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It's never been easier to create wonders! With Doodle Art: MagicDrawing App, you can create cool doodles rich in color and style.Create magic with this quick drawing game and make some glowingdoodle art to keep and share with the world! Install Doodle Art:Magic Drawing App today! This doodle drawing app allows you tochoose from over 200 colors and 20 different brushes to create coolmandala doodle, simple doodle or extraordinary doodle art! You caneven create your own color and use 8 different spirograph designsto turn your doodle art into magic drawing. Quick drawing gameslike Doodle Art: Magic Drawing App offer endless possibilities.It's never been easier to create a cool mandala doodle! This magicdrawing game allows you to use simple doodle moves on your canvasand create wonders with your doodle drawing game and spirograph artdesigns! Start doodling now! DOODLE ART: MAGIC DRAWING APPFEATURES: - Create doodle art on canvas - 8 kinds of spirographdesigns - 20 BRUSHES for your magic doodling - 22 COLOR PALETTES +create your own color - Amazing, glowing colors for quick drawing -GALLERY – you can save all your magical doodle art in one place -Undo – Redo option - Set your cool doodle drawing as wallpaper -SHARE on Facebook, Instagram and more This magic drawing game isone of those fun drawing apps where you can literally make artwhile having fun. Simple doodling in this quick draw game will alsohelp you to learn to draw many things you haven't even thought youcould draw. Simple doodle designs will be perfect when you startplaying this drawing game. Once you learn to draw different shapesand fit your simple doodles into more complex ones, your doodledesigns will become so amazing you'll want to share them with thewhole world. Play Doodle Art: Magic Drawing App, join millions whoare making art in this kind of drawing games and create some magic!Have fun!

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    Doodle Art: Magic Drawing App
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    May 6, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Undead vs Plants is a new cool ricochet shooter game free todownload. Not all undead are stupid undeads, this undead smasheruses ricochet kills to end with nasty plants!The rules for thisfree undead game are simple – aim and fire and hope the bulletswill go your way! The bullets bounce off everywhere, try using asless as possible to finish with the bloody monster plants in thisextremely fun arcade shooting game! This is a real plants waragainst undeads – if you are stupid, plants will end you! You guysshould prove you aren't stupid undeads, and be the smartest undeadwith a good strategy that can kill all the plants and save yourammo!This bullet hell game is easy-to-handle but hard to master!This addicting game full with plants on a undead farm has 150levels, all of which are special in their own way, and on every oneof them, you can win 1, 2 or 3 stars. Try solving the puzzle ofmonster plants and passing all the levels with max number of stars!But beware, ammo is limited. You will need to be cagey and cleverin order to be successful in this physics simulation game. Believeus, it's a tricky puzzle game, and every time you involve insolving the level, you will be brain training! This shoot 'em upimmerses you in the crazy undead versus plants world where yourgoal is to shoot those bloody monsters plants!Ricochet kills is theonly thing that can destroy these ragdoll plants – aim the rightangle, and use your bullets wisely. Using different helps andupgrades will be very helpful in your adventure! This shooter gameoffers:Smack Attack when your undead gets stuck on any level,AmmoRevival when you shoot all of the bullets and bloody monster plantsare still alive; Shoot and travel through different plants andundeads' worlds – from blurry caves to sunny beaches and wildjungles. If you love physics game and are in the mood for someserious gun shooting fun then this addicting game of ricochet isgreat for you. This HD fun game of undead versus plants will offeran intense experience for hardcore gamers, yet remaining accessibleto new casual gamers. Don't be stupid – come & play Undead vsPlants now for a great experience!** Undead vs Plants offers tabletoptimized UI and gameplay. Download and play this fun undead gameon any Android phone and tablet and enjoy HD graphics andsounds.This free game is intellectual property of PeakselGames –copyright 2015
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➕ ➖ ✖️ ➗Become mathematics and Greek mythology expert with one ofthe best educational games: Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters.Download this cool math game now!➕ ➖ ✖️ ➗You know how your parentsalways fuss because you play games too much? Get the free downloadof Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters, the latest of math games forschool, and your parents will even encourage you to play, becausethis coolmath game is one of those brain teasers for smart kids!This is one of those cool math games for kids which not onlybecomes your professional brain trainer and helps you to thinkfaster, but also improves your mental arithmetic and provides tonsof fun.MATH GAMES - ZEUS VS. MONSTERS - FEATURES➕ Game play isfast-paced and very dynamic. If you want to stay alive, you must bequick with multiplication, division, subtraction and additionprocesses in your head.➖ Controls are simple, easy to use andhighly responsive. Monster math flash cards with numbers pop outfrom the bottom of the screen and leave you very little time tothink and click on the correct answer to solve your math problem.✖️Thanks to the vivid graphic design and stunning visuals, thepleasure of enjoying this cool math game gets even greater throughthe levels.➗ Like most free educational games on Google Play, thisis a coolmath game for all of you, who wants to have their braintraining with two different heroes: Zeus or Athena, the greatest ofGreek gods and goddesses.➕ At every fifth level of this brainteaser there are mythical monsters you must defeat to gothrough.BECOME A GOD OF MATHYou have a unique opportunity to be agod! And you will be, as long as you play fun, cool math games suchas this one. Defend Mount Olympus from Hades and his evilcreatures, such as the ugly Medusa or fearless Titans. Use yourmath defense system and Spartan fighting skills to kill the monsterarmy.Hades wants to play games of thrones with you – the one tosurvive the challenge gets to be the supreme god. Show him that thethrone belongs to you! Turn your superior addition, subtraction,multiplication and division skills into raging thunder and let himknow that you’re still the boss! Hades will be sending his troopsled by Giants, Typhon and Minotaur to conquer you. Don’t lose focusbecause he will get stronger. He’ll go on with monster attacks andhave his mercenaries Cerberus, Chimera and Satyr drool over yourhead! Once you play this cool math game, Spartan wars will be apiece of cake!NOTE TO PARENTS:This cool math game is one of thoseeducational games that have multiple goals:➖ To increase mathpractice time, provide math help, sharpen perceptive skills andstrengthen abilities to stay focused for longer periods of time.✖️To change a perception of mathematics – math is not that boring andhard. Math is fun!➗ Since it introduces characters from Greekmythology and provides basic knowledge about them, it can beclassified for 4th graders, but is meant for all those who wouldlike to refresh their knowledge about Greek gods and mythicalcreatures, as well.Choose your favorite math drill –multiplication, division, addition or subtraction… or all of them,and improve your maths skills while having fun.Before you startplaying, go over the multiplication table a few times and preparementally, because this is one of those brain games where you needto think fast. Download Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters for yourAndroid phones and tablets and search the Google Play for more ofour free games.LEGAL INFO:Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters is anintellectual property of PeakselGames.
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