1.0 / September 26, 2014
(3.7/5) (386)


This game is best for you if you like BASKETBALL, SPEEDING andCARS.Because, you will witness a mobile game you've never seenbefore,right now. Basketball playing, drifting cars are going toastonishyou. This game is so far different from any otherbasketball games!Although the aim in the game is mostly scoring abasket like otherbasketball games, characters in the game are notbasketball playersbut the cars! We removed people from the gameand put drifting carsin place of these players to keep theexcitement at maximum. Butwait, there is more! We put some minesand missiles on cars. We alsomade some changes on rules, and gavemore than one ball, put sometraffic cones and locate spectators onthe ground that you can hitby your car. We hope, you will love thebasketball game more in thisstyle and wish you will spend a goodtime on it. There are 3 gamemodes in the game. Practice, Story andArcade. Each game modeconsists of many packages and sub levels. Inaddition, there aremany cars and trucks that you can choose forracing. Of course youneed to make some money in the game to accessall cars. We hope thatwe made a good game with graphics, sounds,user friendly controlsand strange game logic. We expect your 5stars ratings to encourageourselves to improve this game anddevelop more games. There is nomore to say! Download, play andexperience yourself. FOLLOW US *http://facebook.com/dodisoft

App Information Drift Basketball

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    Drift Basketball
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    September 26, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Şehit Kubilay Caddesi Carpediem Sitesi, D Blok Daire : 36 Taşdelen, Çekmeköy, Istanbul - Turkiye
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Here is the recipe of the real fun: 1 - Touch the screen and holdyour phone like a bowling ball 2 - Swing your phone like swinging abowling ball 3 - Release your finger and throw the ball likethrowing a bowling ball 4 - Bend your phone to spin the ball on thelane It is like a bowling game in real life, isn't it? Yes exactlyit is. You will play the most realistic bowling game on your mobilephone. You will throw the ball to the pins as it is in real life.You can run, you can swing, you can bend and crouch. Just be asusual. You don't need to simulate the the throw by touching andflicking on the screen. You will definitelty enjoy this realisticbowling game while playing with it. You will feel your self in areal bowling hall. It is designed as multiplayer. So you can playwith your friends and family and share the fun with them. FEATURES:- 2 Modes of Ball Action (Swing (Realistic) and Flick(For Crowdplaces)) - Local Multiplayer (You don't need an Internetconnection) - As Small as 20 MB - 9 Different balls - 2 Differentmusics (Fast and Slow) for different moods - Easy to start UI
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Do you enjoy puzzle games? Do you like to help humiliated peopletotake their revenge? Here comes the perfect game for you:PipeInfectors is not only a simple pipe puzzle game. Yes! Itischallenging! It is addictive! It is brain teasing! It is fun! Itisan exciting time killer! It is perfect pastime joy! It is afreepuzzle for kids and adults and contains no ads if you do notwantto double up your game wins! But it is also adventurous with aHugeMission: To take the revenge of every humiliated plumber intheworld! This is a global riot spreading all around the country!Andall has started by THAT single MAN of his kind! Once upon atimethere was an excellent plumber obsessed with his job and hasgreatskills to solve any problems around his neighborhood. Pipeswerelike simple, but challenging puzzles for him! Someplumbingproblems were really hard to solve, but they were alsoaddictive!He created miracles by rotating pipes, by changing orremovingthem! But his perfect skills and easygoing personality werenotenough for his naughty clients! He was humiliated all thetimebecause of his plumber ***** under the kitchen sink! Nastyclientslaughed at his *****! They threw stuff to his ***** in thebath!They turned on tap when they should not to make him get wet!Allthis pipeline related jokes repeated thousands of times!Eventhough it is really challenging, he tried to ignore thesenastyacts! Years after years! But at that cold and cloudy day, thatlastjoke made him get crazy! Enough was enough! He decided tochangehis road! He had to take the revenge of all work-mates intheworld! He became the Devilish Plumber Master! He createdhisinfector force! He educated them to infect his naughty clientsbyinfiltrating to the clean water line via joints. Your job,DearPlayer, if you accept the duty, is to become the Director oftheseindividual infectors in each neighborhood! You have to directthemto infect as many people as possible in each building and helpthemto go back to the sewage again after finishing their jobs! Thisisa global riot of every humiliated technician! These poor guysarethe subject of various assaults just because of theirplumber******! Be in the Team of Revenge for all the humbled peoplein theworld! Pipe Infectors: an addictive free puzzle game foradults andkids! You are the Director of Infectors and you have totap pipesto make a pipeline to connect infected water from a sourceto therooms of nasty people. Train your brain by rotating pipes inmanychallenging levels. By excelling in Pipe Infector skills, youwillbe faced by lots of brain teasing levels requiring hardthinking.This free gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, tochallengingand hectic, and anywhere in between. You can pass eachlevel whenthe Pipe Infector reaches to the sewage! But challenge 3stars onall levels as an excellent director! Construct a pipelinebyrotating, bring water to as many rooms as possible and infectnastypeople who laughed at the plumber *****. Reveal your skills inthisadventure for adults and kids. Good tactics and fast rotationsarecrucial for this brain teaser adventure! FEATURES - Easy toplay,fun to master free puzzle game for all ages - Not only abrainteasing puzzle, but also an adventure full of fun, challengesandrich gifts - No ads without your wish! All ads are only fordoubleup your earnings: gift maker, profitable, voluntary ads only!-Unlimited free play with voluntary and gift-maker ads - Stuck onalevel? Use free boosters or purchase new ones to pass the levels!-Daily bonus & gifts: turn fortune wheel everyday toearnboosters, toolboxes and coins - Leaderboards &achievements:compare your skills with others - Hundreds of levels!- Lovelyartwork! - CLOUD save and restore your game in any device
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Wash real super cars covered with mud and asphalt sealer byusingwater and foam. Super shine super cars ranging fromclassicalAmerican cars to outdoor, adventure cars to sports,expensive cars.This game makes you feel like you are washing a realcar byyourself. Be precise in details to make cars beyond clean&more than just shiny and to earn more money for buying newsupercars. Select your car, wash them by using water if it isonlycovered with mud. However, some cars are also covered withasphaltsealer and bitumen. You need to use foam to remove thesestuffsfirst. SUVs, off-road vehicles, racing cars, classicalAmericancars, everyday cars, trucks, and super cars are waiting foryourattention and care. Provide the best cleaning ever toyourcustomers and get the biggest tip. Don’t let dirt stay. Aperfectlyclean car says a lot about you.