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Complete dua e mujeer (دُعَاۓ مُجیر) with English and Urdutranslations .dua e mujeer is Recommended for 13th,14th & 15theve of Ramadhan month. This is a dua of high eminence which isreported to have been brought by Angel Jibraeel for the HolyProphet Muhammad(PBUH) when he was engrossed in prayers inMaqam-e-Ibrahim. Kafaami has said that this supplication in BaladulAmin and in Misbah. It is mentioned by him that the reward for theone reciting it during the nights of full moon (13th, 14th and15th) of the Holy month of Ramadan, is that his sins are forgiveneven if they are in such plenty as the drops of rain water, leavesof trees or sand of a desert. It is also very effective for thecure of the sick, fulfillment of debts, acquisition of wealth andrelief from sorrows. dua e mujeer has been completely translatedinto English and Urdu. With Audio playback each Arabic text andEnglish text will easily appear. And also English and Urdu text isgiven for every dua e mujeer Arabic text. Feature of dua e mujeerapp- dua e mujeer with audio playback with each line.- Details ofdua e mujeer in English.- completely offline app,no need internetconnection- Details of dua e mujeer in Urdu.- For every line of duae mujeer, The line translation in English is provided

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