1.2 / October 6, 2016
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We all love sniping and shooting games right? Well, we also have apassion for drones, UAV or whatever you want to call them. Sittingin the office on day, I thought we have done drone racing and itwas pretty fun, we have done hunting games with all sorts of gamesand they too are pretty fun. So why not combine the two to createone ultimate action game.Complete with all the elements of atraditional hunting games, such as a variety of weapons, having toadjust position, a moving target and having to get your scope andtiming just right to take out the target, well we thought it wouldbe a winner and I must admit we have had some fun creating thisbeautiful drone shooting game. Features:Stunning 3D graphics,giving you the feel and look of the real world.Completely free, nohidden charges, nothing extra to purchase the game is completelyfree to play and always will be.A huge variety of weapons you canuse, unlock more free in the gun store as you progress.

App Information Drone Sniper Simulator

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    Drone Sniper Simulator
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    October 6, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Bit of Game
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    69 Bevan Avenue. Ryhope. Sunderland. Sr2 0JH England, UK.
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