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Designed for both children and adults, this game improves your mathskills by asking you to solve series of simple and funpattern-matching puzzles. Instead of matching colored balls andfunny shapes, you're matching numbers using basic math. Finish thegame, and you'll feel like a rocket scientist!Thank you fordownloading this little app, and have fun improving your mathskills! Please don't forget to send us your feedback and rate uswhen your brain get better :)

App Information Doodle Numbers

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    Doodle Numbers
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    June 19, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Russia, 302004, Orel, Rusanova st., 21A
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Steampire 1.3.6 APK
Tactical Military Strategy- Team raids on bases of other players- Find vulnerable spots in enemy's defense to seize resources- Use gestures to control vectors of attack during the battle- Play on your phone, tablet or computerEpic story - The Bloody Age of ChaosYou will immediately find yourself in a large-scale battle. TalEcthelion intends to win power over the world. This is a battle forthe throne between the merciless emperor's legion of the Empire ofFear and the king of free lords of Aestus.You will witness the triumph of evil. You'll feel the fury of abattle. You'll see through the eyes of General Tal Ecthelion thetowers of the Thousands of Kings Castle crumbling under the guns ofyour army. You will see the horror in the eyes of the lords,knights and soldiers, when you come to the throne. Feel theuniverse trembling when the civilization enters a new era - an eraof your board.Rules of war always remain the same. Revolution never brings peaceand prosperity. The feudal lords, who sworn allegiance to the newmaster, started their own game. Numerous guerrillas suddenly gotarmed with the best weapons. The Empire lost almost all battles forislands, and now there formed first bases of resistance. A fewpunitive expeditions didn't adjust the conflict. The series ofbloody fights between clans, minor thrones, heroes and monsters,which went down in history as the War of 200 years.Here begins your adventure. You are a descendant of one of thelords. You'll face hard adventures, quests and missions on your wayto return lost influence. What legacy will you leave behind?ONLINE PVP KINGDOM BATTLES WITH OTHER PLAYERSBesides the Emperor there are lots of other problems and the mostcrucial of them are other players. They want to conquest the powertoo, but they need resources and minerals for construction offortresses, so they don't care whether to loot imperial camps oryour peaceful mining base.JOINT EPIC RAIDS ON BOSSESUnite your allies and go to the epic raids on the fortifiedimperial forts. Coordinate strategy of troops' landing by chattingand play as a team. Together you will turn the enemy's fortress inruins.BATTLE STRATEGY - TACTICS ARE UP TO YOUUse gestures to coordinate attacks in real time.Make up your army. In the barracks you can hire destroyers,marksmen, foot soldiers, trolls, healers and others. Large arsenalof tactical methods: rush assault, taking enemy on the flank anddeceptive maneuvers. Use magic spells and destroy all or just lootthe treasury and quietly leave? The choice is yours!DEFENCE AND SURVIVAL - BUILD MILITARY BASETowers, walls and cannons defend the city and make it animpregnable island. Hide your treasury and resource storages deepinto your base. Build turrets, set mines and traps aroundthem.Your castle is not a peaceful village that can be easily plunderedby any impostor, but a fortified fortress, a citadel. Defensiveguns will punish the thieves who want to steal yourresources.LEVEL UP YOUR HEROMake your character stronger, improve him. Arm him with the bestweapons and enjoy watching him destroying walls, defeatingopponents one by one and breaking into enemy's town hall.CLAN WARS WITH SEIZURES OF TERRITORY AND BESIEGES OF CAPITALSFriends and allies create clans. Strategic unions give rise toalliances. Use diplomacy to make joint raids with other guild onyour common rivals. The strongest conquers the territory.Capitals are fortified clan bases. During the siege the surges ofthree attackers are aiming to destroy the town hall, whiledefending forces are repelling attacks in real time: repairing andstrengthening their walls and striking enemies with spells fromtowers.Winning the siege will make you master of the territory, but don'tget excited too soon about that, because other clan probably hassome plans for this territory, and although the war isn't declaredyet...My Lord, the fight is inevitable.
Royal Arena 17.8 APK
Real-time player versus player arena iswaiting for you!Collect and upgrade cards of troops, spells and defenses. Destroyenemy towers to defeat your opponents and win rating points andchests with epic cards. Form a Clan to trade cards and build yourvery own battle family.FEATURES– Duel players from around the world in real-time– Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect new cards and upgradeexisting ones– Work out a strategy and build your deck to defeat youropponents– Get ahead your opponents on the way to the top!
Нано-ферма 4.3.7 APK
Окунитесь в тихое очарование сельской жизни......и взрывной азартнаучных экспериментов!Хороший фермер знает, что труд – это ключ куспеху. Но отложите тяпку, здесь вы справитесь и одним пальцем:)Более тысячи заданий и множество забавных гибридов.Гипноперцы,дискоиндейки и артиллерийские огурцы - можете себепредставить?Играть лучше вместе с друзьями - лишние руки вхозяйстве никогда не помешают. ОСОБЕННОСТИ• Котик! (любит сметану,приучен к горшку)• Сочные графика и звук. Только у нас - помидоры вFullHD!• Огромная территория и тонны декораций• Дружные соседивсегда готовы прийти на помощь• Забавная сюжетная линия• 40необычных гибридов• Возможность создать здоровую семьюПопулярнаяигра из Одноклассников и ВКонтакте теперь всегда с вами!Что-то неполучается? Есть замечания? Мы будем рады выслушать ипомочь.Внимание: требуется подключение к Интернету.Immerse yourselfin the quiet charm of rural life ...... And explosive excitement ofscientific experiments!Good farmer knows that labor - is the key tosuccess. But aside chopper, you can do it here and one finger:)Over thousands of jobs and a lot of funny hybrids.Gipnopertsy,diskoindeyki artillery and cucumbers - can you imagine?Play betterwith friends - extra hands on the farm will not be denied.FEATURES•Kitty! (Loves sour cream, accustomed to the pot)• Juicy graphicsand sound. Only at us - tomatoes in FullHD!• The vast territory andtons of scenery• Amicable neighbors are always ready to help• Funnystoryline• 40 unusual hybrids• Ability to create a healthyfamilyThe popular game of classmates and VKontakte now always withyou!Something does not work? Have comments? We will be happy tolisten and help.Note: Internet connection is required.
Что за слово?- 4 фотки 1 слово 1.5.3 APK
4 фотки 1 слово - угадай какое слово!★ Все загадки на русском! Неавтоперевод! ★ Русская версия лучшей игры для iOS "What's the word"(4 pics 1 word) теперь доступна для Android! Каждая загадка - это 4фото, объединенные какой-то идеей. Можешь понять, что между нимиобщего? Попробуй и пойми, почему мир влюбился в эту игру! Безрегистрации и мудреных правил, просто играй и получай удовольствие!Более 300 заданий не дадут тебе заскучать, а некоторые из них,возможно, сведут тебя с ума, но оно того стоит! Головоломка - этосамый умный способ убить время! Начни играть!4 photos 1 word -guess what a word!★ All puzzles in Russian! Taxpayers do not!★Russian version of the best games for iOS "What's the word" (4pics 1 word) is now available for Android! Each puzzle - is 4photos, a joint idea. Can you understand what they have incommon?Try and understand why the world fell in love with thisgame!Without registration and intricate rules, just play and havefun! More than 300 jobs will not let you get bored, and some ofthem may have will drive you crazy, but it's worth it!Puzzle - thisis a smart way to kill time!Start playing!
What's the Word: 4 pics 1 word 1.5.7 APK
This game is surprisingly simple and very addictive. You just needto guess the word that unites all four pictures. For example, ifthere is a picture of a bank card and a picture of a river bank,the word is... bank! And when you see a picture of a four-leafclover and a happy jackpot winner, the word is... luck! If youenjoy word games, then you'll find What's the Word to be a fastgame with a deep gameplay and tons of fun. The best part is thatrules are so easy that you already know how to play! We haveprepared over 1000 puzzles for you. Can you beat them all? HaveFun!
The Big Farm Theory 4.3.7 APK
Millions of Facebook users enjoy this game every day and finallyit's available on Play Market! The limited testing on the localmarkets had a great success with 5 star rating and hitting theevery top list in no time.We invite you to rediscover your favoriteFarm game genre and enjoy Great Farming Theory's: - exceptionalquality of Retina supported graphics - challenging storyline -peculiar and awesome plants and animals - oodles of beautiful decor- huge territory of your farm- friendly neighbors - jillions ofquests - and little surprises like creating a family or simplyhaving a lovely petSo don't wait and install it now and see it foryourself now! It's free, it's fun, it's gorgeous! And don't forgetto invite your friends.As usual, all your feedback is so muchvaluable for us. Let us know about your thoughts, suggestions, gameexperience as well as any issues concerning the game performance,bugs or glitches that we could not find. Be sure to get a promptreply from our support team that is standing by to help you. Wecount on your mutual support and a five stars rating!Have tons offun!Important warning: - game requires Internet connection
Doodle Numbers 5.0.3 APK
Designed for both children and adults, this game improves your mathskills by asking you to solve series of simple and funpattern-matching puzzles. Instead of matching colored balls andfunny shapes, you're matching numbers using basic math. Finish thegame, and you'll feel like a rocket scientist!Thank you fordownloading this little app, and have fun improving your mathskills! Please don't forget to send us your feedback and rate uswhen your brain get better :)
EZ Words With Friends Cheat 1.0.8 APK
*** NOTE *** Screenshots from tablet devicesnot supported!*** Features ***- Words with friends supported- $0.00- Character recognition technology that inputs the board foryou- Smart AI, which makes the moves using TW, DL, and other specialtiles- ENABLE dictionary- Built-in dictionary with word definitions- An anagram finder, which lets you use this free app instead ofvarious premium competing apps that can *only* find anagrams- In-app purchase feature which you don’t have to use (it lets youunlock very high scoring words forever), you can still win mostgames and have an ad-free experience for $0.00It’s AS EASY AS 1-2-3 to use1 This app automatically reads the board and inputs the lettersfor you (from a screenshot of a Words With Friends game inprogress).2 You choose the word from a list of suggested moves, we showyou how it fits on the board. Don’t worry about the rare words likeZYMURGY – just use the built-in dictionary to see what theymean.3 You make your move in Words With Friends and await youropponent’s disbelief! Cool, isn’t it?