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Draw on any photo, with an array of brushes - No-nonsense interface- get right to business - Choose color, brush style - Easy exportto any app

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TFDB Transformers Fan Database 1.14.8 APK
The premium fan-built app for Transformers toy collectors! * Searchor browse our database of every Transformers toy ever made! TFDbhas over 4000 toy listings and counting! Browse by series,assortment, or toy name.* Community sightings is brought to themodern age. With TFDb, you can make & share toy sightings rightfrom the toy aisle, at your local toy store. It's never been easierto share your new Transformers finds. Just open TFDb and scan thebarcode on the box!* Read community toy reviews, browse latestcommunity toy photos! Includes package photos, robot & altmodes, and parts!* Browse toy instructions and package art rightfrom the app.* Browse convenient links to fan site pages related toeach Transformers toy listing (external links open in your defaultbrowser, for easy viewing).* Collaborate - join the TFDb communityand upload toy photos of your latest finds, or classics from thepast. Create your own toy reviews, and add to a huge and growingresource for collectors!---*** Unofficial database app. TFDb is notassociated with, nor endorsed by Hasbro, Inc. Transformers® is aregistered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.
Negative Camera LIVE 1.5.8 APK
Camera effects app with LIVE negative photo effect!
Incredible Birthday Machine 1.12.2 APK
Did you know you have more than one birthday a year? You could bemissing an "incredible" birthday right now!When is your Venus,Mars, or Jupiter birthday? When do you turn 5,000,000 minutes old?Life is short, why just celebrate once a year? Just provide youroriginal birth date, and discover all your upcoming special dates!-Ultimate birthday reminder app.- Wish your friends, family,anniversary, cat, dog, & acquaintances a "Happy IncredibleBirthday"!- Celebrate other special dates like an anniversaries,graduations, more than just once a year!Features:-Notifications/reminders- Add friends & family, and getfractional birthdays (e.g. "Ted is 1/2 the age of Beth today")AKA:Incredible Birthday Machine, Incredible Birthday Generator,Unbirthday Machine, ChronariumRelated:- age calculator- astronomy-birthday calculator
Date Calculator 1.7.23 APK
Do date and time calculations - add to or subtract from a date.Works just like a calculator. Two main operations: 1. Subtract twodates (time difference) 2. Add days (or other time unit) to a date3. Subtract days (or other time unit) from a date Common uses: "Howmany days until my next birthday?" ....[your next birthday] -[today] = ________ "How many days old am I?" (or hours, minutes,etc.) ....[today] - [your birthday] = ________ "What date does that90-day warranty expire?" ....[today] + 90 days = ________ "When is1 million seconds from now?" ....[today] + 1000000 seconds =________ Power-user shortcuts - Date Calculator PW: ** On startup,pressing "+" or "-" auto-enters "Today" as the first expression **"1/1/2016" + "XX days" can be reversed as "XX days" + "1/1/2016" **Like a regular calculator, operations can be chained together (e.g."1/1/2016" - 50 days + 2 months - [Today]).
Copycat Voice Repeater 1.1.15 APK
Instant voice record playback, sound repeater appMinimal interface.Save, stack, playback, repeat recordings instantly. Can playbackmultiple recordings simultaneously.
Draw On Photos 1.16.7 APK
Draw on any photo, with an array of brushes - No-nonsense interface- get right to business - Choose color, brush style - Easy exportto any app
You Are Here 1.0.2 APK
Shows your location (red dot) on a world map.Use this app if youare very, very lost.Limited only by your imagination!
Astronomical Birthday Machine 1.12.2 APK
When is your Venus, Mars, or Jupiter birthday? You could be missingan astronomical birthday right now! Just provide your originalbirth date, and discover all your upcoming astronomical birthdays!-Birthday calculator app for Astronomy fans- Wish your friends &family, a "Happy Incredible Birthday"!- Celebrate other specialdates like an anniversaries, graduations, more than just once ayear!Features:- Notifications/reminders- Add friends & family,and get fractional birthdays (e.g. "Ted is 1/2 the age of Bethtoday")