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Doodles are an unconscious expression of our mind through the artofscribbling and putting pen to paper. We are usually doingorthinking about something else when we doodle. On thephone,daydreaming in school, we are not concentrating on what wearedrawing. As a consequence doodles are free of anyconsciousthought. Doodles are a fantastic way to unleash yourcreativity.These days as children we are not encouraged to draw orto beartistic unless we are "good at it". Only those that areobviouslytalented are encouraged to draw. You will often see peopledrawgeometric shapes when they doodle. They feel comfortabledrawingthese shapes {which they learnt to draw in school usually inMathsclass} but they will not really let themselves go and tryothershapes and styles. There is still that worry that someone mayseetheir doodle and it will not be "good". If you are like me youhavenotebooks filled with doodles. I have often wondered if Ishouldkeep my doodles or just through them out. Thanks to theinternet,blogs and social networking sites, your doodles can beshared withanybody. All it takes is a camera. To take a goodpicture of yourdoodles you should switch to the Macro mode of yourcamera. Thisallows better quality pictures of close up things, likeyour sheetof paper. I also recommend turning off the flash. Theflash cancause the picture to be way too bright. You can use anormal pointand shoot camera or your camera phone. The next step isto uploadthe pictures to your computer. You can do this in avariety of waysdepending on your camera or phone. Now here is wherethe funstarts. You can create an online gallery of your doodles atsiteslike Flickr and post the link on your Facebook or MySpacepage.Another great option is to post your best doodles to doodleblogs.Simply email your doodles and they will be posted in thenearfuture. It is a fun way to share and appreciate doodles fromallover the world.

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Color Contact Lense Trends 7.0 APK
For someone who struggles with shyness or social anxieties, orjustwishes to get better at meeting and connecting with people,thepower of good eye contact can not be underestimated. Goodeyecontact is an important factor in peoples first impression ofyou.It can make you come across as likeable, positive,strong,confident, or shifty, creepy, insecure. Just pay attentionto howyou react to peoples (lack of) eye contact the next timeyou're outand meet people. Whether we want our audience to buy intoan idea,a vision, a product, or a service, we are selling themonsomething. And eye contact is a big part of that process. Ifyouwant to come off as authentic and trustworthy with youraudienceyou need to make solid eye contact with them. And the lackthereof,will make you be perceived by your audience as inattentiveanduntrustworthy. Another time when someone may wear felineeyecontacts is during Halloween. Though this is only once a year,itis a holiday that some people really plan for. That said, ifyouare one of those people and you are dressing up like a cat thenyouwill want to have cat eye contacts in for the big day. Keep inmindthat if you are only buying the contacts to wear for a fewdaysthat they can be expensive- especially if you need aprescription.The tradeoff might not be worth it to you as the moneythat youwill have to pay for the cat's eyes colored contacts canbesubstantial considering how long you will be wearing them. Afinalreason why people wear cat-eye contacts is to just bedifferent.Some people thrive on doing things that are out of thenorm.Wearing non prescription cat lenses is definitely somethingthatwould be seen as a bit unusual and out of the normal. If youare aperson that likes to be different by wearing cat eye contactsthenyou need to make sure that you are getting them from a safeplace.
Creative paper craft making 7.0 APK
The perfect activity for any young crafts lover, paper andgluecrafts below also double as learning activities. Whether youneedideas for classroom crafts, or easy home crafts for kids,theactivities below will also build children’s math, literacy,andmany other skills. In this app, you will find the perfect paperandglue craft activity for any grade level. paper crafts forkids.Whether they're cut, folded, pasted, or printed, paper craftsareeasy to make. Here are some ideas guaranteed to inspire. artandcraft ideas. Can we really have a list of spring craft ideasforkids without toilet paper roll ones (you can naturally usepaperkitchen towel rolls). Frogs are a great spring project andthis onecertainly is fun to make. Bees are a great theme for springtoo andpaper rolls are perfect to make them. Spring and rain gohand inhand so why not make this adorable paper plate spring craft.Greatfine motor skills for the little ones. diy easy papercrafts.Weather unit won’t be complete without a rainbow. We lovethem. Wealso love using colorful construction paper to make thingsand welike to see them pop. A single sheet of paper is fullofpossibilities. how to make paper craft ? With a snip, fold,andpunch of the material, you can create a personalized card,abouquet of paper flowers, a fun kids' craft, and more. hobbycraft.In this app, we have the expert tips for every kind oftechniquefrom origami to scrapbooking. What will you create?. Wegivesstudents help with art research papers whenever we can. One ofthemany ways we offer writing assistance is to offer researchpapertopic suggestions on virtually any and all areas of academicstudy.how to make papercraft models ? easy paper projects. The onlythingwe love more than paper flowers: paper succulents. Whetheryou'resimply obsessed with the tiny plants (who isn't?!) or justlookingfor some seriously low-maintenance shrubbery, thesecraftedcreations are as pretty as the real thing no wateringrequired.toilet paper crafts. Art research paper topic suggestionscome inthe form of art history, architecture, artists, film,music,theater and plays, and works of art topics. paper craftprint. Useany art research paper topic seen here or order your own,uniquecustom written project on any topic you wish. constructionpapercrafts.
Easy to make Christmas ornaments 7.0 APK
Decorate your tree with a beautiful Christmas ornament. Fromclassicdesigns to one-of-a-kind designer styles, we have theselection ofornaments you need for a stylish Christmas tree.Browse ornamentsfull range of seasonal colors, including red,green, silver andgold, as well as a variety of materials, such asglass, felt andmore. We also have ornaments in Santa, animal,nature and otherdesigner styles. To complete the look of yourChristmas tree, tryour tree decor and accessories, including treetoppers and garland.look our selection of unique Christmasornaments in a variety ofmaterials and colors. cheap christmasdecorations. Who doesn't lovehomemade Christmas ornaments? Thesecustom christmas ornamentsfestive ideas will keep your littleelves busy for hours. And did wemention they make great DIYChristmas gifts? Handmade ornaments areeasy and fun to make. Tryone of these DIY crafts to hang on yourtree or around your homethis season. photo christmas ornaments.Adorn your Christmas treewith beautiful handmade Christmasornaments made by you! Hang theseeasy ornaments on your tree, givethem as gifts to friends, amp upyour Christmas wrapping ideas, oruse them as easy Christmasdecorations around the house. christmastree ornaments. That’s whywe’ve pulled together 62 DIY Christmasornaments to help spark yourcreativity during this holiday season.personalized christmasornaments. Whether you’re customizing abeautiful green ornamentonline or creating a paper ornament fromscratch, there are plentyof ways to add DIY elements to yourChristmas tree. commercialchristmas decorations. Whether you’re asewing machine guru, or youcan’t cut in a straight line for yourlife, you’ll find the perfectDIY project for you. So, head to thelocal craft store or use yourChristmas card photos to make theperfect homemade Christmasornaments just in time for the holidays.Christmas stockings.
Elegant wedding ring ideas 7.0 APK
Your engagement rings isn't the only special piece of jewelryyou'llbe wearing on your wedding day—your wedding band, too,should be asunique and special as your engagement ring! design ownengagementring. After all, while the engagement ring represents apromise, thewedding ring seals the deal. Long gone are the days ofsleek andsimple gold and platinum bands; now, there are plenty ofways tomake your mark with your bridal band. custom engagementrings. Menswedding bands .Classic Vintage Style Engagement Ring:Thisengagement ring combines vintage and classic style withmoderndesigns. gold ring for men. If you want a fusion of old andnew,this style might be it for you. custom design engagement ring.Italso comes with two matching wedding bands. design engagementring.It can also be customized for other shape diamonds. classicvintageengagement rings. diamond rings. how difficult it can beforclients choose the correct size. Fingers can changedramaticallyfrom cold to hot conditions and also if you are notused to wearingrings, you are more than likely to be inclined tochoose a ringsize that is a little too loose for you. rose goldengagementrings. Fear of getting rings "stuck" on your finger isoften theproblem that mean people opt for the safer option of itbeinglooser. jewelry stores. However, I'm sure almost all of ushaveheard stories from friends, family, or colleagues aboutpeoplelosing wedding rings while swimming on honeymoon. uniqueengagementrings uk. The reality is,a little handcream or soap willalmostalways remove a snug fitting ring, however a ring lost atthebottom of sea bed in unlikely to be worn again! design yourownengagement ring. build your own engagement ring. One way tomakeyour wedding ring stand out? Find a band that plays withshape.loose diamonds. Whether it's the diamond-studdedgeometricmiligrain sparklers or a gold leaf petal-shaped band,there areplenty of ways to toy around with tradition. diamondengagementrings. engagement rings uk. Rings with uneven cutouts,abstracttwirls, and even a curve that wraps around your engagementring'scenter stone makes picking out your wedding ring just as fun(ifnot more fun) than getting your engagement ring. engagementringsonline. promise rings.We all know how wedding rings holdhugesignificance, and are often handed down through thegenerations. Ifyou have your family wedding rings and would likethem to becomeyour wedding rings, I can either work with them tochange the sizeand shape or melt them down and cast new rings.where to buyengagement ring ? engagement ring stores ? Have a lookat thiswedding ring jewellery app for more information.
African Women Fashion 2018 7.0 APK
These days, women’s native wear don’t have to come in matching topsand trousers only, we have only tops or shirts that are printed inAfrican or Ghanaian colors or even lace material that can becomfortably worn on a pair of women’s jeans that combination youwill like because it is unique and stylish. The trendiest of womenin West Africa have traditional outfits in their wardrobe. Africanprint tops can go together with jeans, blouses, maxi skirts or anyother nice dress you can think of. Just make sure the combinationis simple and perfect. African designers from around the globepresented their collections inspired by African traditions,everyone was stunned by the beauty of African culture, ranging fromordinary people to celebrities. What are the trends in Africandress styles for 2018? African prints styles are mixtures of richurban African culture, creativity and bright colors, and that's whyit has gained such popularity recently. We can surely say thatAfrican designs and prints are the right choice for this year. Donot forget to refresh your wardrobe with a few pieces of clothes inAfrican style, because African fashion is conquering the world byleaps and bounds. 2018 is going down in style. Fashion shows,runaways and fashion editorials are thrilling our senses with thelatest style and sharing statement there is. Sometimes theinformation may just be too overwhelming! Right here in Africa,certain trends are taking the lead ahead of others. Which is why wecame up with a list of current trends to keep you up to date and alittle less overwhelmed. If you plan on getting some attention withyour wardrobe, these listed items are must haves. The world isembracing the African print as evidenced by the numerous Africanattire dresses and other African outfits. Today, African printdresses are available in top design houses throughout the world. Ifyou ever doubted the versatility of African dresses, here issomething that will open your eyes. These beautiful African attiredresses pictures will definitely convince you otherwise. Culturedefines our way of life including our dressing. But sometimes, onecan get caught up in what the world views as superior and forgetabout their origin. Kitenge, Dashiki, Kente, and Gele are some ofthe popular African prints. It has taken some time for the world toappreciate the beauty and versatility of the African print truly.So, as the rest of the world joins the party, how about wecelebrate the different African dresses styles. Fashion is atimeless piece of art which determines an individual’s worth andimportance. Today, someone’s personality can be judged by theirstyling sense. african fashion designers. If you fail to make acompelling fashion statement then you might have to re-think yourperception of fashion. african clothing near me. Recently, we haveobserved that many new fashion designers have emerged and sincethen they have created some amazing pieces of designs. clothes forafrica. With time, African fashion has shifted gears from beingtraditional to become quite trendy and stylish. african printclothing. In this app, we will provide you with some of the latestfashion designs both for gents and ladies which will help youre-discover your fashion sense. african dresses design. The fashionindustry of Africa has evolved greatly in recent times and willsoon compete with the countries that are regarded as the largefashion houses. african print dress designs. There are reallyamazing African fashion dresses for women which will make you fallin love with the one who wears it. african attire. We have justcreated a collection of the latest African fashion dresses for theladies that will force you to get a hold of one of the dresses.african blouses. Natives now make awesome styles out of theirtraditional cloth and export it to other parts of the world. southafrican traditional clothing.
Easy manga comic drawing Projects 7.0 APK
If you are looking to learn how to draw anime you’ve come totheright place. This app is one of the largest resources forquality,anime and manga style drawing tutorials. Check this app forsomestep by step drawing guides as well as other anime related tipsandadvice! This guide is an introduction to the basics of drawingwitha focus on the anime and manga style. It provides tipsonapproaching the drawing process in the right way and suggestssomebeginner friendly exercises to help you get started. For a listofother things you can learn that will help you draw anime andmanga.This is a an extensive beginner guide to colors with a focusonanime and manga. If you don’t know much (or maybe nothing atall)about the color wheel or different color combinations then thisisa must read. These are the same principals used byprofessionalartists, designers and animators. how to draw animeeasy ? If youare a fan of anime or manga and would like to learnhow to draw inthe style but have no idea where to start this appwill provide youwith a list of things you should learn as well assome links torelevant tutorials. If you are looking for advice onmaking yourown manga you may also be interested in this app. Makinga realmanga requires a lot of time, dedication and artistic skillbutdon’t let that discourage you form trying. anime drawingsforbeginners. You have to start somewhere.This app provides somestepby step tips on how to plan out your manga before you startdrawingas well as some drawing tips for when you do. drawinganimecharacters. Almost everyone goes through the same phases: youreadmanga for free online or watch a lot of free anime, you developanumber of favorites, and eventually you dream of drawing yourownawesome series. anime body drawing. Then again, it doesn’tevenhave to go that way. manga tutorial for beginners. Maybe youjustwant to learn how to draw your favorite characters, or learnenoughto doodle in your spare time. anime style drawing. Drawing isawonderful creative hobby, and if you get good at it, who knowshowfar you could take it? So whether you want to make moneydrawingmanga or just dabble in it for fun, here are severaltutorials andresources to get you started. how to draw manga stepby step. Ifyou ever need inspiration you can always look at thework of otherartists by watching anime or looking at your favoritemanga. Ofcourse there are quite a few tutorials in this app thatcan helpyou with drawing in the anime and manga style. Check theAnime& Manga Drawing Tutorials section.
Plastic waste recycling projects 7.0 APK
Reduce to minimum the volume by squashing the bottle but do notputthe cap back on, otherwise it would not allow the releaseofresidual air during the compacting phase by the collectionvehicle.Bottle, cap, label and packaging are all made of plasticand can berecycled in the appropriate container. The boxes of waterandclusters of soft drinks are made of cardboard. They are toberecycled with other scraps of paper in the appropriatecontainer.Who knew coffee could do more than fulfill a caffeineaddiction?Reuse plastic coffee creamer bottles and make containersfor snackstorage. They make pouring incredibly easy, allowing youto takeall types of food on the road. Recycled coffee creamers canalso beused to store sugar, salt and similar products. Cat plantersfromplastic bottles. Yes, this is a real thing. Spark your DIYspiritwith a simple project that turns 2-liters into a usefulandappealing indoor planter. Here are some simplestep-by-stepinstructions for how to make a DIY plastic bottleplanter. Plasticsare amongst the most versatile and commonly usedmaterials in theworld, and whilst no one can deny the profoundimpact they have hadon the last 100 years of human history, ourreliance on the variousforms of plastic has made developing anefficient method of plasticrecycling essential. We have come a longway with regards torecycling plastic in the last 10 years alone,but this may meanthat what many consider to be widely known andgenerally accepted'facts' about recycling plastic are somewhatoutdated. Virtuallyeverything made of plastic should be marked witha code. Not alltypes can be recycled. Types 1 and 2 (see above) arewidelyaccepted in container form, and type 4 is sometimes acceptedin bagform. Code 7 is mixed or layered plastic with littlerecyclingpotential. You should place in your bin only those typesof plasticlisted by your local recycling agency! Many items can gointo yourrecycling container: paper, junk mail, cardboard,newspaper,magazines, catalogs, phone books, paper bags, paperpackaging,aluminum and bi-metal cans, glass bottles, glass jars,plasticbottles, dairy containers, clean aluminum foil, householdbatteriesand cell phones placed in a zip lock bag can all go intoyourcurbside containers. You can place used motor oil in a clearonegallon container at the curb on recycling day. The recyclinghaulerwill take it. Recycle your old cell phone and batteries.
Best inspire life quotes 7.0 APK
Inspirational quotes have an amazing ability to motivate others andchange the way we feel about ourselves. This is why I find them sointeresting and crucial on our paths to success. What inspires you?There are a lot of things that can provide inspiration – seeingother people accomplish great things, seeing other people overcomeadversity, hearing inspirational quotes from great people, even thesheer beauty of nature can remind us just how lucky we are to bealive. Nothing beats living an inspiring life. Because when we areinspired we feel that we can accomplish absolutely anything. We seethe best in ourselves and feel invincible. Inspiration comes inmany different forms and can happen randomly — so why not take itupon yourself to motivate and inspire yourself each day with somelife quotes? You see, the way you think and feel about yourself,including your beliefs and expectations about what is possible foryou, determines everything that happens to you. When you change thequality of your thinking, you change the quality of your life,sometimes instantly. Just as positive words can make someone smileor a well-timed humorous quote can make someone laugh, our thoughtsreact to the world in real-time. From quotes about life and love towise words about believing in yourself and quotes about change, wehave found the perfect inspirational words and motivational quotesto match where you are in life. good life quotes short. Justknowing that you are not alone and while quotes can be veryinspiring and motivating, the person with the most power to inspireyou is you. change your life quotes. Because you are a strong,intelligent and confident woman (or man!). best quotes about lifeand love. Having a positive outlook on life is a crucial part offinding inspiration. good quotes about life. In the paragraphabove, did you feel inspired reading about the vastness of ouruniverse and our unique place within it, or did you feeloverwhelmed and depressed at the insignificance of it all? Ourbrains are wired to find things we’re looking for – if you’realways cynical or waiting for things to go wrong, then your lifewill reflect that. nice quotes about life. On the other hand,having a positive outlook on life will bring you joy and provideyou with inspiration when you least expect it. inspirationalquotes. The great thing about gaining inspiration within ourselvesis that we can now spread it onto others and create a chain ofinspiration. quote of the day. For many of us, the best way tokick-start our inspiration is through inspiring and kind words.daily inspiration. Words that remind us to persevere and never giveup; words that remind us to love ourselves unconditionally. feelgood quotes. famous quotes. And soon enough, those words will stickwith us and we can also look back at them at the times we need themthe most.