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Being a beautiful princess can be hard workespecially when it comes to choosing something to wear! With thisfun princess dress up game you can easily make your doll princess abeauty indeed! With this game you can easily dress up and makeoveryour doll in all her beauty by mixing and matching her beautifulhair in your salon, including matching gloves, changing her dressand outfit, choosing a pair of lovely shoes, as well as addingcomplementary headpieces and jewelry to make her sparkle. With thisfancy dresses you can also change the background to easily createthe perfect scenery for your doll to go on an adventure! With somuch fun to be had, you can easily enjoy with your friends thisdress up game for girls today.


CHANGE the background image to suit your perfect beauty dollprincess!

CHOOSE your doll princesses hair color and style that matcheswith your favorite princess

MIX and match her top and skirt so they look fabulous on yourbeauty doll princess

SHOP for shoes and choose the ones that will complement yourprincesses beautiful outfit

ADD a hair piece or tiara to shine with beauty as your princesssocializes with her friends

COMPLEMENT her beautiful outfit with stunning jewelry to makeher stand out

COMPLETE her adoring features and outfit with matching gloves tocomplete her dress up look

App Information Dress Up, Beauty Doll Princess

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Do you like challenges? Well if you do then you will just love thiscosplay! Now you can easily challenge yourself by guessing yourfavourite characters by mixing and matching their outfits. Bycarefully selected different pieces of clothing and accessories youcan create comic character and anime characters! With keen andclever thinking you will be able to time yourself of how fast youcan create each of the characters. So if you love a challenge thenyou will just love this Cosplay challenge and share with all yourfriends. - CHALLENGE yourself by creating each of the hiddencharacters - DRESS UP, MIX and MATCH each separate clothing andaccessories until you have created each character - TIME yourselfto see how long it takes you each time until you are the fastestchallenge completer - ENJOY yourself and have fun with your friendsto see who can complete the challenge the fastest
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Owning a wedding shop can be lots of fun. Youget to help the bride with their very special day. With this cleanup game you get to have fun with tidying up your shop front beforeyour first clients of the day arrive. Here you can place the losedresses back on the clothing rack, straighten the furniture, pickup the potted plants, align the chandelier with the back ribbon,hang the hats on the hat rack, as well as picking up the rubbish,sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, and wiping any smudges away.Lastly you get to parade your wedding cake on full display in frontof your colorful balloons! So if you want a challenge and loveweddings, why not see if you can clean up your wedding shop beforethe client arrive, with this free clean up game online!Features:Help rearrange any lose dresses back onto the clothing rack.Help straighten the potted plants, chandelier, ribbon and furnitureto make the room look tidy.Hang the hats back onto the hat rack ready for some styling.Place any lose rubbish into the rubbish bin before straighteningthe presents under the manikinPlace the wedding cake up on the table alongside the mirror,flowers, and box ready to show your customers.Hang the balloons back on the wall before mopping and sweeping thefloor clean.Wipe up any smudges on the dresses, floor or furniture to make yourwedding business sparkle.
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When it comes to a royal pet, it is importantthat it looks its best at all times! With the Royal Pets GroomingSalon caring game you can easily groom beautiful and cute animalswhich include a pet dog, cat, rabbit, squirrel, tiger, pig,elephant, horse, and dinosaur! With this free caring game you caneasily choose the royal pet you want to make pretty and start byremoving all the mud from their body before you wash, rinse, anddry them with a cloth. Next you can blow dry them and brush theirhair in your very own salon! Once the cleaning is done you can thenmove onto brushing your royal pet's teeth for that pearly smile!You can also clip their claws, feed them, and vaccinate them beforegetting them ready for their big debut out in public. With so manydifferent fun caring game accessories to choose from, you can mixand match the perfect outfit that is fit for royalty. So if youlike to play free games and love animals, be part of royalty withthis fanstastic pet game!Features:CHOOSE your royal pet from a cat, dog, rabbit, squirrel, tiger,pig, elephant, horse, and dinosaur!REMOVE all the mud from your royal pet using the spatula!WASH, scrub, rinse, dry, blow dry, and brush your pet so they areclean and tidy looking!BRUSH your pet's teeth to give them a lovely white pearlysmile!CLIP their claws to make them neat and shorter so they can'tscratch anyone!FEED your hungry royal pet so their tummy is nice and full forhappiness!GIVE your pet their vaccination to help protect them from anyunwanted illnesses!GIVE your pet some love and scratch them where their relaxing spotis!DECORATE and accessorize your royal pet by dressing them in a hat,glasses, collar, tie, and shoes!
Cooking Games - Pasta Pronto 1.2.8 APK
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Now you can become one of the greatest chef’saround with this Pasta Pronto cooking game! With your best cookingskills you can easily make a pasta dish that will tantalize thetaste buds each and every time. You can start your cooking journeyby easily boiling your pasta then preparing all the ingredientsincluding tomato, chicken, capsicum, and onions. Next you will beable to pour your sauce into your sauce pan slowly cooking all theingredients until they are soft and mouth-watering. The best partof all is that you can easily serve your sauce on top of your pastaready for eating at any time of the day or night. So if you lovecooking, then you will just love this Pasta Pronto cooking gametoday!Features you may enjoy :- COOK the pasta in a pot of boiling hot water- CHOP and prepare the tomato, capsicum, chicken and onion readyfor cooking- POUR the sauce into the frying pan ready for your preparedingredients- COOK all the ingredients in the sauce until they are ready toeat- SERVE your sauce on top of the pasta and add your finishtouches with basil leaves- ENJOY eating and making more Pasta with all your friends andfamily
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The game is perfect for any princess to play and enjoy. This dressup princess game allows you to dress up your princess by clickingon the 9 icons multiple times to choose the perfect outfit. Eachicon represents hair, crown, earring, gloves, top skirt, dress,shoes and background.
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The game allows you to take care of theprincess as only you can! With this fun spa salon game you candeliver the best treatments to make her look great. Have funplaying dress up and styling her with make-up in this unique game.When you're finished you can enjoy your work or start again withanother spa day!Features:· Provide a pleasant spa experience for the princess to keep herhappy.· The spa offers many luxurious treatments to fix blemishes andother issues.· Design a dress up look for a special occasion or just forfun.· Spend hours attending to the princess at the spa salon.
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Want to cook something devilishly yummy? Youcan easily prepare all the ingredients ready by chopping andslicing them into small little pieces. You can also test out yourchef skills by mixing all the ingredients and cooking them on yourvery own stove! Once done you can be the real pizza cooker bymaking your own pizza dough and decorating it with the choppedcheese, onions, olives, capsicum and more! The best part of all isthat once you finish cooking it, you get to eat it all up and tastethe flavours with this fun pizza cooking game.Features Summary :- COOK and peel the tomatoes in water ready for your lovelydish- PREPARE and chop the onion, capsicum, mushroom, and cheeseready to mix in with your meal- MIX and cook all the ingredients together until it is boilinghot and yummy smelling- SPREAD the sauce over the pizza ready for the ingredients tobe spread- PLACE all the ingredients on the pizza in a neat fashion for aprofessional look- EAT your pizza you prepared
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The I’ll Marry You Today game is a wonderfulgame about getting married. You will get to pick prince charming,dress up the bride for her big day and choose where they are goingto get married.The dress up game is great for anyone who loves weddings. It’s agreat game to play with friends because you can all have a go atchoosing the groom to go with the bride and styling the brides hairfor her special day.