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The Doodle app that lets you doodle on your Android anytime,anywhere.Super fast and easy to use.Try it and love it!* no lag.

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Pixel Drawing Fun 2 APK
Jump straight in and join the pixel art drawing fun made foreveryone to enjoy.NEW! 64 great colors to create your pixel drawingmasterpiece. Easy to use and enjoyed for many hours.Be creativewith Pixel drawing fun and create your master drawing on yourmobile device.Pixel touch drawing made simple and fun perfect forkids easy to control. Just touch the Color and draw.
Number Recall 1.4 APK
Ready to master your memory ? This will really challenge yournumber memory quickly.Number Recall is designed to push your memoryskills to the limit. Use your memory to remember where each numberis in the right order. You have a set time to start before thenumbers will vanish of screen. Touch the buttons in number order torecall in the correct order.Challenge your memory, improve yourshort-term memory. Grow new memory brain cells. Your brain actslike a muscle. Give your brain a workout everyday with NumberRecall. The game that encourages new memory brain cell growth,which is proven to work at any age.Number Recall memory game is afun game that can be played almost anywhere, ideally somewherewhere you can focus.++Options.Control the volume for both music andSFX to suit your preferences.+How to play.Your first game will showa low power memory display. Start charging up your memory power bycompleting your first level. The more levels you complete the morecharge you will have. The game will keep track on your memory powerduring game play. A 75% charge can be achieved in just a few gameswhile 99% in a few days, (based on playing the game regularly).100% charge is only for a pure genius. (is that you?)8 levels intotal for 100% memory charge. feel your memory instantly improvingeveryday.++Interesting part.If you get a number wrong. You lose acell. Lose all 3 and the game ends. Hold on!, it hasn’t ended yet.Use the continue button and the game will take you down a level totry again. Now move on and keep charging that memory power.++Somefacts and notes:Children can on average recall 6-7 number (level 3)while adults memory recalling a average 8 numbers (level 4).If youfind the game is way too easy or way too hard. Adjust the gamelevel from the main menu.Easy, Med or Hard++Download and enjoytodayCosmicBuzzUK-Szarb.Memory puzzle game remembering numbers ongrid.
Crazy Tap 1.0 APK
"Crazy would not describe this game, butitwould be close."Tap as many Cosmic's as you can and before they shrink intospace. Willbe hard and easy and really fun.Ovoid the Red but tap the rest. More points are awarded forthemostcorrect taps. Play side by side with a friend and see whogetsthe mostscore.Download now and start the fun!
Space Shooter 1.0 APK
Play as the space ship heading towards the comsics planet. Fly yourship shooting everything in sight. Collect the blue cosmic dots toadvance to the next level.The Cosmics will defend and attack youwith everything they got in this fast action fun space shooter gamewith trance beats to help keep you in the game. Control the spaceship with your finger sliding up and down. Keep your finger on tokeep shooting.Enjoy!
Sausage Man 1.0 APK
Run, Jump to escape the gardenYou play as the Sausage Man. yayEscape the garden by running and jumping over pots anddangerousspiky plants. Get from one end to the other to befree.It’s a bit of a puzzle but you should easily work it out. Iaddedwooden pointy arrows around places as guilds to help you onyourway.** Sausage man will continue to be updated **
Flip Clock 3 APK
24 hour Flip Clock easy to use and safe to use on your mobile dayand nightHow to set up.Flip Clock will keep your time updated everyminute.Tap on any of the digit numbers to set up the time to anytime you like.Set the time to the real timeSet the time to othercountry's times.Turn your android device into a 24 hour time keeperanywhere in the home.New feature will be added.Stopwatch>Alarms>Count down>and sound.Please comment and shareyour favorite flip clock.
lottery number generator uk 1.0 APK
UK lottery number generator app.Quick and fast to use, helps topick your lottery numbers.For better odds of winning the lotterythis app will pick 6 numbers at random for your lottery ticket.Goodluck!
Golf Scorecard 1.1 APK
Golf Score Card - 1 - 5 Players - 28 HolesKeep golf scores in thisnice looking app.Fast to set up and easy to use.Tap to update thegolf score. Then tap next player.This app shows you who's next,keeps track on golf scores for each hole and saves paper.28 holeson the golf score card, but this app will keep going till you tapthe finish button.Enjoy your golf game indoors or out. Control thebackground to be dark or light. Always see the screen in cleardetail.Made for crazy golfers or family's playing mini golf.Thisapp keeps it all simple and shows the golf scores that matter toyou the most.The winner will get the gold star. Have two winners,then you both get a star.Suggestions and inprovements alwayswelcome.Thank you and enjoy.