1.40 / May 12, 2016
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The Dragon Fire never wanted to hurtanybody,but enemies come to destroy the sacred dragonclanterritorial.
There’s no turning back! The dragon fire must use their superjumpskill to fight against monster, mutant clan, fire foxes,theundead, and other strange giant creature!
Dragon world will make you feel amazed, magical journey willstarthere.
Prepare your dragon for the legendary battles on earth! Trainyourdragon to master ultimate fireball skill, flying skill, orsuperjump skill.
Battle your enemies to the death!
Get the dragon fire double shield!

Easy to play, hard to master: jump, dash, climb and glideyourway through every world. Unlock new dragons and learndifferentskills!
Global leaderboard & achievement!
Endless missions!
Performance & game balance improved!
Start brawling with vicious dragons and mighty monsters!

Dragon Fire Super Jumper is a fantastic fighting andjumpingadventure game.
- Collect more coins, special item, and combo item as many asyoucan
- Save the holy sacred dragon relic
- Great pictures and exciting animation
- Endless adventure to play!

- Tap to jump
- Double tap to double jump
- Avoid obstacles
- Collect items and combo items

App Information Dragon Fire Super Jumper

  • App Name
    Dragon Fire Super Jumper
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    May 12, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    SLS Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
    Email [email protected]
    Pahlawan Trip Blok C No 27 Malang, East Java, Indonesia
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Dragon Fire Super Jumper 1.40 APK
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The Dragon Fire never wanted to hurtanybody,but enemies come to destroy the sacred dragonclanterritorial.There’s no turning back! The dragon fire must use their superjumpskill to fight against monster, mutant clan, fire foxes,theundead, and other strange giant creature!Dragon world will make you feel amazed, magical journey willstarthere.Prepare your dragon for the legendary battles on earth! Trainyourdragon to master ultimate fireball skill, flying skill, orsuperjump skill.Battle your enemies to the death!Get the dragon fire double shield!Easy to play, hard to master: jump, dash, climb and glideyourway through every world. Unlock new dragons and learndifferentskills!Global leaderboard & achievement!Endless missions!Performance & game balance improved!Start brawling with vicious dragons and mighty monsters!Dragon Fire Super Jumper is a fantastic fighting andjumpingadventure game.- Collect more coins, special item, and combo item as many asyoucan- Save the holy sacred dragon relic- Great pictures and exciting animation- Endless adventure to play!HOW TO PLAY- Tap to jump- Double tap to double jump- Avoid obstacles- Collect items and combo items
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Improve your brain effectively with Memory Brain Games. Memorytraining will constantly increasing your performance:Strengthenyour memory abilityImprove your attention and fast focusIncreaseyour intelligence and agilityMake faster decisions andresponsesWhat is true for our muscles is also true for our brains:you can use it or lose it!Your brain ability and performance are inyour hands!Fun application with joyful brain games to test yourmemory and concentration, each level has limited time. Only humanwho has the good memory and fast response will win!A good game foreveryone : kids, teens, and adult peoples.Everyone loves to playpuzzle game, mind game, brain teaser games, and of course thismemory brain games.A very challenging game with tons of levels willtest your memory, speed, and concentration in a fun way!ExerciseYour Brain!Memory Brain Games is intended to be brain challengingentertainment.Changing game speed, color, and boxes number topractice your attention, concentration, processing speed, mentalflexibility, to respond rapidly.Color and symbol memory - memorizea group of color boxes with unique symbols and then see if you canrecall that boxes.Memory Racer - practice for your brain's workingmemory and processing speed.Visual Memory - test and practice yourvisual memory skills.Music thanks to :"Pamgaea" Kevin MacLeod(incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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It is a magical adventure about 4 kids gang, their name are Jack,Harry, Luke, and Amy. They take a long journey to the fantasyisland, where there are a lot of magic marble and magic bubble. Anancient story told about that magic marble : if someone can crushall the magic marble, that person will get a very powerful gem.They have to get that, to prevent some bad or evil guy take thegem. Moreover, the kids want to make a better and peacefully worldwith that holy gem. They face the challenge one by one alternately.The enchanting island only offer limited time, limited opportunity,and limited magic heart. Magic heart means source of life foreveryone who enter that dazzling island. The kids need a brightplan to fulfill their glorious purpose. Will the amazing kidsfulfill that marvellous journey?Now is your turn! Give your handsto help the kids. Shoot and match the magic marble for three ormore in same color, sometimes you need to bounce it. Once yousucceed, the marble will splash! Crush! or Blast! and you win!Itwill easy at the beginning, and gradually harder to the end. Usespecial power or booster in hard situation.How to play :- Matchthree or more marble- You can bounce the marble to reach target-Use booster to quick winFeatures ;- Very attracting graphicdisplay- Beautiful color animation- Various booster available-Cheerful music and song- Endless magic worldMore features addedfrequentlyPlease give an objective review & rating for ourimprovement(all inputs are very appreciated). Thank you =)