAN TEXTING - Each of your messages can now come with anawesome GIF. Make your texts stand out!MORE FUN THAN EMOJI - Does your emoji pack have 72 different typesof cats? Pixit does! And so much more!BETTER THAN MESSAGING - Stop writing complex texts to expressyourself. A GIF is worth like a million words!***Get the app now! We'd love to hear your feedback!
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Which way to pray? What time is the Asr today? No need to ask yourMuslim fellows these questions anymore. Everything is incorporatedinto our Islamic App and made as simple as that! Athan Plusprovides you with the most crucial features, such as defining theright direction of prayer no matter where you are and informing youabout the prayer times. Our Athan is never wrong. All these makesAthan Plus a great companion not only for the holy Ramadan month,but also for your everyday Muslim life.No ads, simple and fastOurIslamic Finder provides you with fast access to the Qibla Compassand all the Namaz times. No ads. Just one tap to find the rightdirection and access all the Salaat timeNever wrong We use GPS andInternet connection to define your location what makes our QiblaCompass show the right direction only. Prayer times & Azan aredefined accordingly, so no need to worry. Salatuk has never beeneasier. It doesn't matter if you are in Mecca, Medina, Jakarta oranywhere else, Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha'a timings willalways be correct.Features:– Hijri Calendar with all importantdates – Adhan audios– Free Quran with all surah and ayatinterpreted in various languages– Hisn'ul Muslim (Fortress of theMuslim): a collection of duas and supplicationsWe are planning toadd more features to help Muslims around the world follow Islameasier at any place. We strive for simple design and will add onlythe most vital features, such as: – Map with nearby mosques andhalal places– 99 names of Allah– Zakat calculationsAbide Islam inany place and any time. Additional infoYour location is required tocalculate accurate prayer times and the Qibla.You can customize allthe prayer alerts inside the app._______اين اتجاه القبلة الصحيح؟متى عصر اليوم؟ لا يجبك ان تواجه بهذه الاسئلة الى اخوانك المسلمين اياكثر من ذلك.كل شيء متركز في برنامجنا الاسلامي وبسيط جدا! يوفر لكاذان بلس اهم المميزات مثل ايجاد اتجاه الصلاة الصحيح في اي مكانواشعارات عن اوقات الصلاة. الاذان صحيح دائما. بهذه الاسباب اذان بلسهو رفيق ممتاز خلال شهر رمضان وفي كل يوم حياة المسلم.بلا اعلانات.بسيط وسريعيوفر لك برنامجنا الاسلامية الامكانية الوصول السريع الىبوصلة القبلة و اوقات نماز. بلا اعلانات. قم بنقر واحد لايجاد الاتجاهالصحيح للصلاة و الوصول الى اوقات الصلاوات. صحيح دائمانستخدم نظامالتموضع العالمي واتصال انترنت لتحديد موقعك وبسبب ذلك بوصلة القبلةتظهر الاتجاه الصحيح دائما. اوقات الصلاة والاذان محدودة بذات الطريق.لم يكن صلاتك اسهل. لا يهم اين تقع، في المكه المكرمة او المدينةالمنورة او القاهرة. وقت ومنبه فجر، ظهر، عصر، مغرب وعشاء صحيح دائما.ان البرنامج ايمثل المؤذن الحقيقي. الله اكبر!مميزات برنامجنا:-التقويم الهجري مع كل التوارخ المهمة (عيد الفطر، عيد الاضحىوالاخرى)- اذان- القران الكريم المجاني مع كل السورة والايات معالتفاسير باللغات المختلفة- حصن المسلم: ادعية (دعاء) والصلاواتالمختلفةنخطط باضافة اكثر من مميزات لمساعدة مسلمين من كل انحاءالعالم باتباع دينهم. نحول بقيام التصميم البسيط ونضيف فقد المميزاتالاهم مثل:- خريطة مع المساجد، الجامع واماكن حلال القريبة- اسماءالحصنى (٩٩ اسماء الله)، ذكر- عمليات حسابية للذكات- بوستاتاسلاميةالمعلومات الاضافيةموقعك من المطلوب لتحديد اوقات الصلاةالصحيحة والقبلة.يمكنك شغل / اطفاء الاشعارات للصلاوات المختلفة فيداخل البرنامج.
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The most advanced GIF keyboard now on Android. Express yourselfwith the best GIFs the Internet has to offer!Use GIFs in Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Twitter.Because a GIF is worth like 10,000 words!*** Highlights ***No watermarks or registration! Super-fast! Super easy search! Workseverywhere! Just pure GIF heaven!*** Features ***• Unique search feature which uses your existing inputs. All youneed to do is switch to the GIF keyboard after you've typed a text– the right GIF is already be there!• GIFs play inline! Unlike other keyboards our GIFs are neverstill, so you always know what you are sending!• Over 2 million GIFs! More GIFs than any other app. If a GIFexists – we have it!• Over 50 popular reaction categories built in! Express your mostelaborate emotions with a perfect reaction GIF!• Works everywhere! Paste links to GIFs in Hangouts or GMail, useshort GIF links on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and everywhereelse!NOTE: Keyboard needs full access to operate. Your privacy is ourfirst priority and your information will never be shared ordistributed.** Currently only a few apps support direct iMessage-like GIFpasting. All apps support links to GIFs.
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Gift4u is a handy tool that you can use to create your own uniquegifts. Find inspiration in your imagination to create wonderfulgifts and share them with your friends on Facebook, FB Messenger,Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype and other social media andmessengers.✧ Happy Birthday✦ Merry Christmas✧ Happy New Year✦ congratulate your darling and relatives with holidays
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Beautiful design, Intuitive actions, Lightning speed, Advancedsecurity – In a new powerful universal email app for email! Quickand easy access to Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange or Yahooaccounts on the go! Check email, read, reply, send photos, add andview attachments — stay in touch with friends, family andcolleagues. Experience new features to manage your email on yourphone, tablet, or smartwatch in the most efficient manner. Whychoose us? – Timely custom push notifications for each individualemail account, e.g. 'Work' email address set to ‘Do not Disturb’mode from 21:00 to 7:00 – User-friendly design: you do not have tothink twice, whether you want to Flag, Mark as spam, Delete justone or multiple emails at once – Clean and tidy inbox with contactavatars and an option to enable email threads (all conversationsdisplayed neatly together) – Convenient search by Date, Recipient,Subject, in Unread, Flagged messages or Attachments to help youfind emails in a flash – Personalized filters to automatically moveincoming emails to specific folders or Mark them as read – Enhancedsecurity to protect your mobile app against unauthorized access bysetting up a PIN password The application also supports all majoremail services that you can add to have all your mail in one place,whether it is a Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN Mail, Windows LiveMail, Gmail, AOL, GMX or any POP/ IMAP/ SMTP-enabled mailbox.
Pro Mail APK
Pro Mail is a new multifunctional email app to satisfy both yourpersonal and business needs. Pro Mail is simple, yet powerful.Designed exclusively for Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, the appalso supports Hotmail, Live, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, GMX and anyIMAP, SMTP or POP3-enabled mailbox. With Pro Mail for Outlook youcan: • Set up multiple Outlook or other email accounts andcustomize push-notification times • Seamlessly manage your inboxwith swipe gestures and numerous filters (ActiveSync is supported)• Search for a specific attachment or a flagged email, by recipientor date or simply for a particular subject • Increase you emailsecurity by setting up a PIN password to access the app • Accesslocal and server contacts • Filter by unread, flagged or emailswith attachments • View complete email conversation in threads •Save attachments as files • Customize your email signature andthere’s more! Pro Mail for Outlook is optimised for your phone andtablet on Android. We have a strong interest in beautiful anduser-friendly design ;) We also believe in security. Our app usesOAUTH authentication to sign in to Hotmail, Gmail and Outlookaccounts. Start enjoying email again! Find the perfect work-lifebalance with Pro Mail for Outlook email client. If you have andquestions or ideas, please send us an email at [email protected]