1.3 / October 7, 2014
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Dragon ball Ninja is a free shooting game app that use an interestactor like Ninja be an actor. There are many dragons that ready toattack you from taking dragon balls back. Throw your shurikens tothem for beat a game!This is another story about dragon ball thatno one ever seen. It's not Dragon ball rap Z story but It's Dragonball rap Ninja game app story! You will be a great ninja in onekingdom of Japan. You have to hunt down a Red dragon who stolevaluable treasures: Dragon ball. Don't let it go away and take ourtreasure and peace back to Kingdom!Story:Once upon a time in Japan,there is a red dragon which come to kingdom for stealing kingdom’streasure that everyone know as Dragon Ball rap. King have an orderto a general of kingdom. he wants a great Ninja to chase thetreasure and take it back to homeland. The great Ninja has chasedit until discover where the red dragon is. Now help the great Ninjato get the treasure, Dragon ball rap, back to kingdom!!GameFeatures:- This is free game app- Easy to play: Tap "UP" button onleft side to fly higher. Tap "Shuriken" for throwing a shurikens-Try to avoid Dragon impact and their fireballs.- Kill green dragonsto raise up Angry of Red dragon the boss. When angry bar is full,the red dragon will appear.- Every time you defeat the Red Dragon,game will be harder.- Collect dragon balls as much as possible.-Share your score to your friends through FacebookThank you forplaying. We hope you enjoy this game ;)

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    Dragonball Ninja Free Game App
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    October 7, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    120/676 Moo.2, Preakasa Rd. Tambon Taibanmai, Amphur Moueng Samutprakarn, Bangkok
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This is a timber story. Timber Knight War game will allow you toenjoy the pleasures of the epic knight timber story. To save theprincess falls into a devil hands on its thrones. The beautifulprincess is imprisoned in the tower top. You are a fierceknight-warrior and have the power of Hercules. You can help theprincess by chopping a Devil Tower. Yes, You can chop the towerlike a woodcutter!!The Devil Tower were built with so many levels.It is create to compare with the Tower of Babel to spread God andraise devils kingdom. After princess is kidnaped from a kingdom,the timber knight, champion master knight who win timber goldprize, get power of god to destroy the devils. He unawares join toGod battles. He has to chop the tower like a tree and rescue theprincess back to the kingdom. Let's end this war!Although our epicknight have a god power, the devils prepare its tower to preventdestruction. Devil prepare many ultimate weapons to kill our timberknight. Avoid all weapons as you can.How to play You can cut alevel of tower with a simple tap left or right. Dodge various trapweapons. Chop a level of tower as fast as possible because yourenergy will decrease rapidly(Because your armor cannot save you indevil's kingdom). You must use the power of your love for theprincess. Help her out from tower.Features- Simple how to play-Funning game play- Beautiful graphic- Race against a friend with aGoogle Play Leaderboard - Share it to your friends via Facebook.
Math Runner for Kids 1.1 APK
Math Runner is the new running game app, that is not a difficultpuzzle in the movie Maze Runner. It just simple math questions suchas multiplication table, plus, minus. You just answer the questionscorrectly and get the most distance. This coolmath game is thegreat one for kids who want to increase their ability to memorizenumbers or math skills. Your kids will be fun with their friends.In addition, parents can play with their children. Perhaps, you maybe defeated by your kids. The game is easy to play for the wholefamily. This math game may be a addicting game for you to kill thetime.Rules You can play it easily. The character starts to run andthen you will look at the simple math question and answers thatwere coming. Choose the correct answer. Do not take too long,otherwise the character will run into a wall and game is over. Howto play You can swipe up to jump to your answer above or swipe downto select your answer below. Questions will be drawn outindefinitely. You just select the correct answer and make the mostdistance.Features - Easy to play. You just swipe up or down toplay. - Question is simple math. Everyone can play and it willboost your brain. - Keep best score on Google Play Leaderboard.-Share to your friend via Facebook.
Guessing Iconic: Quiz Guru 1.0 APK
Everyone always see and familiarize icons everyday, right? Theseicons are all around you as you may be unaware of them but they isgoing to make you feel fun. This free guessing game "GuessingIconic" gathers the icons to create many funny questions that canentertain you for hours, play with your friends or family, ask someone you like. Try to play for free and I hope you'll love it. -Help itemWe've already prepare many help items for you1. "4Choices": Change question from guessing alphabets to very useful4-choices.1.1 "50/50": If 4-choices is not enough, this item willcut off 2 choices!!2. "Only answer": Clear non-answer alphabetsfrom alphabets pad.3. "More info": This help item will help you toscope your answer.***Try to find out all answers to get "Rankachievements" that will be your title when you share on Facebook toshow off it to your friends.We hope you enjoy the game! Pleaserate!
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If you are one that is interesting puzzle games such as matchinggame, then Animal Rescue Memory Puzzle is a game that you shouldnot miss.You can train your memory by rescue animals in farm caughtby hunter. You have a limited time to rescue these animals beforehunters returned to farm. You can help these animals by directlyfinding 2 same animals. Those animals would be able to break out ofthe cage.You can share your scores with your friends throughFacebook, invite them to rescue our animals, practice your brainand memory and let's help animals from the hunter. Enjoy!!Features-12 Cute animals waiting your rescue in farm- 3 Items help you getmore score.- Bonus time in case of speed matching.- Share scorethrough FacebookThank you for good resource fromhttp://www.freesound.org/- Radian- Sergeeo