Drawtris / November 19, 2015
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Draw Tris: Addictive game jigsaw based onthelegendary Tetris and Quadris!

Trace the shape of the figure with your finger as shown aboveandcombines each figure to complete a perfect horizontal line andearnpoints. Get extra points by completing as many possiblelines.

Use your imagination, get ahead of the movements andpreparingthe space for next figure.

The game board ideal for the whole family, totally addictiveandchallenging.

Try roper your own score or other players. Reach maximumscorewith less movements.

We assure you hours and hours of play, imaginationandcreativity. Develops playing your perception of space andform.

Share with friends this fabulous game and challenge yourfriendsin a race scoring and skill.

App Information Drawtris: Quadris

  • App Name
    Drawtris: Quadris
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  • Updated
    November 19, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Binary Ray Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email binary.ray.games@gmail.com Privacy Policy
    Edificio Fiumicello. Piso 4. Apartamento 12. Avenida Santa Ana. Urbanizacion Bello Campo. Municipio Chacao. Codigo Postal 1060. Caracas. Venezuela.
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