1.0.2 / May 26, 2016
(3.9/5) (11)


Play as a prince who are going to rescuePrincess which was imprisoned by evil witch. With the power ofmagic potion, Prince can spring up on the cloud, use your fingerdraw a cloud, help him get to the top.
There are different kinds of traps awaits: Spider Web, Air Balloon,Bomb and so on! Break through the baffling platform, rollingsticks. Escape from the Cyclops who wants to catch you and destroyyour mission. And you can get kinds of items to help you in level!Such as magnet, food and even a Bamboo-copter! Now, pass the levelin stated time, beat the witch’s conspiracy, save the princess, winthe glory that belongs to you! Get all of these with your fingerand wisdom!


Free to play
4 scenes, 40 levels to play
Exciting adventure mode
Endless funny survival mode
There are Secret Bonus Stage awaits
Explore super jump skill to get remarkable game experience
Different traps waiting for you
Lots of items help you pass level
More funny staff wait you to find

App Information Draw Jump:Royal Prince

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    Draw Jump:Royal Prince
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    May 26, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
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  • Installs
    100 - 500
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    Email jwu898@163.com
    2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay Kornhill Apartments
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Brave Fighter:Demon Revenge 2.3.4 APK
Brave Fighter: Demon Revenge is a RPG game, free to download. Gamecontains absorbing main story, gorgeous game art. With the smoothcontrol, you will be addicted to this game. ★★★★★ " Fantastic gamegraphic, hero skill very impact, recommend!" Pearl★★★★★ " Specialgame, easy to play, smooth Graphics, 5stars rank" MaxineThe sealedevil forces, invade human world when the guardians neglected. Humanrace will be destroyed. Knights accept the new mission: Slash themonster, stop this catastrophe, Revenge for dead people!BraveFighter: Monster Hunter has unique monster catch system. You willplay as a Monster Hunter. Beat the monsters, then you may persuadeor hire these monster, let them become your mercenary. You can alsolearn the ancient magic! Brave Fighter: Monster Hunter has dungeonsjust like . Warriors, get your weapon, bring your mercenary, fightwith your glory, Get your Revenge! You will be the Lord of War!Download Brave Fighter:Monster Hunter now!■Over 30 kinds ofcompanions will help you in the battle. Wizard, fighter, knight,assassin, priest, Titan each of them have their unique skills, itwill bring lots of fun.■Game has distinctive battle strategy,allows you control your companions attack or defense in realtime.■Your role have several unique fantastic skill■Game has aninteresting avatar system. Different weapons will bring differentcharacters’ looking. Find the one which is yourfavorite.■Strengthen and choose different mercenaries to fit thebattle. It will reduce the difficulty of the combat! Fighting as ateam to substantially increase your combat effectiveness!■The gameis easy to control, whether you are not a freshman can quickly getstarted and experience the fun in the game!When the world is facinga crisis, the brave who is holding a sword, are you willing to comeforward?When darkness falls, devour your lovers around, will youchoose to fight?Warriors, engage the battle!Features ★ Free todownload★ Seven different battlefields★ Traditional multi-linenarrative★ Five dungeons for you to challenge★ Collect your owncharacteristics mercenaries★ Distinctive avatar system that allowsyou to change your hero’s looking★ Arrest BOSS, let them fight foryou★ Choose different mercenary to fight and show full of strategiccombat★ Smooth operation feeling★ Variety of different shapes andequipment★ Variety of enemies and levelsWe will update and improveBrave Fighter constantly; we wish you may support us.For Android2.3 or higher versionAttention:Game is free to download but containin-app purchases--------------------------------------E-mailaddress:jwu898@163.comFacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Brave-Fighter-Community/320496571480151?fref=ts
Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker 1.6.9 APK
Have you ever imagined that join airforce and save the spacegalaxy? Have you dreamed that you can fly strike between enemyspaceship’s barrage without being hit just like an space ace pilot?Now it’s will be possible in Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker! Geton the galaxy Nave and alien shooter! We provide you plenty kindsof spaceship and lots of deadly BOSS to fight strike with. Go andsee the colorful graphics and beautiful pictures of airplanes inThunder Assault: Raiden Striker. Find a safe way to avoid enemies’barrage is the key to success! Challenge yourself in three modes.Soon you will find that win the deadly BOSS is so easy and you arepowerful like ace pilot! Try to destroy all the space airplane infront of you as fast as you can or you have to face a barrage! Letyour “raiden aircraft” and Nave Galactica fly in the space ofbullets just like fly beside life and death, feel the great senseof accomplishment! It’s easy to play but you need to practice muchto become an ace pilot. Just enjoy the Barrage! Thunder Assault:Raiden Striker is an offline exciting space alien shooterexperience for everybody who loves classic raiden, air combat andsci-fi story! You can upgrade your aircraft squadron beforechallenge a new stage. Use your crystals get from stages wiselywill help you a lot. Get your unique galaxy raiden force! Newweapon system and multiplayer mode which is coming soon will bringyou the different space air combat experiences. It’s free todownload now, so why you’re waiting? Come to join our Galaxy airforce! Concise control, offline, smooth space flying experience,give you the best space air combat experience in Thunder Assault:Raiden Striker. Features ★ offline, no wifi no problem ★ 8 supremebeautiful space battlefields ★ 15 kinds of powerful Boss ★ 5 unique“raiden aircrafts” ★ Smooth and simple airplane control system! ★Nice optimized, running well on old devices and only need no morethan 50MB space. ★ Varied and deadly enemy aircrafts squadron ★Very easy to play and also can satisfy core gamers We will updateand improve Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker constantly. You dreamedthat you can fly between alien enemy spaceship’s infinity barragewithout being hit just like an ace airplane pilot? Now it’s will bepossible in Thunder Assault: Raiden Striker!We provide you plentykinds of spaceship and lots of deadly BOSS to fight with. Galaxy'slast hope is in your hands, take control of the lone spaceship andprotect galaxy from alien air force swarms. Your goal will be quitechallenging as you will have to save the galaxy from its evil alienstriker. In this offline space airplane shooting game, you will befacing an increasingly large number of enemies in hazardousenvironments. As the game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade your ace spacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.
Brave Knight: Dragon Battle 1.4.3 APK
【Introduce】 >>>>>>Classic 2D action adventuregame. Strengthen action performance. The sleeping Brave heart isawake brings you a different fighting experience,fightnow<<<<<< 【Comment】 ——Game is great,sidescrolling action adventure is a new taste for me in rpgs ——Verynice game.. Specially dragon character and hades and the otherboss.. I want to add them on my collection... ——I love collectkinds of beautiful gem swords and heros.. all those make mefascinated!! ——Gr8 gameplay, story & addictive ——I play thisgame many times its so good because good graphics good story andadventurous 【Features】 ★128+ roles and mercenaries, -You play as ayoung hunter. The story start in a battle between Terran anddemons... Become a truly Invincible knight and save this lostcountry! -Beast, lich, elf, necromancer, assassin, mage... varietyof mercenary are waiting for join your legion from jungleadventure,and come to the Battle Frontier! ★Outstanding fightingexperience -Concise and clear operation allowing you to easily getstarted -Well-designed character action give a completely differentbattle experience and gorgeous fighting action ★More strategicallyand fun Battle - Formation of team is important of success,groupingyour legion with different - Constantly adjust your froniter armyto beat strong evil boss from seeking weakness ★100+ role skills,bring a different battle experience -More powerful mercenary system-Mercenary can get its equipments and have own unique skills tobattle! ★A wealth of equipment and weapon -Full of strategicmercenary selection and exquisite equipments selection -Getmulti-materials in levels forging your strong equipments. ★150+fantastic areas and battlefield to explore! -Large and beautifulscenes, immersed in the mysterious fantasy continent.  -Castles, forests, lakes, volcanoes and gungeon  frontier,loots from monsters' treasure box. Login  arena and battle forknight's honor !Fighting in Frontier! Mercenary Formation, PVP,arena, elite levels will open to all players. Challenge yourselfNow! Brave Fighters, it’s your time Now!———————————————————————————————— Contact us:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bravefighter2Twitter:https://twitter.com/JoynowStudio Email:jwu898@163.com
Zombie Shooter: Pandemic Unkilled 2.1.7 APK
Online multiplayer zombie shooter PvP doom battle mode is provided!Shoot zombies with perfect headshot! Hold Trigger and neverrelease! In year 2037, a doom virus plague was revealed pandemicfrom a secret virus breed Lab which is an doom haters organization.Most of unkilled and residents got infected and the world turnsinto a doom dead zone! Play as a sas zombie shooter and doom hatersto fight the unkilled zombies. Search in doom dead plague pandemic,kill the doom walking dead and save the last sas. The deadly AresVirus plague evil turns the world into anarchy doom day of decaywith weak dying light. The only thing you can hold trigger andnever release. Not only you need to shoot those zombie with yourdeadly trigger, but also you have to find a way to save sas. Whenthe dead rising, don’t run! Grab your guns, hold trigger and neverrelease! Feel this adrenaline rush zombie shooting game withendless dead trigger releases! Survive the undead pandemicnightmare, save the doom world from this unprecedented pandemicplague outbreak! =======FEATURES======= ★Special perspective: besttop-down zombie shooter game, not tps or fps,easy aim zombie targetand shoot unkilled; ★Action Craft needed: gun zombie with yourspecialized shooting craft, aim at target zombies and hold triggerto shoot; ★Intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sounddepicting a grim zombie evil doom apocalypse; ★Huge feast for gunslovers: shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade, rocket launchers,flamethrowers; ★Challenging missions on world maps: Misty Frost,Highway, Plague Lab, Uncharted Garden, Power Station, zombiebattlefield frontier, dead zone; ★Rich Gameplay: Story Mode,Survival Mode and Multiplayer PVP Mode. To survive, to kill! Canyou survive the mass of haters squad in this zombies unkilledapocalypse plague survival game? Slay zombies and protect haterstarget from undead onslaught! =======Rich Gameplay======= ★Completesas missions to unlock new guns and sas equipment. Always upgradeyour sas zombie shooer's weapon; ★PVP Mode: compete with world sashaters in the doom battlefield and rank 1,your target is claimingchampion rewards; ★Claim generous daily rewards and extra hatersrewards. =======Guns and Equipment======= ★Deadly guns: DESSERTEAGLE, AK47, P90, M134, SMAW-D83mm… ★Guns’ attributes differ indamage, defense, healthy point, fire rate and clip size ★SASEquipment include shoes, pants, helmets, armors, gloves… Deadplague pandemic rising and doom day approaching, don’t recoil inhorror and fight this unkilled nightmare! 【NOTE】 Zombie Shooter:Pandemic Unkilled is free for you to play, but there are in-gamegoods for you to purchase. Zombies Killer, love Zombie Shooter?Spread the doom word! We love to hear suggestions from our survivalplayers!
Ninja Rush: Super Running adventure 1.2.5 APK
Zombie Shooter has got 1000 thousand downloads! From the samecreators comes: Super Ninja Run: Running adventure, featured witharcade and rpg gameplay! Be ready to enjoy this running adventuregame! Ryu is a new fighter to fighting monsters. He is on his wayback hometown and have to go by lands which is full of dangers!Monsters are everywhere. Help him to fight monsters and become kingof adventures! Tap to run and explore the arcades. Defeat and slaymonsters with your blade while adventures! Travel across dangerousbamboo forest, sakura street, tile-roofed house, night scenes andso on. Collect coins and jewels to upgrade your roles and unlocknew skills, which will help you defeat the Monster in this ninjaparkour game! Challenge and score the highest! Super Ninja RunFeatures☆ 20 different monsters during arcades☆ Special Japanesearts style☆ Classic platform game, featured with action gameplay ☆40 levels with amazing adventures experience☆Huge bosses waitingfor you to challenge☆ 5 scenarios with magnificent graphics☆ 2 gamemode: challenge mode and story mode☆ 6 Ninjas with differentappearance and attributes☆ Customized weapons with different attackeffects and attributes☆ More arms and pets are coming soon, pleasebe expecting☆ Massive action stunts: jumping and flying on the roofof the house, sliding down bamboo poleMonsters are devastating yourhometown! Time to let monsters know what you are capable of!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------【NOTE】Rememberto explore those tough levels with a relaxed mood. Enjoy thismarvelous adventure of Super Ninja while travelling. Top addictingplatform game and free for you now! Time to adventure now!If youhave any suggestions or doubts, please feel free to contact usvia:Twitter: https://twitter.com/JoynowStudioFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/NinjaRushZP/
Elite SWAT - counter terrorist game 219 APK
Multiplayer PvP Battle Mode is online now!!! SWAT Team got theintelligence that criminals are planning strike on this lands.. Asan elite swat, you are assigned to this counter criminals missionunder the critical situation. How will you defeat them in thiscounter criminals war? This game is an FPS game, but also take itas a strategy game. Because strategy and tactic are even moreimportant than sharp eyes! Elite S.W.A.T, are you ready to fight?You must success and protect innocent citizens You should be morecareful because those criminals are trained and specialized, theyare also equipped with powerful weapons. They threaten the safetyof this city! These innocent citizens need SWAT’S rescue!Protection Duty of motherlands calls for your action! Fight againstthe evil and secure the city. Game Features: - Ultra realisticgraphics and epic effects - Custom-designed puzzles and missions -2 control mode: automatic strike and manual strike - DistinctiveGameplay: third person shooter game - Tons of lethal GUNS andmortal WEAPONS - Maps specifically covers different locations: BigCity, Misty Frost, Harbor, Secret Lab Customized Weapons &Armors: - WEAPONS include shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade, rocketlaunchers, flamethrowers - Various outpost guns: DESSERT EAGLE,AK47, P90, M134, SMAW-D83mm and etc - Guns’ attributes differs indamage, defense, healthy point, fire rate and clip size - ARMARSinclude shoes, pants, helmets, armors, gloves and so on. Tips: -Stay calm and be well equipped - Claim daily rewards and winmission trophies - Use powerful weapons to counter attack criminals- Offline game, some additional functions may need network Feedbackand ideas: Elite SWAT is free for you to play, but there arein-game goods for you to purchase. Enjoy this Elite SWAT - counterterrorist game! Counter attack terrorists hardly and never beafraid! Survive in this counter terrorist game! Or be an eliteoutpost! If you love our game: Elite SWAT - counter terrorist game,please share with your friends and play together! Have funtogether! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contactus. Email: jwu898@163.com Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Black-Outpost-506234843072706/
Brave Fighter2:Legion Frontier 1.0.6 APK
【Overview】Brave new knight and combat action have been designed.Strengthen action performance!The sleeping Brave heart awake bringsyou a different fighting experience.Just like classic RPG. Newbeasts and equips have been added. These beasts can join yourlegion! Loots from treasure box till you satisfied.Mercenary comesto the Battle Frontier. Mercenary system becomes more powerful.Mercenaries can get their equipments and they have their own uniqueskill to strength your legion! Valkyrie and Honor Knight, severalkinds of mercenary are waiting for your legion.Formation of team isimportant. Battle will become more strategically and funny.Grouping your own legion with different mercenaries and skills,satisfy your formation to make battle easier! Keep watching yourformation in battle.Equipments become more fun. Get materials inlevels and then use them to strength your equipments.Greatlyoptimized artistic performance: castles, forests, lakes, volcanoesand outsiders. Large and beautiful scenes, so you are immersed inthe mysterious fantasy continent. Become Honor knight ofkingdomFighting in Frontier! Well-designed character action, so youhave a completely different battle experience, and brings moregorgeous exquisite fighting action.Mercenary Formation, PVP, arena,elite levels will open to all players. Challenge yourself Now!Brave Fighters, it’s your time Now!【Features】Variety of roles andmercenariesOutstanding fighting experienceFull of strategicmercenary selection and equipment selectionA lot of role skills,bring a different battle experienceA wealth of equipment andenhanced systems, give you a variety of optionsCollect all kinds ofmercenaries, build their own Brave legionConcise and clearoperation, allowing players to easily get started
Draw Jump:Royal Prince 1.0.2 APK
Play as a prince who are going to rescuePrincess which was imprisoned by evil witch. With the power ofmagic potion, Prince can spring up on the cloud, use your fingerdraw a cloud, help him get to the top.There are different kinds of traps awaits: Spider Web, Air Balloon,Bomb and so on! Break through the baffling platform, rollingsticks. Escape from the Cyclops who wants to catch you and destroyyour mission. And you can get kinds of items to help you in level!Such as magnet, food and even a Bamboo-copter! Now, pass the levelin stated time, beat the witch’s conspiracy, save the princess, winthe glory that belongs to you! Get all of these with your fingerand wisdom!FeatureFree to play4 scenes, 40 levels to playExciting adventure modeEndless funny survival modeThere are Secret Bonus Stage awaitsExplore super jump skill to get remarkable game experienceDifferent traps waiting for youLots of items help you pass levelMore funny staff wait you to find