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Hi, today is very nice, the sun rises and all of nature came tolife. It is a perfect day for a party. What do you say? Stay withus? You want to have fun? If you want to have a wonderful day hereis the right place. Through this makeup game for girls you'll beable to make your friends and even participate in the mostbeautiful pool party. We know you'll enjoy what we have preparedfor you, you may have to help our friends to prepare for the poolparty that takes place every summer. For such a party is a lot ofwork, many details need to be established. For private event willbe a memorable one should be very attentive to every detail of thispool party dress up game but do not forget that besides organizingparties will have to be a good designer. You have to do the mostbeautiful swimsuit.You will be very excited about your work andknow that you will want to stay to spend with us.Follow allinstructions.Success!- In the beginning you will see all the thingsthat need to be resolved;- First you have to prepare meals;- Lunchis very important, both girls want to eat fruit and vegetables;-After the delicious lunch girls want to relax and look good;- Nowyou have to go to the spa;- Apply an exfoliating gel to cleanse theskin;- Rinse with warm water;- Apply a mask of fruit;- Then youshould apply a moisturizer;- Clip the eyebrows;- Eliminate acne;-Epilate hair on legs;- Clean the skin with warm water;- Now youhave to makeup girls, apply: eyeshadow, contact lenses, lipstick,mascara, eyebrow pencil and powder for the cheeks;- The girls lookvery good;- Choose the right clothes and do not forget theaccessories;- They need sunglasses, hats and jewelry;- Now they cango to the pool;- They want juices and ice cream;- Fix tiles;-Arrange umbrellas and lounge chairs;- Collect garbage;- Washsandstone;- Clean water in the pool;- Everything looks good, you'rea very good friend.The party was very beautiful, you're a goodorganizer of parties and please come here every day through thisdressup game for girls.Have fun!

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We have prepared a very nice game Arabian Princess Makeover. Themain action in this game is: You have to use the hair dryer,shower, brush hair dryers, different hair masks that consist ofyogurt hair moisturizer, mint leaves, fragrant flowers anddifferent moisturizer refreshes both the skin and hair.You have totake care as well the princess, because she will have to dine withArab sheik, and must be very beautiful.After I added hair lotionand cream for the face, we add curlers and hair dryer. We shouldalso removes blackheads on the nose with a patch that is used atthe beauty salon. In the next level you have to help her to choosecontact lenses, beads, to give eye mascara, lipstick and a littleblush on his face. Finally our princess is undecided, and you haveto help her to decide on the final haircut.
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Burger party for racing drivers - Hey Guys, you have to put up yourBurger Stall in the Racing Track and the challenge for you is tomake a quick burger for the racing drivers. You do not have muchtime because the pit stop is just for few seconds. You have toselect the ingredients stand, fries, fruit juice, bagel burger,onion, lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat burger, and add a littleketchup. Please note that every racer leader wants differentburger, and you must meet the requirements. Success