1.0.0 / February 3, 2015
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Dragon Slayer Mania Legends is a new fun free game for you toplay!!! Download NOW!!!The features of Dragon Slayer ManiaLegends:*High Quality and gorgeous visual effects*Rich and stunningbackground music and sound effects*Easy and smooth game controlnavigation*Intense and adrenaline fuelled game rhythmDragon SlayerMania Legends has received many positive reviews. Download itnow!!!!The synopsis of Dragon Slayer Mania Legends:Angon was thebest dragon hunter in Ultalda Kingdom. He is known as the DragonHunting Mania and many legends have engraved how he captured andtamed some of the great dragons. But the Dragon Hunting Mania ‘sLegends did not live long until the death of his beloved wife, thebeautiful Pulsaida. Pulsaida was killed by a dragon escaped fromAngon captive, the Puzzle Dragon, which Angon had failed to tamed.The Puzzle Dragon was once Angon’s favorite among his dragon petsuntil the death of his wife.Angon named his son Anger to remind himof the death of Pulsaida. Angon wished that Angon became the bestDragon Hunting Mania and the great legend among all legends. Angerthe son of Angon picked up a stick when he was only 4 to fight andsubdue a dragon. When he was 15, Anger the son of Angon removed thestick and replaced it with the Spear of Dragonia as the ultimateweapon in hunting down and slaying 4 dragons in just 3 days. Oneday, Angon called upon Anger and spoke to him in great intensity.“My son, its now the time….the Puzzle Dragon is now terrorizingUltaldim Kingdom and your uncle, King Anson asks for help to savehis Kingdom…..Go my son to Dragon Lair….destroy it!!!!….and thePuzzle Dragon shall not survive!!!”“…….Remember my son, PuzzleDragon is a vicious dragon….Puzzle Dragon struck with speed so takeVolvaldus with you the fastest flying dragon among all my petsdragon….but do not go near the Bat Dragon and Blazer Dragons….watchout for the Fire Balls!!!! Go my son….”Anger then embarked on anepic journey to the Dragon Lair filled by vengeance……Will he beable to slay the dragon beast???Download and play Dragon SlayerMania Legends NOW!!!!

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    Dragon Slayer Mania Legends
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    February 3, 2015
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    Android 2.1 and up
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