1.2 / March 30, 2016
(3.0/5) (5)


Dragon pet rescue is a brand new puzzle game.Save my dragon and play best puzzle game of Christmas. be the partof holy deed by rescuing innocent dragon in exciting puzzle gameespecially designed for your Android devices.
What you have to do is match two or more blocks of the same colorto clear the level and save the dragon from the evils. But becareful while moving on, given moves are limited so plan themcarefully. Dragon pet Rescue, its easy and fun to play but hard tomaster. Just lay down in your bed in cozy Christmas holidays andcheck your puzzle skills in block busting fun of Dragon pet rescuegame
Drag and match the same color blocks to mastered the fun of DragonPet Rescue will all your heart. Be a kind hearted person and jointhe mission of rescuing those innocent dragons, make your Christmasworth full. move and match the perfect color to set the dragon freeof all dangers and help in the completion of rescue mission. DragonPet Rescue game is fun to play but yet hard to master.
Listen! Dragon Pet Rescue is absolutely free to play all u have todo is just to push Install button right there on the top right ofyour mobile screen and let the fun begins and don't stop it tillyou mastered it completely
Take on this puzzling dragon Pet rescue Saga alone or play withfriends to compete among them and be a winner :-)

Dragon Pet Rescue is featured as
• Interactive graphics
• Colorful game play
• Intuitive 3D graphics and sounds
• Cute little dragons in a cage and colorful blocks
• Different boosters and bonus bombs to make it exciting
• Exciting levels to master
• More yet to come in Updates

App Information DRAGON PET RESCUE 3D

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  • Updated
    March 30, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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    New Free Apps & Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Price
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  • Developer
    Email umerm137@gmail.com
    Nayyaba Building Airport Road Fujairah U.A.E
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Play the FREE hidden object story based onHoly Bible in Holy Bible - Hidden Secrets. The story continue withfeaturing Holy Bible story in this FREE, gorgeously illustrated,junior version hidden object puzzle game. The game helps young kidslearn to read by increasing their vocabulary as well as knowledgeof Holy Bible. Holy Bible - Hidden Secrets is not only interestingas well as educational learning game of Holy Bible storiesespecially for kids.This hidden object puzzle game takes you through the story of Jesusas you search for Random items related to story of Holy Bible.Every chapter have different items hidden in the story of GreatJesus continuing the suspense and knowledge till the end. Childrenwill spend hours searching for related items to Holy Bible andlearn the story of Great Jesus.What you have to do id to find the answer of the objects hidden thestory of HOLY BIBLE. Holy Bible - Hidden Secrets is seek and findpuzzle adventure game that takes place in a house full of mysteryimmersive the Tales of Holy Bible . Something strange was happenedthere, there are clues in the story. But what was it? Only you canfind out.Holy Bible – Hidden Secrets is a story of Great Jesus animatedespecially for Children Learners so they can get educated as wellas its fun to play. Children have to search all the Hidden Secretin the story of Holy Bible. Pass on to the next level after findingall the items hidden in the continued image, next level contain thenext pasty of continuing story. Many scenes include images of itemsto help you find your way. Look at the picture, locate its matchand you're done. In this interactive game play of Holy Bible –Hidden Secrets the children will be able to boost the skills offinding hidden objects as well as get the learning of Great Jesusand Holy Bible.How to Play Look carefully at each screen and try to locate items on thelist Understand the continuity of story first to find items morequickly Tap an item to collect it. Work fast for a better score! If you're stuck, you can buy hints to help you outFeatures☺ Many different puzzles to solve in a wide variety of rooms.☺ Tons of items to find!☺ Ongoing story with Hidden objects in each page☺ Solve puzzles as you find every item on the list.☺ Download Holy Bible - Hidden Secrets for Free and keep in touchfor more content in periodic updates.☺ Holy Bible - Hidden Secrets is compatible with all androiddevices support 3D games.☺ Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and free games,Subscribehttps://www.facebook.com/New-Free-Apps-Games-1498980667062398
Snooker Pool Pro 2016 1.0 APK
New 3D sensation: Snooker Pool Pro 2016 onAndroid!Play snooker friends! Play Snooker Legends. Play Snooker Poolpro game for free on Android. New free Apps & games proudlybrings Snooker Pool Pro 2016, surely one of the most realisticallyplayable 3D snooker and pool games on Android devices. Interactive3D rigid body physics this game is the complete sportsentertainment for new and experienced pool snooker gamers.The Interactive click and play interface allows you to jump intothe pool of cue balls, Choose the best among the best players andstart playing snooker in an interactive game play quickly, easilyand smoothly. To make it exciting a new cue ball control allowingyou to perform more advanced shots as in back spin, top spin, leftspin, right spin and ball swerve.So are ready to rock the simulation of Pool snooker in interactive3D environment so just click on Install button and read to roll onSnooker pool pro 2016Grab our cop of Snooker Pool Pro 2016 now and play 3D version forfree, you going to play it till late.What’s New in Snooker of 2016Swipe your phone screen on the angle you want to fix it at an angelcomfortable for your eyes.Select flags of different countries you want Represent.Use chalk to make snooker stick efficient and point towardsgoal.Play 3D 15 red ball snooker based on WPBAS rules.Use chalk on stick for playing proper shots.Real Game play with Real rules for playing snookerGame play Features: HD & 3D environments game play. Full 3D physics at 30 FPS. Flags of different top ranked snooker players countries Free local network multiplayer games play Play online with your mates Game playing modes Practice: practice snooker game by playing on your own with norules. Quick Play: Play a custom match against another friend, familymember or computer opponent. Tournament: Read for testing your competing skills intournament? Play snooker on regulation 10ft and 12ft rectangulartables. Play 6 Red Ball Snooker, 10 Red Ball Snooker and 15 Red BallSnooker based on WPBAS rules. Play World Eight Ball Pool based on WEPF rules. Choose from various camera views including 3D, Top Cushion andOverhead views. Download Snooker Pool Pro 2016 for Free and keep in touch formore content in periodic updates. Snooker Pool Pro 2016 is compatible with all android devicessupport 3D games. Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and free games,Subscribeo https://www.facebook.com/New-Free-Apps-Games-1498980667062398
STREET FOOD- FOOD TRUCK!Street food truck restaurant is an emerging cooking game to embarkan everlasting fun experience of cooking in a truck where you canfind everything at one place, Yeah it’s a real food street truckcooking. Cooking on tie is an art, Continue to cook and serve yourcustomers and make them happy with the best street food intown.STREET FOOD TRUCK RESTAURANT is a delicious blend of frantic mobileKitchen & Cooking and Restaurant empire build in a Truck onStreets of Melbourne.Street Food Truck Restaurant is an addicting yet time managementcooking game that is featured for worthy Chefs for endless play.Free in Christmas holidays? Do you have enough time to kill? Thenyou will definitely love this mobile kitchen Restaurant game,Street Food Truck Restaurant.Roll up your sleeves for breakfast, lunch, dinner shifts becauseBy providing speedy services and delicious food, please customersand make foodie paradise in the world of Street Food TruckRestaurants.Yummilicious dished such as Fries, Salads, Pizza, Hotdog,Hamburger....Dash it to customers because they can’t wait! ProvideSpeedy service and please customers with the most ever findingDelicious and Unique food items. Dispense the dishes of food streettruck with your best recipes of your truck kitchen so that morecustomers will give you more coin to move forward in the missionsof game.It’s time to Rock the Food on Street, it’s time to make Fantastic,Delicious and Unique dishes to serve your customer with the bestplunging recipe of your mobile Truck kitchen!!!Take the crazy fate of mobile restaurant in your hands because it’stime to rock Truck Restaurant. Keep your customers happy byprepping everything from Burgers, Fries, Pizza; Take orders, tapand slide to seat customers, serve piping hot dishes, collect morecoins in less time and dash more customers to reach the goal. Thiskeeps you on your toe, time you as you make different dishes withdifferent RecipesFor a limited span you should make the right dishes in time toserve the customers happy. Street food truck restaurant cookinggame gives addiction to an awesome franchise and will help youspirit you away with your awesome Truck Restaurant.There’s much yummy food to eat while walking on the street! Pizzaand fries, snow cones and churros! But no one place ever seems tohave all the delicious foods and treats you want to eat in oneplace…until now just now we are here with the loud horn of Truckand let everybody know that Street food truck restaurant is here torock your world of food.Street Food : Food Truck! Serve scrumptious burritos with a tallfrosty glass of lemonade! Put together warm crispy onion rings withwarm, crunchy funnel cakes! You can do whatever you want, it’s afood truck of your dreams! It’s a street food truck of your cookedmeals, Serve the best food in town to you customers.
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GreetingsWelcome the new brain teasers, new Doodle Puzzlegame, Doodle line link flow Puzzle. Doodle link line free flow isan addictive puzzle flow line game for Android device. New cherishLevels are now available in Doodle line link flow puzzle game! It’sBest Flow game, absolutely free on Google Play!A new classic puzzle game for players of every age interestedin• Puzzle game lovers like bubble puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, brickspuzzle & Tetris etc• Anime character games• Picture or world puzzle games• Memory match games• Join lines flow gamesAbout Doodle Line Link Flow PuzzleThis game offers free play with hundreds of levels, or raceagainst the clock in Time Trial mode. Flow Free gameplay provide aranges of free puzzle game play from relaxed, to challenging andeverywhere in between. Judge your intelligence and become Master ofpuzzle. How you compete is up to you. Take a try to DoodleLine Link Flow Puzzle for free on Android.How to Play & MasterIn doodle line link point matching puzzle you have to usediagonal lines to link them with the same color. Don’t cross otherline while matching and by filling every cell will give you thesurety of perfect game play intelligently. Matching all points in apuzzle accurately and make a flow. Final line of flow must coverthe entire board of cells. Try to be the Master of Puzzle, testyour skills and compete with your friend can set a new record! Besmart & Show your high score to the world by putting them on anintegrated google games play games services leaderboard.CautionAvoid crossing other lines while flowing a link match otherwise itwill drive you nuts.Flow Line Features☺ Easy to control, fun doodle puzzle to play☺ Cherish graphics in HD quality☺ Use diagonal link lines to connect all points and don’t forget tofill all cells☺ Unlimited puzzle levels! A puzzle generator will generate as manyDoodle games☺ Puzzle master, Accept the Challenge and Try tobeat your best time☺ You get stuck? Use solution button to see the solution of thepuzzle☺ Easily clear link lines option button☺ 5 different packages and each package contain differentlevels☺ A Doodle bucket full of levels - total of 3000 uniqueLevels☺ Wide range of difficulty levels - from 3x3 grid to 7x7 grid☺ More grids to improve difficulty level, will be updatedsoon☺ Higher the rank, more the puzzles you solve☺ Use Hints to make your play easy and efficient☺ Get free hints when sharing your flow rank results onFacebook.☺ Cheering sounds and effects☺ Download Doodle Line Link Flow Puzzle for Freeand keep in touch for more content in periodic updates.☺ Doodle Line Link Flow Puzzle is compatible withall android devices support 3D games.Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and free games,Subscribehttps://www.facebook.com/New-Free-Apps-Games-1498980667062398Please consider to write a review of this app if youliked it! Thank you!
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Free offline Free SMS collection having up to50,000 SMS messages collection. This App is compatible for all yourandroid deices and useful for daily SMS, Wishing SMS, funny SMS,love SMS, occasional SMS for daily messages and on Whats app, hike,line, We Chat, Facebook, and Twitter. Free SMS collection 50,000+is one of largest app dedicated for user and it’s a simple andefficient way of collection of messages and Favorite SMS.Free SMS collection 50,000+ free offline app is a treasure oflargest SMS message collection of all types. It’s not only free butas easier as apple pie for sharing your words with the world byregular messages or over the social media like Facebook, Twitter,We Chat, Line etc. Now you don’t need to store these messages onyour phone and take a record of each, just install an app free SMScollection 50,000+ on your android devices for free, use it offlineand enjoy.If you are in good habit of greeting everyone in the morning andused to send Good night messages, keep up with the goodness ofmaking people smile and if you are using Free SMS collection50,000+ app you’ll not face short of Greeting SMS with the hugecollection of this app, ever. If you want to make someone laugh, ifyou want to congratulate someone, wish birthdays, occasionalgreeting messages, brain teaser, riddles and much moreFeatures: Wide range of SMS with Every Categories 50,000+ messages (Update on periodic basis) Systematic view of messages to select easily Never ending quantity of messages and daily SMS One click Sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc. Free and Offline app Robust search Smooth swipe from left and write Copy clipboard option to copy text in regular text message Download Free SMS collection 50,000+ for Free and keep in touchfor more Messages in periodic updates. Free SMS collection 50,000+ free offline app is compatible withall android devices support 3D games.Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of New games andapps, Subscribehttps://www.facebook.com/New-Free-Apps-Games-1498980667062398
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Bubble shoot Christmas snowman is a classic 3Dbubble shooter game with free Christmas version of deluxe puzzlebubble shooting for your Android device. With free 3D game playBubble Shoot Christmas Snowman is the craze of Christmas 2016. It’san addictive bubble shooter game with 100+ puzzles level you haveto compete with snowman. Join the best free bubble popper game ofthis Christmas! It's Bubbles Shooter New Christmas magic!Install 3D Bubble shoot Christmas snowman on your Android deviceand witness the epicness of 3D bubble shooter game of thisChristmas, featuring the eve of Christmas with amazing bubblebusting levels and addictive gameplay. It’s an amazing bubbleshooting and popping fun of Christmas 2016. What else’s you askedfor more in Christmas holidays? This 3D bubble shooter game ofSnowman is completely FREE!Bubble Shooter Christmas Snowman is the most addictive 3D bubbleshooter game exclusively free for your Android device, it will giveyou the most exciting, festive and fun Christmas holidays you'veever experienced.What you have to do is just spin your snowman’s pointer towards thematch of three or more same colored Christmas bubbles smash thebubble hard and proceed to next level. Use bubble boosters to clearthe difficult levels, we are sure you are talented enough to masterthe most exciting and challenging 3D puzzle bubble game play.3D Puzzle mode is design to make your bubble shooter journeyhappening by playing levels one after another. Some 3D Christmasspecial bubble levels are quite easy but some of them is verychallenging.Caution: This winter you are going to love the Addiction of 3DBubble Shoot Christmas Snowman because it’s absolutely free.BUBBLE SHOOT CHRISTMAS SNOWMAN has 100+ levels of free 3D gameplay. Addictive levels with HD graphics exciting for people of allage in the prestigious Eve of Christmas. So download BUBBLE SHOOTCHRISTMAS SNOWMAN for free on your Android app and be a part of funfilled Holidays.Features:• Deluxe game modes• Free Intuitive Puzzle bubble game play• Adorable Snowman shooter for Winters feel• 3D graphic game and smooth swipe control• 3D Puzzle game play• Over 100+ 3D Bubble shooter Christmas levels played with adorableSnowman• Enchanting 3D graphics at Christmas Eve• Free Gifts and fun with snowman in these lovely winters• New 100+ magic filled Christmas levels• Easy to play, Tough to master.• Special Gifts boosters & magic bubbles to help you passChallenging levels• Tell your Facebook friends and worldwide players by scoring topat leader board• Download bubble shoot Christmas snowman for Free and keep intouch for more content in periodic updates.• Bubble shoot Christmas snowman is Compatible with all Androiddevices support 3D games.• Like us on Facebook! Check for more updates of 3D and free games,Subscribe• https://www.facebook.com/New-Free-Apps-Games-1498980667062398