1.2 / May 21, 2017
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Guide our little green friend down the mountain. Avoid trees androlling trunks, collect powerups and coins. You can spend yourcoins to unlock awesome skins and new boards, featuring cool anduseful effects. Challenge your friends and unlock achievements tocollect extra coins!

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    Droid Skiing
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    May 21, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Dope Wars version 2.1 APK
In Dope Wars you are a drug dealer in New York, moving around thedistricts, buying and selling drugs. The aim of the game is to makelots and lots of money. Unfortunately the cops take a rather dimview of drug dealing, competition is murderous and your financiersare not always cooperative. 1. Dealing drugs and moving around TheNew York of Dope Wars is divided into 5 locations. At each of theselocations, a variety of drugs, with fluctuating prices, are onsale. Not all of the drugs are necessarily on sale at each locationall of the time, and the normally gentle fluctuations may beaffected by such events as other dealers flooding the market withdrugs, or the cops making a big drugs bust (which will drive theprice up). On arriving at a new location, you will be told if anyof these events have occurred The main way to make money in DopeWars is to buy and sell drugs, buying cheaply at one location,moving to a new location, and then selling for a profit at this newlocation. Bear in mind that you may not be able to afford or carrythese drugs! You have limited space to carry drugs, which can beincreased by buying a bigger bag. 2. Who is located where Indifferent locations, there are special facilities you can visit •El Toro, the loan shark, in the Bronx • Lieman Brothers Inc., thebank, in Manhattan. 3. Your finances: loans and banks You start thegame being completely broke, but fortunately el Toro, the loanshark, offers to lend you some money. Every turn this debtaccumulates interest, and counts against your total amount of money(which is used as your high score, so it's quite possible to have anegative score). Once a day extra interest is accumulated. To payoff the loan, you must visit the loan shark by moving to the Bronx.Don't wait too long or the debt might eat up all of your profitssoon! You can also deposit or withdraw money from the bank, whichis located in Manhattan. Putting your money in the bank lets youaccumulate interest on it, and prevents it from being stolen if youare mugged or confronted by the police (which does occasionallyhappen). Interest on your bank account is added only once a day.Money in the bank also contributes to your high score. If you havea very large amount of money (hundreds of thousands) on your bankaccount you risk forfeiture of a sum of money by the taxinvestigators. 4. Cops, other dealers and weaponry When you move toa new location, you may encounter the cops or another dealer. Whenyou bought guns, you can attack the cops or the other dealer,otherwise you will have to run. When you've killed all opponentsyou will receive the money/drugs they were carrying. You may alsosurrender to the cops. Your time in jail will depend on the amountof drugs you were carrying and your behaviour during the fight. Youlose any drugs or guns you might have. If you have sufficient cash,you can also bribe the cops. You also have to give half of thedrugs you are carrying. The chance to hit an opponent and thedamage you afflict depends on the type of weapon you own. Toincrease your chances of winning a fight, it is also advantageousto buy armor, which decreases the damage you take from hostileprojectiles. There are also a number of other beneficial, useless,or just plain annoying random events, when you move to a newlocation. Dope Wars is an adaptation of the original Drugwarscreated by John E. Dell in 1984.
iLegend 1.5 APK
Click to do damage, block the attacks of your enemies, upgrade yourweapons and armor, defeat mighty bosses and unlock epic spells,which inflict damage, even while you're not playing! Defeat alleight enemies and the boss of a world to advance to the next.Harder worlds offer better items and upgrades.-6 worlds-48enemies-6 bosses-infinite upgrades-5 spells
Fußballlogo Quiz 1.4 APK
Errate die Namen von 120 Fußballvereinen!WennDu es schaffst, einen Namen zu erraten, erhältst du Coinsmitwelchen du dir Tipps kaufen kannst um schwierigere Namenzuerraten. Schaffst du es, alle Vereine zu erraten? TestedeinFußballwissen und schlage deine Freunde!DISCLAIMER:All logos shown or represented in this game are protectedbycopyright and/or are trademark of theirs respectivecorporations.The use of low-resolution images in this applicationfor the use oflogos identifying qualifies as "fair use" undercopyright lawUSA.Guess the names of120football clubs! If you manage to guess a name, you receivecoinswith which you can buy tips to guess difficult name. Can youmanageto guess all clubs? Test your football knowledge and beatyourfriends!DISCLAIMER:All logos shown or Represented in this game are protectedbycopyright and / or are trademark of theirsrespectivementcorporations. The use of low-resolution images inthis applicationfor the use of logos Identifying qualifies as "fairuse" undercopyright law USA.
Bloxx 1.1 APK
Your main objective in Bloxx is to combine as many blocks aspossible and let them disappear. The game is similar to 1010, butthere are some new mechanics:You can multiply the points you getfor filling up a row by using multipliers. Blocks will get darker,the longer they're on the field. Once they are black, you can nolonger remove them by simply filling up the line and thus the wholeline is blocked. However, there are other useful blocks you can useto overcome this: for examle, you can blow away blocks using bombsor you can use triangles, which turn dark blocks bright again. Alsothere are color combos: Combine six blocks of the same color toremove them. There are special rainbowblocks which fit everypossible color. Another type of combo is the X-Combo, which isbeing activated by clearing two lines, one horizontal and onevertical, by a single move only. If you manage to clear the wholefield of blocks, you gain extra points too. Finish as many rows aspossible to make space for new blocks and score points. Once youcan't place the next block, you've lost.
Nachrichten 1 APK
Diese sehr übersichtliche Nachrichten-App liefert stetsbrandaktuelle Nachrichten aus mehreren verschiedenenRSS-News-Feeds. Durch einen Klick auf die jeweiligen Schlagzeilenwird die berichterstattende Website aufgerufen.Die Nachrichtenwerden in sieben Kategoriensortiert:-Allgemein-Technik-Kultur-Politik-Finanzen-Wissenschaft-SportInden Einstellung lassen sich Push-Notifications ein- oderausschalten und deren Intervall festlegen.Quellen: Tagesschau,FAZThis very concise news app constantly delivers breaking newsfrom several different RSS news feeds. By clicking on therespective headline the rapporteur site is called.The messages aresorted into sevencategories:-General-Technology-Culture-Politics-Finanzen-Science-SportsInthe setting up push notifications can turn on or off and set theirinterval.Sources: Tagesschau, FAZ
Droid Skiing 1.2 APK
Guide our little green friend down the mountain. Avoid trees androlling trunks, collect powerups and coins. You can spend yourcoins to unlock awesome skins and new boards, featuring cool anduseful effects. Challenge your friends and unlock achievements tocollect extra coins!
Jumping Joe 1.1 APK
You're alone on a newly formed planet. Well, almost: some creaturesbear you company. The fresh little planet evolves as you progressin the game. Your only objective: surviving! Controls are fairlysimple: tap to jump and dodge the enemies. But watch out! Gameplayevolves over time, as enemies change and speed up.Explore differentplanets, meet unique enemies, unlock powerful abilities and competein the highscores.Enjoy!