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Downloader plus for FB is the fastest and easiest way to downloador save videos quickly from Facebook. The app allows the avidFacebook users to save/download videos from Facebook at free ofcost . Users can save videos to their SD card or internal memoryand watch them anytime they want. How to use: To download videosvia Downloader plus for FB ⚫ Open the app on your phone. ⚫ Log into Your Facebook account via its mobile screen. ⚫ Browse and clickon the video to download it. Woo!! Your video has been downloaded.To download videos from URL. ⚫Login to your Facebook account onFacebook official app. ⚫Browse any video to download. ⚫Click onthree dots ( . . . ) in the top right corner of the screen. ⚫SelectCopy link. ⚫Open ‘Video Downloader + For Facebook’ app. ⚫Paste theURL and click “+” button. ⚫It will ask “download video”, say Yes byclicking on ‘OK’. Features: ⚫Fast, free and easier to use. ⚫Hassimpler interface for users to directly login to their Facebookaccounts. ⚫Users can download an unlimited number of public videosin a day. ⚫Can port videos to both internal and external memory ofyour phone. ⚫Shows the directory name to enable users to know wherethe videos are being saved. ⚫Users can Click on “ Gallery” to havea relook on all the videos being downloaded through this app. ⚫Hasend user friendly app interface. ⚫Fastly downloads even the HighDefinition videos. Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated withFacebook. The app is not endorsed by any third party resources. Itis compatible with Facebook only. We don’t charge users for anyadvertisement on the app. We do not repeal private videos links. Ifyou have any query, ask us anytime at [email protected] Weare ready to serve you all time. Please post your reviews below tolet others know about our app.

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    Downloader plus for FB
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    November 21, 2018
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Dominator House
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Fetch your competitor's followers and follow them using this app.Important: If you face any issue while log in , please verify youraccount on official app on same device and try logging in again. Ifyou find any bug/problems with the app, please write to us [email protected] . We will definitely try to fix all theissues as soon as possible. Please rate us if you liked the app tokeep this app alive.
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Top Instagram Unfollow apps Ever wonder which users don't followyou back on Instagram.Find your unfollowers, mutual followers,fansand mass unfollow them.Totally Free! No limits! KEY FEATURES Theapplication gives you the analysis of your Instagram™ account,including the list of: • Non Followers - People who don't followyou back on Instagram. • Fans - People you don't follow back onInstagram. • Whitelist - Add your favorite users to white list bytapping them on white list button and they won't be shown in yourNon Followers list. • unfollowgram - Unfollow Instagram users inone click • Mutual- People who follow you and your also followthem. • Follow and unfollow (Bulk unfollow users)- Follow/unfollowmass user by count How to use unfollow Instagram app ❶ Sign inusing your Instagram™ credentials (We never store your username andpassword,you can track using any http tracking application ) ❷ Findyour unfollowers / followers / followed by and mutual followers andunfollow them in one click ❸ Unfollow instagram users / Followinstagram users as much as you want. FAQ What is the use of coins?1 coin= 1 unfollow action When you start unfollowing users, coinswill deduct from your account based on number of people you areun-following . There are various way available in our app where youcan earn coins to perform more actions. Trouble signing in? Then dothe following ❶ Open the original Instagram app ❷ Navigate to anypicture - like or comment ❸ Go back to our app and try again…Disclaimer •This app is by no means affiliated to Instagram™. • Appmakes use of Instagram APIs We are striving hard to make this app,the best Instagram management app on the Play Store. To achievethis, we will need support and love from you. If you find anybug/problems with the app, please write to us [email protected] We will definitely try to fix all theissues as soon as possible. Please rate us if you liked the app tokeep this app alive.
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This application is developed for the business who wants to targetuser based on the hashtags. It will show a list of users based onsearched hashtags so that you can follow them quickly and you canlike the media with #hashtags too.DetialsFollowers: Followers arethose who follow you. You can follow back users by clicking onfollow button and if you are already following users you canunfollow them by clicking on unfollow button. You can go to userprofile anytime. You can refresh users list anytime by clicking therefresh button. You can also sort users by top to bottom and bottomto top by clicking the align button. Following: Following users arethose who you are following and you can unfollow them anytime byclicking the unfollow button. You can refresh this list anytime byclicking the refresh button. You can go to user profile anytime.You can also sort users by top to bottom and bottom to top byclicking the align button. Search for hashTag: Search allows you tosearch for #tag feeds by entering #tag text like "happy". And youwill get the feeds based on the text you entered. You can view thefeeds and play the videos if any and also you can like the feeds.You can refresh feeds list anytime by clicking the refresh button.HashTag Users:Users list is displayed based on searched #tag text.From there you can follow users individually or you can followmultiple users at once. You can go to user profile anytime. You canrefresh users list anytime by clicking the refresh button. You canalso sort users by top to bottom and bottom to top by clicking thealign button.Disclaimer: -This app is by no means affiliated toInstagram™.- App makes use of Instagram APIsWe are striving hard tomake this app, the best Instagram management app on the Play Store.To achieve this, we will need support and love from you. If youfind any bug/problems with the app, please write to us [email protected], we will definitely try to fix all theissues as soon as possible to .Please rate us ★★★★★ if you likedthe app to keep this app alive .
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Tik tok is the world’s largest creative platform where millions ofusers upload their videos daily. But unfortunately, the app doesn’tallow its users to download the videos and sharing on other socialmedia platform. Don’t worry, we have a saviour! Video downloaderfor Tik Tok has cool features that allow you to download videosfrom tik tok in seconds for free ! What can this app do? ☆FetchVideos and Images: Get videos and thumbnail of any musical.lyshared URL. ☆Save Tik tok videos: Save videos in one single click☆History: Browse and play history of downloaded tik tok videos fromapp. How to use the application ❶ Copy tik tok videos url fromofficial app and paste the link on url field. ❷ Click on downloadvideo or save Images to store the media ❸ Check your internalstorage for sharing your saved media on other social mediaplatform. Disclaimer: -This app is by no means affiliated to tiktok™. We are leaving no stones unturned to bring the bestmusical.ly video downloader app to you. Install the app from PlayStore, now and keep videos of your favorite users in your phone. Wetried to put one in all video downloader for musical.ly to you. Ifyou have any query or problem regarding this app, let us know [email protected] We would love clearing your doubts. Don’tforget to rate this app, your ratings matters the most! <3 <3
Mass Unfollowers for Twitter 2.5.9 APK
Twitter is a social networking microblogging service which allowsregistered members to broadcast Tweet. So are you a Twitter user?Eager to know which user don’t follow you back on Twitter? Okay,now find your unfollowers, mutual followers and mass unfollow themwith the best ever Twitter Unfollow Tool. This time, No Limits!Totally Free! Key Features: This application provides you theanalysis of your Twitter account along with the list of; NonFollowers: People who don’t follow you backFans: People whom youdon’t follow back on TwitterMutual: People who follow you and youalso follow them backFollow and unfollow: unfollow/follow massusers by countNow unfollow those whose are not following you backin free. Use this Twitter unfollow app to manage your Twitteraccount effectively. Get much more insights from this. It isaccurate, free to use, and extremely intuitive. How to use “MassTwitter Unfollowers” App? Sign in with your Twitter credentials.Find your unfollowers/followers/mutual followers and unfollow themin just a single click. There is no limit in following/unfollowing.Unfollow Twitter users and follow Twitter users as much as youwant. Facing trouble in signing in? Here’s the alter way: Open theoriginal Twitter appNavigate to any picture - like or comment Goback to our app and try againNo doubt, this Twitter unfollow toolwill make your work easier and faster. Disclaimer •This app is byno means affiliated to Twitter™.• App makes use of Twitter publicAPIsWe are making great efforts to make this app, the best Twittermanagement app on the Play Store. Now get the chance to work withthis Unfollow tool for Twitter. We assure you, you will like itinstantly. To reach at the top, we’ll need your support, suggestionand love. If you are getting any problem/bug with this app, pleasewrite to us at [email protected] We’ll definitely try tofix all the issues ASAP. Download the “Mass Twitter Unfollowers”app for Twitter to get started. Please rate us and keep this appalive.
Hashtag Users - Twitter management tools 1.9.4 APK
The all new ‘Hashtag Users - Twitter Management Tools’ providesreal time analytics to search and follow/unfollow new users to holdall the aces for managing your Twitter Account. The application isthe ultimate solution for all the users who want to mark theirpresence on Twitter with heading #tags. It is designed precisely tomanage your Twitter experience. It shows a detailed list ofFollowers, Unfollowers, and tweets which has used the hashtags you,entered the app .Key Features:Sort Tweets by category.Users cansort followers/followings/Posts in top-bottom or bottom-top fashionby clicking on the ‘Align’ button.Like/UnlikeTweets.Follow/Unfollow Tweeps.retweet.switch between multipleaccounts.Authenticate users Follow/Unfollow, retweet andLike/Unlike actions.You can update the userlist anytime by clickingon the ‘Refresh’ button while searching & managing yourfollowers and followings. Details on App’s Functioning:DisplaysFollowers list: Followers are the Twitter Users who follows youraccount. To view a list of all the users who are following you,click on the ‘Follower’ tab. Manage Your Followers List: This appisn’t just showing you the followers list but also allow you toupdate them. If you want to follow or unfollow any of yourfollowing. Click on the Follow/ Unfollow button respectively. It islocated next to the username. If you follow the user, there will bean unfollow button to unfollow him. Or if you already follow theuser, there will be an unfollow button next to it.3. Displays theFollowing List: these are the users whom you follow on Twitter.Click on the ‘Following’ tab to see all the users whom you arefollowing.4. Manage Your Following List: Like managing Followerslist, you can also manage your following list using this app. Hitthe ‘Unfollow’ button to unfollow any of the user whom you arefollowing.They will no longer be a part of your Newsfeed.5.DoesHashtags based Search: The app scrapes all tweets and users ofTwitters who has posted using the hashtags, you have entered. Clickon the ‘Search for #tag’ menu and feed your desired hashtags. Itwill generate a list of all those users/tweets regarding the same.6.Allow users to find post based on hashtags: Once you got adetailed list of all the users based on your preferred hashtags,you can follow/like /reply or retweet on those posts. Note: Usingour app, you can posts individually or by multiple accounts. 7.Switch between multiple Accounts: If you are handling more thanone Twitter account, you can switch between them easily withHashtag Users - Twitter management tools. You don't need toauthorise yourself again and again. 8.Regulates users activities onTwitter: Our app also authenticates users following/unfollowing andother activities’ pace. Disclaimer:-This app is by no meansaffiliated with Twitter .-Our app is designed as per TwitterNorms.-We don’t slink users Tweets.-The app requires access to yourindividual and multiple Twitter account.Contact us [email protected] Please rate this app ***** to keep usmotivated. You can also put your queries and reviews below. Wewould love to assist you.
Story downloader and repost for Instagram 1.4 APK
Use Story Downloader and repost to save your favorite videos fromStories! Story Downloader+ App is for all social media users toprovide the amazing facility to Search and download the videos fromthe latest stories of your followers from the lists.Storydownloader can quickly save the videos from Stories, therebyreducing your work and effort. Take a look at the striking featuresof the App - Easy to use - This app is very easy to use, you caneasily download your favorite videos from Story section and save iton your device. Search by username - You can search for the latestStories added by your followers with their usernames.Simple Design- The app’s design features modern technology binded up in asimple, easy to understand design.We have made this app with an aimto save your time while using it to download your favorite videostuff from stories. Our app has all the latest and advancedfeatures which makes you capable of downloading your favoritevideos in just three steps!Step 1 - Usernames Section The veryfirst step will be the username section, where you will get thelist of all your followers. From here, you’ll start your datasaving task.Step 2 - Users Data Feed section - Next up will be theusers’ data feed section, where you will be able to see the videosadded by the followers in your stories. As soon as you’ll get allthe data, you can start up saving them. Step 3 - Data Saving - Onceyou’ll select the particular video or many, three options will comeviz, Repost, Save and Share. You can save your data by click onyour required option. In this way, the data will be saved on yourdevice. You will also be able to function quickly by selecting thedata that you want and save them all at once. More and so, if youwant to repost the video, then you can do it by using our "storiesdownloader+" app. You can also share them wherever you want, as nowyou have it on your device. Benefits of using Story downloader+:Time Saving - You’ll definitely save lots of your time by usingthis app. It’s because of the functionality and highly data savingspeed of the app. Modern Technology - With this app, you’ll getaccess to the most convenient modern technology, which will makeyour tasks to go easier and well. Quick Working - You’ll not haveto wait for long to save your data respectively. Our app gives theresults in a quicker way. Speed Downloading - Your data will bedownloaded in a high-speed form, which will take lesser time anddata.Re posting - You can use the downloaded videos to repost onsocial media as well. Using Story Downloader+ Install StoryDownloader+ app.Open the app and login with your social account.Tap a story from the lists available and view it followed bydownloading.Important tips - Kindly inform us if you see anycontent that violates copyright.Disclaimer - Here are a few thingsto let you know about the app.Any kind of unauthorizedre-uploading/downloading of data will be the sole responsibility ofthe user.In case of any kind of doubt, feel free to get in touchwith us. Suggestions regarding our app are also welcomed. Contactus - [email protected]