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Doors and windows of the house is one ofthefurniture should be in every home. If the window has aprimaryfunction as a means for the passage of air, then the door isameans of exit and entry of the owners or the people who wasathome. In the past, the manufacture of doors just madecarelessly,this time along with the emergence of various types ofhomes suchas houses minimalist, classic house, or a modern house,the designof the door, too, developed following the design of theexistinghouse.

If a house has a minimalist design, the door will be designedassimple and natural as possible. Conversely, if the home hasaluxurious design, the door of the house was also made as fancyaspossible with lots of carvings and ornaments in the door.Butchoose or make the door not only focused on the design alone.Well,design is important, but the type of wood and the quality isalsoimportant. To have a strong door, must be made of wood thatisstrong and good quality.

For those of you who want to have a beautiful house door,thisapplication provides 150 design doors that may be able to useas areference for determining the design of doors that are suitableforyour home.
The advantages of this application are:
- Lightweight
- Easy to use
- Can be used offline
- Save memory
- Can be used on all android devices

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In beautifying the interior of the housethereare many ways that can be done both in terms of colors,arrangementof furniture and the ceiling of the house, Is theceiling of thehouse is it important? the answer is yes, and veryimportant,although it is not an element that is fundamental inbuilding ahouse, but the role of the ceiling is very pronouncedinbeautifying the house, you can imagine yourself what it would beifa home is magnificent and luxurious does not have aceilingcertainly will look very bad, the model home ceilingvariegated andif in view of the type of material the material wasvery much bothof gypsum, kalsiboard, wood and PVC.Literally ceiling has the meaning ceiling (in terms ofcategoriesof property) but the meaning will be different whenviewed ineconomic terms, which means the highest limit of a budgetorexpense, all right back to the topic, for more details againwe'llshare some models of ceiling based materials material that isinuse.Nowadays, a lot of home ceiling with gypsum materialmainlyavailable in stores with an attractive design in accordancewiththe design of your home. By using the ceiling of the house, youcanturn your house into a roof wall looks elegant and cool. Youcanchoose an appropriate ceiling, like if your house has aminimalistand elegant design, you can choose a ceiling with asimple design.If the concept of your home is a luxury you can alsochoose adesign ceiling that has a lot of decoration or carving sothat yourhome will look luxurious.In addition to design, today many ceiling with diversematerials,such as gypsum ceiling or ceiling of the timber.
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Understanding the meaning of the ring canbeinterpreted many rings are jewelry found on the hands is oftenusedat the position of the hand ring finger right or left handthere isalso another part. The use of ring worn just accessoriesornamentson hand to make it more beautiful and probablyauthoritative butthere is also used for things such as engagementrings and weddingas bonding and wedding rings as ujut bondauthorized and use thering is a tradition since ancient times,usually before holding amarriage / a valid marriage is alwaysinitiated from the exchangerings give the ring to the bride andrings for men and womencandidates.Ring supplied many kinds of forms exist cicin is given anamesign each and ring marked with ornate and traditional ringexchangesince the first generations, and nobody knows when itstarted thetradition of exchange of the ring and what is thesignificance ofthe ring exchange supposedly as a sign of a binderor signs thatalready held engagement.Uses the ring is certainly good and impress the beautifulandquite sweet placed on the hand ring finger is located to theleftof that is the finger of fourth and earlier times (the timeofancient Greece) there who believe that the use of the ring onthering finger of something meaning to him that pembulu certainstemsfrom the ring finger towards the finger directly to theheartbecause the body is in activity in our day to day rarely usedthanthe other fingers.For you women who are very avid wearing jewelry, then usethering may be things that you must try, but if you are stillconfusedabout the design of rings such as what works for you, thisapp mayhelp you find a design ring fits you. In this applicationthere are150 pictures khusuh ring design for women.The advantages of this application are:- Lightweight- Easy to use- Can be used offline- Save memory- Can be used on all android devices
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