1.0 / July 9, 2017
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Train to become the most powerful fightertoprotect the universe. Fight against the alien invaders andtheirleader that threatens your world. Level up and evolveintodifferent evolution until you reach the level of a god. Besummonedat the tournament of power and defeat strongerenemies!

* Animated special attacks and moves.
* Fighting game action
* Evolutions that make you stronger.
* Power up and customize your strength.
* Challenging enemies and boss fights!
* Powerful Evolutions that increases your criticalstrikeratings.
* Awesome rewards that keeps you leveling and power.

- The story goes in another universe where earth is invadedbypowerful aliens. A boy warrior trains to defend Gaia anotherEarthin universe 17. He must face countless of enemy invaders tobecomestronger and evolve to reach the dragon god level. He mustface 10evil warriors that also has a high strength more than thepower ofthe true god.

- As much as fighting games, it has basic left and right moveandattack button to fight. You can play around other controlslikeguard, instant transmission and super powerful attacks todefeatenemies. As you gain levels you get to learn new powerfulattacksand evolve into more powerful perk to increase you damag. Aspecialbonus is when you get defeated you can revive yourself andblastaway all enemies for payback!

- Basic attacks has different attacq poses that earns youcombo.Combos can gain you extra score. The more fast you attacktheenemy, the less chance of getting hit by them. The game alsocomeswith an auto attack when you press and hold the attackbuttonlonger.

- Leveling up will make you stronger. Raising much level willunlocknew skills that gives you extra attackts. Auras changes asyou gainmore levels. You must level with no limit in order to facethe mostsuper ultimate villain in the universe!

This feature empowers your stats to gain extra attributes.
- Life: Mor life you have the less chance of being defeated inthegame.
- Damage: increasing damage will easily destroys the enemies.youhave the more damage you can inflict with special attacks.
- Critical damage can cause double to triple to more damage basedonthe players attacks and critical % chances.
- Improving Critical strike % chances can cause many chancestoinflict huge amount of damage to enemies. Having super modeskillwill temporary improve your critical chance % byadditional35%.

App Information Dragon Escape: Super Sonic Battle for Power game

  • App Name
    Dragon Escape: Super Sonic Battle for Power game
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    July 9, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Leogamer Company
  • Installs
    50 - 100
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email leogamer.company@gmail.com
    Super Crazy Adventures Games 2017 Jungle & Run Games
  • Google Play Link

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Hey little boys and girls! We all go crazyovercandy and ice cream, but how about you kids learn about oralhygienewithout visiting the the little doctor? We are sure thatyou want tohave crazy fun in the virtual world while learning, solet’s getstarted with Crazy Dentist Doctor for Kids!Hey parents! Do you want your little boys and girls to be fullawareof the dental hygiene? Do you want them to brush the teethregularlyand be careful about the oral cleanliness? Moreimportantly, do youwant them to have full fun while learning thereal dentisttreatments? Then Crazy Dentist Doctor for Kids is thebest app foryou!For little boys and girls:Let’s kick off with the essentials about dental health. Playthefull game with patients arriving at the the crazy dentistvirtualoffice clinic because they have been naughty with candy andicecream, and now their teeth are decaying. All the candy andicecream shops in the virtual city of Fun are open but they can’thaveany because of the pain in their teeth. Look at them to seehowteeth become if not properly taken care of; your kids can learntoavoid the plagues by regularly brushing their teeth,andmore.See the pain that patients are suffering from and thedifferenttypes of diseases they have. They can’t have any fun tillcure isgiven. Help them at your little dentist office in thiscasual gamefor kids by using the tools available to you, and unlockmore tocomplete the treatment. Put a smile on your patients’ facesandfeel happy yourself too.Remember to eat sweets but don’t forget to clean your teeth!SmileBRIGHT!For parents teaching their little boys and girls tobecareful:Crazy Dentist Doctor for Kids is a game and a virtuallearningplatform for little boys and girls. Tell them what a bagfull ofcandy and ice cream does to teeth if proper care isnottaken.May it be plague, cavities, baby bottle tooth decay, worntoothenamel, yellowing, food stuck in gums and between teeth,gumproblems, etc. this game covers it all. Show your kids how adoctortreats these pain points and teach them how to avoidtheseproblems.For parents whose kids are aiming to become adentist(doctor):Everyone loves fun kids and can’t bear to see them in pain.Forthose kids whose sympathy motivates them to become adoctor,especially dentist, this is a great introductory platform.Whilethe crazy doctor’s virtual office (game) is full of childrenwith avariety of teeth and gum problems, your little boys and girlscanlearn how to treat them as a virtual doctor with all theequipmentat their disposal. They have helping signals that teachwhere andhow to use the tools to relieve the pain and treat theproblem.Build your skills as a dentist with Crazy Dentist DoctorforKids!

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