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installed cheetah CML 3D themes app; start CM LAUNCHER 3D theme appenter the "theme - my” open the theme and apply it to yourphone.The "War mobile phone army theme" cml theme is only availablefor phones with the cm launchers EX.This theme with the cheetahlauncher does not support any other launcheres systems such as halolauncher go launcher solo launcher.This set of militarywarfare-oriented mobile phone theme inside, the icon has a creepingforward soldiers wearing helmets, ships helicopter fighter, as ifyou play childhood war game toy model icon, weapons icons areinside the supply station, oil Barrel Defense Facility icon. Theweather plug-in background is a tank and yellow land. Relatedtopics are the men's favorite very masculine, this theme is verymighty in his hand domineering.

App Information Doomsday Soldier military theme

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    Doomsday Soldier military theme
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    January 11, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Hu Guangyu
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Blue technology themeDo you envy your friend's cell phone with thefuture tron ​​technology dynamic phone theme decoration? Downloadthis Blue Tech Starter theme, which will take you into a dark bluetechnology tour to meet your glittering shining needs.Whether youare a boy or a girl, we have a large selection of Flash GlossyTechnology Starters for you to choose from. You only need freedownload for future tron ​​technology dynamic launcher theme. Whichstarter theme do you prefer? Shiny shining type? Or neon? Must itbe decorated with bright blue technology icons? Blue technologystartup theme how? If you do not like these blue tech starterthemes, that's ok, and we've got more futuristic tron ​​techstarter launchers for you with fantastic packs of icons andexploring your favorite genres.Flash shiny technology with arealistic look that will fill your phone with fantastic colors! Thesparkling shine launcher theme is the most fun and neon cool springflower app for touch screen mobiles and tablets. There are manyfuture tron ​​technology dynamic icon packs available for cellphones, but the Blue Technology starter theme is thebest.Experience the most beautiful scenery with this magical neoncool blue light launch theme. Amazing free startup app will makeyou speechless. Your favorite neon cool "icon pack" will make youfeel happy, as long as you look at your mobile device. Quicklydownload the best and largest future tron ​​technology dynamicstarter theme collection.Personalize your phone with the world'sleading 3D starter animation and gyroscope wallpapers. The biggestattraction of our app is that you can really enjoy the technicalwallpapers of the National Lighting 3D 3D Launcher, as well as thevisual and interactive lighting of Earth Wallpapers. Regardless ofthe phone model, whether it is Huawei Mate9 or Samsung S7, 3Dtechnology designed for Huawei Samsung, allowing you to enjoy afaster mobile operating experience.Flash gloss technology's mainfeatures:1. Neon cool graphic design for you, intuitive touchscreen control, suitable for all users.2. Future tron ​​technologyDynamic starter themes may include some neon cool glass elementsthat will take you into the neon glass world of blue glasstechnology, with a more detailed blue technology starter themeeverywhere. napa sus kern harmonia betrayal transition dynamicstark huawei stark cen lighting nasa sealing tron ​​technology laglauncher mass vtech accompanying smooth ook napa dynamic sus koiand 1 application apu bandito betrayal cen3. If your favorite neoncool blue technology is the blue technology starter theme, downloadand try the flash gloss technology, and you can also save yourfavorite blue technology starter themes in your albums.4. It is theperfect app for Android ™, Samsung Galaxy, HuaWei and XiaoMi! Thistheme has been tested on the latest devices such as Samsung GalaxyS4, Nexus 7, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.The Blue Tech Launcher Themeoffers unique custom icons, live gyroscope wallpapers andgravitational sensing technology with Earth Gyroscope wallpapers todeliver unrivaled interactive 3D control and nasa gyroscopewallpapers to your Huawei devices.
Cute Ugly duckling theme 1.1.1 APK
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Cute little chicks are born XDCheck it with downloading the "DuckFarm (The ugly duckling)" theme!More themes are available fromiThemeshop!Japanese version themes are available fromiDeco.------------------------------------["iThemeshop" theme Howto Use]Duck Farm (The ugly duckling) theme down after receivingMorethemes - more variety - those who wishDecorating phone No.1"iThemeshop" I'll see you at!And rockers, keypad, icon pack couldbe reached with full set package :-)Theme copyright]All of thethemes and unauthorized distribution of copyrighted iThemeshop andtheft,Similar replication, and may be punished legally.
Blue technology science Army theme future 1.1.5 APK
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The 3D Transformation Robot Theme with incredible 3D revolveanimation will be one of the supreme science fiction themes willbring your phone screen a brand posh new look.The technicalmachinery theme launcher shows the fantasy robot in the middle,with superlative amazed technical machinery as background. Thefuturistic robot keep revolving in the middle. It is impressivewhen you touch the screen, the technical machinery background willshow you incredible 3D revolve animation effects.Download the 3DTransformation Robot Theme to own technical blue neon icons,transform robot wallpapers and tons of futuristic science fictionthemes. The superlative cool 3D Transformation Robot Theme is ascience fiction theme with wallpapers of the most high definitionclassy blue neon colors and technical machinery icons. 3DTransformation Robot Theme is a new free science fiction themeamong tons of incredible 3D tech animation themes. If you downloadthe 3D Transformation Robot Theme with exquisite 3D tech animation,you can enjoy:❤️More variety themes/wallpapersYou can find allsorts of theme categories in the theme center, including anime,black, 3D, skull, pink, red, purple, love, white, blue, green,music, dragon, gold, cartoon, panda, girl, stars, artistry, people,football, wolf, graffiti, live, car, neon, cat, lion, joker,sports, tech, and has a large variety of HD Backgrounds/LiveWallpapers/Themes/keyboards updated every day! You can find whatyou want here!❤️More stylish live wallpapersWe are a creative team,and always make great efforts to create more extraordinary livewallpapers for you. We have made: koi fish live wallpaper, crueltyflame tiger live wallpaper, gold butterfly live wallpaper, wolflive wallpaper, dolphin live wallpaper, skull live wallpaper, grimreaper live wallpaper, horse live wallpaper, etc. 3D TransformationRobot Theme is a free high-tech theme specially designed for ourlauncher users, including dozens of superlative cool blue neonicons and transform robot wallpaper/background with exquisite 3Dtech animation, which can personalize your phones easily.
Beautiful Angel theme 1.1.1 APK
Hu Guangyu
beautiful angel theme to personalize android phone with purple !beautiful angel theme is a super choice for girl who like beautifulangel purple phone with.purple theme for man and woman who owlpurple shimmer and beautiful angel.beautiful angel is our latestfree theme with the purple purple wallpaper and beautiful angelicon package.beautiful angel theme contains beautiful angel purplepurple wallpaper application icon, designed for mobile phone themefanatics. Features of beautiful angel theme:◆ beautiful angelpurple purple wallpaper ◆ beautiful angel purple purple wallpaperdecorates your screen◆ Full support for scape mode home screenbeautiful angel theme ◆ beautiful angel purple purple wallpaperwallpaper theme to make beautiful angel theme unique purplebeautiful angelBefore installing, read the beautiful angeltheme:✿ask CM Launcher to apply this theme. ✿first install thelauncher. purple beautiful angel theme does not support otherpurple beautiful angel theme. ✿you need to click the "apply" buttonto successfully apply purple beautiful angel theme.when you clickon Application of " beautiful angel" theme, will be used on yourhome screen. You need to music the screen, then you will see thepurple music screen. You need to enter your password or patternmusic screen into your mobile phone in the application, you willsee some of the popular application has become black color icons,such as mobile phone SMS system and twitter music. We have morepopular application special purple icon. Other applications iconwill be decorated with black purple box. If you want us to make aspecial purple purple wallpaper for you, you only need to contactus via email. The theme of the beautiful angel purple purplewallpaper,Christmas, New Year,purple and so on, more purple classicthemes and wallpapers. The icon is free for everyone. So now purplewon the beautiful angel theme
Rose flower theme 1.1.1 APK
Hu Guangyu
Pink rose theme with HD pink rose wallpaper and carefully matchedplatinum chocolate and glass vases and icon with a pink bubble togive you a dream pink rose desktop theme rose petals vivid phonescreen with Cheetah Desktop 3D effect stunning, Most of the latestAndroid mobile phone operating system. This pink rose themecontains Pink Rose lock screen wallpaper and chocolate desktopwallpaper designed specifically for cheetah desktop cheetah desktopstunning 3D effect seamless! This red rose skin for any type ofAndroid phone into a pink rose gold fashion phone, do not need abrush machine does not need to reinstall the system Simply a roselock screen theme to get it try.Pink Rose on behalf of innocence,elegant and elegant beauty is the first choice for beauty girls.After installing into the theme of the mobile phone pink rosevividly mobile phone screen, bringing flowers and charming array.Pink rose button with any nail color bag color and clothing arewith. To the real beauty you exclusive design, to the Android phonebeauty it, to achieve superb beauty effects, the desktop 3D effectmore dazzle 3D roses.HD pink rose themed skin design conceptPinkrose live wallpaper with roses flower pot wallpaper combinationdesktop themeRed Rose lock screen wallpaper to protect your privacyguards for the beauty of the girlAll mobile app icons are designedto annihilate the bubble icon as if the pink dew crystal sparklingbubble themeMobile phone screen turned pink rose lock screenwallpaper exudes beautiful pink roses lock screen to preventprivacy voyeur leakRed Rose theme is a landscaping software DIYwallpaper can be free to replace the desktop hope you will likePinkRose Theme Center has a variety of rose theme and pink love themeand cute bear theme waiting for you to download. All Themes AllFree Ad-Free Pink Piano Theme, Whether You Like Anime Love PetThemes Or Cat Themes You Can Find The Favorite Featured GoldenTheme Beauty Camera Theme Style. More Diwali Theme Christmas themeand Funny Halloween theme will be on line soon Please pay attentionOh! You will love the pink theme center only supports cheetahdesktop use, if you want to use to become a rose application locktheme please download cheetah application lock and pink rose lockscreen software male models female theme has.❤ This Pink Rose themeonly supports Cheetahs Desktop does not support any other desktopsoftware.❤ application to become a pink rose lock screen wallpapertheme application red rose lock screen automatically after thesuccessful unlock the lock screen can immediately see the rose goldphone lock screen effect❤ phone replaced all the elements into arose petal dynamic wallpaper and pink bubble theme icons everythingbeautiful❤ can not be applied as a rose application lock themeplease contact us❤ After installation, the desktop will show thetheme center, you can freely change the theme custom themeAfterinstalling the Cheetah Desktop, click the Apply button to apply thePink Rose theme to the Rose Gold mobile lock screen wallpaper andthe specially designed rose gold system theme icon series. Welcometo Rose Love Theme Skin and Golden Rose Theme Skin for free. Youcan contact us by email to customize your free wallpaper desktopthemes, customized to your personalized desktop themes.
Lego theme wallpaper 1.1.1 APK
Hu Guangyu
Legoland Theme Park Legoland: This is the only Legoland theme parkthroughout the United States and the third Legoland theme park inthe world, less than 10 minutes drive from Hanada.Why was Legotheme park set up in Karlsbad? Outsiders do not quite understandthe reason. In any case, its full of Nordic style of historicalbackground, it touches is appropriate. Because LEGO originated inDenmark and evolved from the wooden toys of the 1930s to thecolorful and varied plastic bricks of today, creating a space forchildren around the world.LEGO is said to come from the Danishleggodt, meaning play well, that is, play well, have fun. Properlydescribe the characteristics of LEGO bricks, that is, let thechildren play creativity, play in learning and happy growth.Thefour LEGO theme parks currently owned by the world also haveregional distinctions in content due to their distribution indifferent countries. For example, the first LEGO park built in 1968in Billund, Denmark, has a "Pirate Adventure Zone" that is verymuch in line with the ancient legend of Viking. And all"mini-worlds" owned by LEGO theme parks are dominated by the Nordiccountries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden andDenmark. The second one opened in 1996 in Windsor, England, is fullof Western Europe, such as London and Paris, France. The fourthLEGOLOG park, completed in Germany in 2002, is of course notwithout the landmarks of Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich.
Seascape theme 1.1.1 APK
Hu Guangyu
Beautiful seascape live wallpaper takes you to the most beautifulbeach in the world! It offers Amazing Seaside stunning HDbackground footage that will keep you speechless! You do not haveto go to a distant destination because now you can have everythingin your palm! Relax in a tropical paradise and listen to the soundof waves relaxing. Do not wait for the perfect moment to visit allthese exciting destinations - download this amazing live wallpaperright now, totally free, and indulge in a unique experience withthese wonderful HD background image quotes!Cool 3D Live Wallpaperfor SmartphoneAmazing beautiful seascape HD image screen- SocialShare button and more- Incredible support for incredible HDgraphics with home - screen switching and landscape modeLightmovement and flicker change over time- There are a few incredibletropical theme backgrounds waiting for you!- The beautiful sea viewscene perfectly matches both tablets and smartphones and it fullysupports the horizontal direction- This live wallpaper app isoptimized for battery use and it will sleep when your phone is notvalid so it will not drain your battery- Compatible with 99% ofmobile phones and tablet devices- Choose your favorite backgroundwallpaper for free!Send an amazing postcard from the most upscalevacation destination to your favorite beautiful seascape livewallpaper! Sandy beach, pebble beach or attractive steep rock ...always have a taste for everyone! Common to all these highdefinition pictures is the wonderful seaside scenery, breathtakingwaves, brilliant sunshine and sparkling water! This amazing newbeach backdrop will take you to your happy place every time youbrowse your smartphone! The best app for Android ™ and SamsungGalaxy gives you a day of amazing experiences on the beach. Treatyourself to this beautiful HD wallpaper, feel warm white sand atyour feet, surf the waves, swim in a deep blue ocean and enjoy thesun gently caressing your skin.Walk the exotic spectaculardestination with your new spectacular beautiful seascape livewallpaper in summer. Prepare for non-stop fun, sunbathe onbeautiful Palm Beach, swim in the azure sea, play and enjoy the hotsummer days and nights. The resort is set for a blue lagoon andrecharges the clear sparkling water near your bateries. Rememberthat when you are a kid on vacation with your parents - no more funthan running around the warm beach and trying to discover the mostunusual shells, starfish or pebbles that make you beautifulcollect. This ocean live wallpaper will beautify your cellphonescreen with no other wallpapers, with beautiful sunny beachpictures of bright and bright colors!Amazing bright colorsbeautiful sea live wallpaper will hypnotize you! Different shadesof blue mix spectacular views over the sky Kisses the ocean with abright yellow sun shining through the entire view. And when youjoin the gentle white sandy beaches and exotic palms to the wholelandscape, you get pure and perfect! This beach wallpaper shows youheaven on earth and the greatest thing is that heaven is just atouch now! Visit the coasts of the most unique tropical exoticdestinations: the Bahamas, the Caribbean Islands, the VirginIslands, Barbados and Bora Bora ... and more with stunninglybeautiful ocean view daemon!
Pirate theme Boutique icon Nautical era 1.1.5 APK
Hu Guangyu
From the late fifteenth century to the beginning of the sixteenthcentury, Europeans once sought new routes across the Atlantic tothe Americas and bypassing the southern tip of Africa to reachIndia. The success of the first global voyage in history is called"geographical discovery."At the end of the 15th century, due to thedevelopment of the commodity currency economy, the demand for moneyhas greatly increased. Money is not only a medium for the exchangeof goods, but also a symbol of wealth and power as if it alreadyexistsHave everything. Precious metal gold and silver are the idealcurrency. Medieval Western Europe, the first to implement astandard silver system, the 15th century, the gradual transition tothe gold standard, gold and silver are means of payment for thedefense trade. As a result, princes and merchants in Western Europefrantically looked like gold and silver, forming a hot metal.Columbus said: "Gold is a wonderful thing, and anyone who has goldcan become the owner of what he wants, and gold can even bring hissoul to heaven." However, Europe does not produce too much Thegold, silver is mainly produced in Germany. Since the second halfof the 15th century, the annual silver output growth in Germanystill can not meet the demand. Western European businessmen broughtexpensive silk and spices to the East and caused a significantoutflow of precious metals. In order to ease the shortage ofprecious metals, some countries have repeatedly banned the exportof gold and silver and still can not solve the problemPiracy refersto the nature of robbers who specialize in the looting of othervessels by sea and the acts of robbers on land. It is a veryold-fashioned criminal enterprise in which pirates exist sincetheir own ships. Especially after the 16th century of developednavigation, pirates were abused as long as it was a well-developedcommercial belt. The main characteristic of this criminalprofession is manifested in the fact that many more non-solitaryperpetrators of pirates are often robbed in the form of sailors ofcriminal groups. Due to the mystery of pirates' special nature,pirates have become legendary and even magical elements of people'sconcepts. Pirates as the theme of the movie and television dramaanime music computer games after another. The skulls pirate flag,one-eyed piracy and other images presented in these works is evenmore sought-after by the fashion elements, so the icon elements inthis phone theme mostly use the elements mentioned above.Therampant modern society is no longer Pirates of the Caribbean butpirates in Somalia, where escort formations of international forcesoften lead merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden to prevent piracyattacks.◆ Cheetah desktop with! Do not support any other desktopsystem such as halo desktop go desktop solo desktop.◆ Medievalskull torch desktop wallpaper of people who were killed in searchof pirate treasure in the sea, so that you have a kind of blackmysterious feeling.◆ This desktop theme is suitable for all Samsungmobile phone HTC mobile phone and so on Android mobile phone.◆ 56One Piece elements of the application icon package exquisitedetails.◆ weather time widget is also very interesting.◆ SupportDIY2D wallpaper and icons, customizable great launcher.◆ 3D desktopsystem stunning, the theme center and many other 3d wolfpersonality themes, you can find it inside.◆ Software ApplicationCenter for you to select the hottest game software, mobile phonehousekeeper cleaning master lock flashlight clock and otherpractical and fun.◆ desktop left slide to read the latest news,concerned about current news provincial power flow of a softwareall get