/ August 24, 2018
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Fresh and crispy donuts are going down the conveyor belt 🍩 Tapthosewhich are unglazed to make them more delicious 😋 🍩 🍩 🍩 Bewarenot toglaze an already glazed donut and don't let any donutescapeunglazed! 🍩 🍩 🍩 PLAY WITH FRIENDS Compete with your friendsonleaderboards. Who can glaze the most donuts? ADDICTIVEGAMEPLAYDonuts 🍩 are addictive, glazing them is addictive too!Happyglazing 😋

App Information Donut Glazer: Sweet Tapping Frenzy

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    Donut Glazer: Sweet Tapping Frenzy
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    August 24, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Reso Coder
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    Na Kope X 14, 04016, Kosice, Slovakia
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One Calc: Simple Scientific Calculator 1.1.3 APK
Reso Coder
Solve all of your calculation needs efficiently with One Calc.Makesimple calculations like addition and multiplication or usetrigonometric functions, powers, roots, logarithms, percent,constants, utilize simple calculator memory and a lot more for allof your scientific calculator related needs. And yes, you can doall of this while looking at a material calculator with beautifulmaterial design user interface.∞ One Calc helps you save time•Result is calculated automatically (press "=" only when you want tosave the calculation to history or to compress the wholecalculation into a single answer and continue calculating).•Scientific calculator features are just one swipe away (or actuallyno swiping at all if you're using a tablet).• Quickly find yourprevious calculations in simple scientific calculator history.•Remember a number in a simple scientific calculator memory.• Don'twant to scroll to see the full long result? This simple scientificcalculator comes with resizable result - it simply fits yourscreen.∞ One Calc helps you be efficient• Swipe right back to basicnumbers after adding a function from the scientific calculator tab(or don't - it's up to you).• Move in the calculation by using twosimple scientific calculator buttons.• Don't want to enter afunction? Press and hold a button and skip right behind thefunction!∞ One Calc helps you NOT to lose eyesight (seriously)•Write math as it was intended! No more "^" for powers - write it asan exponent.• Choose from a huge variety of colorful materialcalculator themes!• Would you rather trade in the colors in favorof a long battery life on your AMOLED device? One Calc comes withAMOLED calculator theme! AMOLED calculator can save a lot ofbattery while performing long calculation sessions.• Enjoy the lookof beautiful material design calculator.∞ One Calc helps you...well, it helps you• Change the number of calculations remembered inhistory of this simple scientific calculator.• Change the number ofdecimal places displayed by this simple scientific calculator.•Don't want to use the system language? No problem! Change thelanguage of the simple scientific calculator on the fly. (If you'dlike to help with translation, please contact me).Have less errorsthan on other calculators! And if you finally have one, knowimmediately where it's coming from. With One Calc, you are safefrom silly errors (e.g. two "÷" signs one after the other). Whenyou happen to introduce a math related error, this simplescientific calculator will let you know what's going on.One Calc isa simple calculator and at the same time it is a scientificcalculator. It is binding two different areas which are by manypeople regarded as completely opposite.One Calc is also a materialcalculator which is pleasing to the eye. It really is an aestheticawesomeness, a truly beautiful calculator.One Calc comes with:•Constants• Percent• Parentheses• Powers• Roots• Logarithms•Factorial• Sine, Cosine, Tangent• Arcsine, Arccosine, Arctangent•Hyperbolic Sine, Cosine, Tangent• Degrees / Radians switch• Memory
ByteAway: Binary Puzzle Game 1.0.3 APK
Reso Coder
Switch on individual bits to match the goal number. Train yourbrain and try to reach the highest score in this challenging binarypuzzle game!Compete with your friends on leaderboards, sharpen youraddition skills, become the binary wizard!Are you a casual or moreof a hardcore player? ByteAway has got you covered! Play in 3difficulties:• Easy: help number, score multiplier• Medium: scoremultiplier, NO help number• Hard: NO score multiplier, NO helpnumber, if you can't solve a number in 10 seconds, you loseByteAwayoffers:- Unique, brain teasing, challenging gameplay- Time basedscore multiplier - the faster you solve, the more points you get-Google Play Games integration - achievements, leaderboards andcloud savingConnect with Reso Coder:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/resocoder/Twitter:https://twitter.com/resocoder/If you have any feedback please letme know. I would really appreciate if you could take your time torate ByteAway ;)
Donut Glazer: Sweet Tapping Frenzy APK
Reso Coder
Fresh and crispy donuts are going down the conveyor belt 🍩 Tapthosewhich are unglazed to make them more delicious 😋 🍩 🍩 🍩 Bewarenot toglaze an already glazed donut and don't let any donutescapeunglazed! 🍩 🍩 🍩 PLAY WITH FRIENDS Compete with your friendsonleaderboards. Who can glaze the most donuts? ADDICTIVEGAMEPLAYDonuts 🍩 are addictive, glazing them is addictive too!Happyglazing 😋
Week Sweep: Weekly Planner, Schedule, Calendar APK
Reso Coder
Week Sweep helps you plan tasks in a simple, quick and efficientway. It is focused on weekly planning which is the best way toplan. You simply know what to expect in the next seven days andthis week planner will help you succeed with whatever may come.Have an instant overview of your entire week's worth of plans,quickly add tasks for week days in one click, track the time youspend working, set up reminders for your tasks, see and quicklyevaluate your productivity stats. All of this will make you muchmore productive and reduce your lost time to a minimum. Week Sweepwill help you with productivity, planning, time management,eliminating and addressing your productivity bottlenecks bychecking your stats and then taking proper action toward being evenmore productive. Use this week planner as a diary app, paper diaryreplacement, as a weekly calendar app, productivity planner, focusplanner, work planner, agenda planner or even a weekend planner.Use subtasks for shopping list, grocery list and to do list. Weeklyplanner can serve as school diary or project manager, time trackerfor hours worked and productivity tracker. Plan for week days andwhole weeks Do you plan on getting the groceries on Wednesday anddoing your meal-prep on Sunday? With this week planner you can planthese tasks for individual week days and even set a reminder onthem! However, if you want to write an essay during the whole weekand track your writing time, add it as a weekly task in thisproductivity planner. Track your time with productivity timer Allof the tasks in Week Sweep can have timed sessions enabled. Whenyou click on a timed task, a work session timer will appear. Thisway you can really focus on the task at hand. The default worksession time is 25 minutes which is proven to be the longest amountof time for razor sharp focus. Then take a break! Week Sweepsupports short and long breaks - specify their duration andrecurrence in the settings. Some people don't work enough butothers should really take a break from time to time. With thisproductivity focus timer you will get automatic work break reminderafter each work session. Categorize tasks with labels "This weekI'm going to exercise more!" Plan all of your exercise with WeekSweep and then put all of these tasks into one exercise category byusing labels which this productivity planner allows you to set.This way you immediately know what to focus on the most plus itkeeps your tasks nicely organized in the weekly planner. Get deeplyinto planning with subtasks Some tasks require you to know morethan just their name and completed work sessions. With this weeklyplanner you can add subtasks to all of your tasks and take yourproductivity to another level. See when, where and what you workedon Utilize powerful stats of this weekly planner to see how you aredoing. Take a look at week days and whole weeks. When do you workthe most? If you use the productivity timer part of Week Sweep, youcan also check out how many timed sessions you worked. Did youleave some tasks unfinished? Can you improve the next week? Also,you can filter the stats by a label which means that you can forexample see on which days you exercised and how much you exercised.See your stats and then take action with this week calendar. Getreminded to do things that matter Set reminders for daily tasks andget a notification at just the right time. Never miss a thing! WeekSweep will also sync reminders between all of your devices if youhave a Week Sweep Premium account. Otherwise you can sync remindersof this weekly planner manually with just one click. Your plans,your colors You can accomplish more when you feel like at home.With Week Sweep you can set a custom theme for the app, look atnice colorful user interface of your week planner and productivitytimer and take your productivity to another level.
Coin Shake: Piggy's Greedy Secret APK
Reso Coder
The piggy's greedy secret is its ability to provide youwithinfinite coins! 💰💰💰 Shake as long as you can and make sureyoudon't get caught. 🤑 SIMPLE CONTROLS Tap to hide / unhide thepiggyand then shake as hard as you can. PLAY WITH FRIENDS Competewithyour friends on leaderboards. Who can shake the mostcoins?ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Once you start collecting coins, you willnotwant to stop. PS: Don't break your phone 😉
Falling Delivery 1.0.2 APK
Reso Coder
Falling Delivery is the ultimate post service simulator. Youronlytask is to get the delivery as far as possible. Sounds easy,right?Well, here's a catch - the delivery is extremely fragile.Onelittle bump and you have to start all over again...