1.01 / February 4, 2015
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Ever wanted to drag race down the strip, but didn't have the cash?Well look no further!Drag race against 16 opponents and 4 bosses tobecome the champion racer! Win cash by beating your opponents,doing great launches or just shifting good! Upgrade your bikesengine, turbo, tires, and lower the weight to gain an edge againstthe competition! Join us on this epic saga!Features: UpgradableParts Realistic Drag Strip Great looking 3D Motorcycles 22different bikes

App Information Drag Racing Street Bike Racer

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    Drag Racing Street Bike Racer
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    February 4, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Stimulating Software
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    1950 Fifth Avenue #100 San Diego, CA 92101
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Get ready to battle and conquer all enemies inPixel Fighter 3D!Customize your fighter and see if you can stand face to face withthe bosses in arcade mode.See how high you can rank on the leaderboard kills for endless,timed, and strength mode!**SKIN EDITOR/IMPORTER/EXPORTER**Customize or import your own skins to fight with in the app!Export skins you've obtained in the app to share with friends!**TEST YOUR STRENGTH**Test your strength mini game added, see if you can top theleaderboards!Get your gold for beating each level!**ARCADE MODE**Choose between easy, medium, hard, or extreme and battle your waythrough 9 bosses on their own turf.Earn gold for defeating enemies and completing all enemies on aselected difficulty.The higher the difficulty the more gold you earn per win, and morebonus gold for completing the game.**ENDLESS MODE**Fight an endless wave of difficult enemies that scale up overtime.The more enemies you defeat, the more gold you will earn.Enemies get harder and stronger based on the amount of kills youget so be prepared for a challenge!Defeat as many enemies as you can to see how high you rank againstothers around the world.**FIGHTING STYLES**Choose from 3 completely different fighting styles.Shin-Ju: Well rounded fighting style with projectiles, anti-air,and is combo efficient.Kim-Po: Kick oriented fighting style with chained kick combos and apowerful special.Djarik: Super combo oriented fighting style with projectiles andamazing air combos.**CUSTOMIZATION**Customize the appearance, stats, and fighting style of yourfighter.Select from multiple player skins to give your character your ownpersonalized feel.Select different hats, gloves, and boots to boost your charactersspeed, damage, health, and defense.Select your fighting style that suits you best.**ACHIEVEMENTS AND LEADERBOARDS**Various achievements to keep you challenged while playing.Endless mode leaderboard to show how you stand up against otherplayers kills around the world.Please Note: Pixel Fighter 3D is free to play, but containscurrency that can be purchased for real money.
CCNA Labs Cisco IOS Router Sim 1.0 APK
You can only learn so much by reading. In order to become a Ciscopro and get the confidence you need to pass the Cisco certificationexams, you need lots of hands-on practice as well! With this app,you can gain that experience. Interact with virtual Cisco routersand switches via their terminal interfaces just like you would inthe real world. Follow the 14 hands-on labs ( broken into almost 50sub labs ) designed specifically for the CCNA Routing and Switchingexams ( CCENT / ICND1 and ICND2 ).Features of this Cisco IOS routersimulator: • 14 hands-on labs with numerous sub-labs for:… 100-101ICND1 ( CCENT )… 200-101 ICND2 ( CCNA Routing & Switching )…200-120 ( CCNA Routing & Switching )• Various topologies withvirtual Cisco routers and switches• Interact via terminal input• Aplethora of available commands to use• Telnet, Ping, CDP, RIP,OSPF, OSPFv3, EIGRP, EIGRPv6, VLAN, NAT, PAT, Access Lists, STP,PPP, GRE Tunnel, etcHands On Labs:ICND1 / CCENT Part 1: BasicConfiguration 1.1: Exploring User, Privileged, and ConfigurationModes 1.2: Using the Help and Editing Features 1.3: Saving aConfiguration 1.4: Setting Passwords 1.5: Setting the Hostname,Descriptions, IP Address, and Clock RatePart 2: Accessing theNetwork 2.1: Backing Up the Router Configuration 2.2: Using theCisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) 2.3: Using Telnet 2.4: ResolvingHostnamesPart 3: Static and RIP Routes 3.1: Creating Static Routes3.2: Configuring RIP RoutingPart 4: OSPF 4.1: Enabling the OSPFProcess 4.2: Configuring OSPF Interfaces 4.3: Verifying OSPFOperationPart 5: Switches 5.1: Configuring Layer 2 Switches 5.2Verifying Layer 2 Switches 5.3: Configuring Port SecurityPart 6:VLANs 6.1: Configuring and Verifying VLANs 6.2: Configuring andVerifying Trunk Links 6.3: Configuring Router on a Stick Routing6.4: Configuring IVR with a Layer 3 SwitchPart 7: Access Lists 7.1:Standard IP Access Lists 7.2: Extended IP Access ListsPart 8: NAT8.1: Preparing for NAT 8.2: Configuring Dynamic NAT 8.3:Configuring PATPart 9: More 9.1: Manual and StatefulAutoconfiguration 9.2: Static and Default Routing 9.3: OSPFv3ICND2/ CCNA Routing and SwitchingPart 10: Spanning Tree Protocol 10.1:Verifying STP and Finding Your Root Bridge 10.2: Configuring andVerifying Your Root Bridge 10.3: Configuring PortFast and BPDUGuard 10.4: Configuring and Verifying EtherChannelPart 11:Operating System 11.1: Backing Up Your Router IOS 11.2: Upgradingor Restoring Your Router IOSPart 12: EIGRP and EIGRPv6 12.1:Configuring and Verifying EIGRP 12.2: Configuring and VerifyingEIGRPv6Part 13: OSPF Multi-Area and OSPFv3 13.1: Configuring andVerifying OSPF Multi-Area 13.2: Configuring and VerifyingOSPFv3Part 14: Encapsulation 14.1: Configuring PPP Encapsulationand Authentication 14.2: Configuring and Monitoring HDLC 14.3:Configuring Frame Relay and Subinterfaces 14.4: Configuring a GRETunnel
Blocky Pixel Car Craft Creator 1.0.7 APK
Construct your own blocky car creations usingthis app and test them out in an infinite pixel voxel world againstAI!Shoot and destroy individual blocks or just ram them for some goodfun!Build your car out of the different materials of blocks, eachhave there own strength(health) and properties that affect thestability of your blocky car.Once the blocks are in place there are lots of different wheelsto pick from, and do you want them on the bottom, or the sides oreven the top? You can unlock round wheels for even more fun!There are lots of decorations you can add, like flowers ormushrooms to make your creation stand out from the rest!Once your ready you might want to equip some weapons, there aremany different types from automatic, to cannons, to rocketlaunchers, or even lasers! Pick there locations and get to testdriving!Once your car is complete you can save it for later or go takeit for a test drive in an infinite pixel voxel environment with afew enemies with there own cars! Destroy them if you can!Features:Various blocks made from different materialsWheels can go anywhere!DecorationsChange your characters skinLots of weapon attachmentsInfinite Pixel Voxel SandboxDestructible CarsDoes this spark your interest? Then grab this app and get tobuilding!Disclaimer: This app does offer optional in app purchases.
Custom Gun Creator with Skins 1.0 APK
Practice your shot and unlock 5 totally different guns with themoney you earn in the shooting range! There are multipleattachments to add to your guns to make them very customizable.Each gun has 10 different skins to give them unique looks and letyou blow up targets in style!
Cisco DCICN Labs - Nexus Sim 1.0 APK
Get the real world, hands on experience you need to help passCisco's CCNA Data Center exam (640-911 DCICN). While you might haveyears of experience working with IOS routers and switches, theNX-OS interface of the Nexus switches used in data centers has manydifferences. These switches are also super expensive, so chancesare you can't just find one to practice on while you study for yourexam.Complete the following 5 labs (broken into 15 sub-labs) on theCisco Nexus 7010 simulator:Part 1: The Basics Lab 1.1: ExploringUser Exec and Configuration Modes Lab 1.2: Using the Help andEditing Features Lab 1.3: Saving a NX-OS Configuration Lab 1.4:Setting the Hostname, Descriptions and IP AddressPart 2: RoutingLab 2.1: Setting Up Ports for Labs Lab 2.2: Configuring StaticRouting Lab 2.3: Configuring RIP Routing Lab 2.4: Configuring EIGRPRouting Lab 2.5: Configuring OSPF RoutingPart 3: VLANss Lab 3.1:Creating VLANs Lab 3.2: Verifying VLANs Lab 3.3: Assigning SwitchPorts to VLANs Lab 3.4: Creating and Verifying Trunk LinksPart 4:Spanning-Tree Protocol Lab 4.1: Spanning-Tree ProtocolPart 5:Access Lists Lab 5.1: NX-OS IP Access Lists
3D Christmas Bowling - Free 1.0 APK
Show off to you’re friends and family this holiday season with ahigh score in 3D Christmas Bowling. Play solo or vs the computer.Can you achieve the perfect score of 300 before the end of theseason?
Destiny Guide and Event Timers 1.0 APK
Destiny Guide and Event Timers is all you need for any Destiny fan!All the info you need about Destiny and stay updated with publicevent timers!Get info on Exotic Weapons, Exotic Armor, Races, stats and muchmore.Also have quick access to public event timers so you can stay ontop of collecting shards!
Kick the DinoSoar! 1.0 APK
Toss, Feed, Explode, Electrocute... There are countless ways tohave fun with your very own raptor! Earn various rewards and gainexperience based on what you do with your new pet!