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The 7 balls have been lost in a desert full of sand, our characterwill have to find them all without being caught by enemies, theevil fighter, fight them by jumping on the ropes with your power ofsuper saiyanThe Dragon Jump controls are very intuitive andsimple.CONTROLS:* Touch the right half of the phone to move to theright* Touch the left half of the phone to move to the leftIndragon jump each level you will have a transformation with adifferent hair color, you can feel like a normal super saiyan withyellow hair, blue or you can also feel like a god, you will have touse your ultra instinct to find the ball and avoid all your enemiesin dragon jump.HOW TO PLAY:Dragon Jump, is a game where you willhave to collect the 7 ball without touching the enemies, you willhave to jump and bounce on the ropes to move between theplatforms.You can bounce 3 times on each string, the string has 4colors, green, yellow and blue which means you can jump on it, andred, when the string is red you can not touch it or it breaks andyou will fall into emptiness.While you are jumping on the rope youwill be immune to enemies and will not be able to do anything toyou, but be careful, when you are on the ground if you touch themyou will be eliminated.During the game you will see bonfires withfire, when you touch the switch closest to that fire, the fire willturn on or off depending on the color of the switch, if it is greenand you touch it it will close, if it is red it will open, haveBeware, because enemies also know how to light the fire and thiswill complicate things.The buttons to light the fire have a reusetime of 3 secondsOur character must gather the ball in each level,to collect the ball we will go to the next level of dragon jumpEachlevel we complete will increase the speed of the enemies and alsotheir number, you will start level 1 with 3 enemies, and there maybe up to 25 enemies on the same level.The levels are infinite, youdecide which is the maximum, the colors of the enemies are alsorandom, use your imagination to think that the enemies can be cellif it is green, kid buu if it is pink, or freezer or jiren if it iswhite or golden, the enemies call themselves the fighter zdestruction team, and they have a very large ki.Maybe the characterresembles goku vegeta or gohan, but it is not any of them, it is asuper saiyan nuepo with unimaginable power, you decide what yourhero is called.This game includes achievements and rankings ofgoogle play so you can share your scores online with your friendsand with the rest of the world. Will you be the best in the worldand you will become a legend?Dragon jump has nothing to do withdragon ball.If you like arcade games, action or adventures andanime this is your game, download Dragon Jump for FREE!This gamehas been developed with Unity 2D and is available in allcountries.The graphics are thanks to the web gameart2dTwitterhttps://twitter.com/KroappAndroid

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