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You probably know all those drinking games on parties.But nowthere's a pocket edition available to take with you to ANYparty!This drinkinggame can get the party started, or to add a goodending to the party.Ace of Spades and other drinking games arenothing like this!Spin the wheel and make your opponents drink,or...Do you have to drink?!Warning: This drinking game is notresponsible voor the amount of alcohol you consume, DRINK WISELY

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    Drinking Game
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    October 23, 2012
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Pocket Slimes
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    Baron van Dieststraat 7, 7006 AP, Doetinchem
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Timeline - Pocket Time God*Unique gameplay!*In Timeline, you are agod in control of Umji.Umji needs to collect the stars in order tosurvive.The game comes with -currently in the first release- 2worlds, and a tutorial world.But that's not all, the game has abuilt-in level editor, so you can design levels for yourself andyour friends.I will soon add a feature to share levels to a globallist that you can download or upload your levels at, or share themusing Twitter or Facebook.Feel free to send in any levels youcreated, and it will highly likely end up in a new world in one ofthe updates!Have fun!Keywords: Pocket Frogs Time God Umji TimelineLevel Design Editor Custom Maps Plant Tiles Angry Spikes ParachuteBirds Zombies Mode Froggy Jump
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Click and lick!Click away in this delicious new ice cream clickergame! Become the best ice-cream producer in the world by lickingonly the best flavors, toppings and icings available. Buyincredibly fast cream producers to gain the most valuable cream ofthe universe. Whether you like strawberry with chocolate, caramelwith a waffle or mint and a cookie. There's endless lickingpleasure for everyone!Features👅 Unlock multiple delicious flavorssuch as strawberry, cookie and coffee and even coconut!👅 Upgradevarying statistics to increase your collect more income👅 Buytongues to collect cream for you, and upgrade their click speed.👅Buy producers to collect your sweet ice cream for you👅 ActivateSuper Cream to get only the top 5 flavors, toppings and icing onyour ice-cream!👅 Collect Golden Ice-cream Cones to get an amazingcombo boost👅 Decorate and increase the worth of your ice cream byunlocking toppings such as cherries, cookies and cookie crumbles ornice icing like caramel and bubblegum!👅 Feed the vortex and becomea rich Rainbow Cream collector👅 Challenge your friends against thehighest Vortex level!👅 Unlock achievements in Google Play GamesAreyou drooling yet or just tired of clicking cookies and simplebuttons? Forget the clicking and start licking!
ASDF Glider 1.03 APK
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ASDF Glider tests your hand-eye coordination with this paper planeobstacle avoiding game!ASDF Glider is not your everyday avoidergame such as Flappy Bird and other oldschool helicopter games incaves.You are a just normal paper plane trying to fly as far aspossible, but there's a catch.The buttons can switch positions! Thelonger you survive the faster they will switch.Is you hand-eyecoordination good enough to guide the paper plane through thismadness?ASDF stands for Ascending, Sliding, Descending and Faster;just a little tip for remembering the buttons, before theyswitch!Warning! ASDF Glider might drive you insane, or better said:'fly' you insane?Before you know it you'll be raging."ASDFG ASDFASDFG ASDF!" - Player 1"Cool" - Player 2"ASDFG ARGH! ASDFG" -Player 3
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Create your own safe 3D Firework show without the danger of doingit on the streets. Safe firework for all ages!Drag to rotate yourview and place fireworks where you want.Launch the fireworkrandomly or in order from left to right or from front toback!Fireworks 3D has all sorts of fireworks, from firecrackers tobeautiful sparkling air firework!Create your own show and show itto your friends and family during these festive times.This appcontains firecrackers, beautiful sparkling rocket firework and muchmore!With the cool 3D lighting environment you can see the cityskyline light up from your show.Go light up the city and a happynew year!Be warned with real firework! Keep a safe distance andlook around you before launching it or throwing it out.Keep it fun,follow the rules and keep the real firework for New Years Eve.(Morevarious content to be added)
Drank Spel - Adfree 1.0 APK
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Je kent het wel, al die drankspelletjes voor op feesten.Maar nu hebje het altijd bij de hand met deze digitale versie!Dit drankspelzal het feest op gang brengen of leuk afsluiten,Kingsen of anderespellen is hier niks bij!Draai het wiel en laat je medespeleropdrachten doen of ben je zelf de pineut?Let op: Dit drank spel isniet verantwoordelijk voor de hoeveelheid alcohol die je drinkt,DRINK MET MATEYou know, all that drink games at parties.But now youhave it always at hand with this digital version!This drinking gamewill launch party or fun close,Kingsen or other games is nothingon!Spin the wheel and let your partner do assignments or you arethe dupe?Note: This drinking game is not responsible for the amountof alcohol you drink, DRINK RESPONSIBLY