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Ju shaks har namaz ke bad is dua ko hamysha parhay ga. khasoosanJuma ke namaz ke bad tu Allah Tallah har khof ke chez se is kehifazat kare ga. is ke dushmanu per is ke madad kare ga aur is kogani kar de ga aur is ko aise jagah se rizq pohchay ga jahan is kakhayal be na jay aur is ke zindgi is per asaan kar de ga aur is kakaraz ada kar de ga agerchay wo pahar ke barabar be ho. AllahTallah apne fazal-o-karam se is ko ada kar de ga

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Benefits of Dua Qadah Muazzam This Dua is so powerful and best forcure of every illness. if this Dua is recited 11 times on any partof the body that is paining, the pain will surely go away. Readthis Surah 7 times, if your eyes hurt. The recitor's of this Duapoverty is removed and debt will be cleared miraculously. therecitor's disease will be cured and his/her enemy will becomefearful. One should try to live Ba Wadhu(wazzu) All the time,definitely it will increase Rizq Insha Allah Azzawajal .2. oneshould send Salaam , when enter into in the home or while leavingit..and after salam when one will enter do recite Darood Paak ,Suraah Ekhlass thrice and 1 times Suraah Fatiha and Ayatul Kursi ,it will surely increase Rizq Insha Allah Azzawajal ,and will alsoprevent Shaayateen(Satan) and jinn to enter ones home.made thesedeeds(Amaal) as your habit.and then see what marvelous it gives toyou Insha Allah Azzawajal.
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It is stated that one day while the Beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)was sitting in the mosque of Al Madinah, Hazrat Jibrael came andsaid that 'The Almighty Allah quoth Salaam and saith that theDua-E-Jameelah is being sent for thine Followers', the BelovedProphet Muhammed asked 'How much is the credit for it?' HazratJibrael said 'Whosoever recites it or keep it with him, his sins,may it be like the foams of river or like the sand of the desert orequal to leaves of trees, shall be forgiven and at the time ofdeath the pains shall be eliminated by the Palm of the Almighty.And an Angel would protect him in the grave till the Dooms day. Onewho recites it at the time of breaking the fast on the 15th Ramadanand he does not know how to recite but keeps it in his hand andrecites (with ablution) Darood Sharif 11 times, gets boundlessCredits and the Almighty Allah will fulfill whatever his need be.If recited once in a life time, On Dooms Day, one will cross PurSirat without diffuculty and enter Paradise. Then Hazrat JibraelSaid ' Oh Muhammed saw warn your followers against the Fire ofHell. If I state the full greatness of this prayer, masses shallgive up all prayers and observance of fast, It is sufficient to saythat whosoever recites this prayer or keeps it with him will besafe from every magic, get enemies befriended. a) Whoever recitesDua' Jamilah after Salaatul Fajr, gets the sawaab as though heperformed Hajj one hundred (100) times of the same blessings ofHazrat Adam Safiy Allah Alaihi Salaam. b) Whoever recites it afterSalaatul Zhur it is as if he has performed three hundred (300) Hajjwith the same barakah as Hazrat Ibraheem Khaleel Allah AlaihiSalaam. c) The one who recites it after Salaatul Asr received thereward of having performed one hundred (100) Hajj with the samebarakah as Hazrat Isa Ruhullah Alaihi Salaam. d) The one whorecites it after Salaatul Maghrib receives a reward as though heperformed Hajj seven hundred (700) times with the same barakah[blessings] of Hazrat Yunus Alaihi Salaam. Who ever recites itafter Salaat ul 'Ishaa receives a reward equivalent to one thousand(1000) Hajj as that performed by Hazrat Musa Kaleemullah AlaihiSalaam. e) The one who recites it after Tahajjud it is as though hehas performed one hundred thousand (100.000) Hajj receiving thebarakah of the Hajj as performed By Sayyidina Rasuli Akram SallAllahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim.
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Scholars are considered to be like angels (3:18), in view of theirpotential for discovering the oneness and the glory of the Creator.To inculcate this importance of knowledge in the minds of thebelievers, the Prophet once observed that “the worship of a learnedman is a thousand times better than that of the ignorantworshipper.” By way of encouraging reflection on the universe andnature in order to explore divine glories, the Prophet is reportedto have said: “An hour of reflection is better than a hundred yearsof worship without reflection.” (Al-Bayhaqi). According to Islamicideology, a Muslim is supposed on the one hand, to seek knowledgefor the pleasure of his Lord and for on the other. The betterpromotion of the welfare of humankind. In other words, the motto ofeducation in Islam would be acquisition of knowledge for the sakeof serving God and His creatures. That is why from the verybeginning almost equal attention has been paid to the learning ofboth the religious sciences and the worldly or secular sciences. Onthe one hand, Islam places great emphasis on learning, and on theother, all those factors which are necessary to make progress inlearning have been provided by God. One of these special factors isthe freedom to conduct research. For example, once the Prophetpassed by an oasis where he found the farmers, who were dateplanters at work. When he asked what they were doing, he was toldthat they were pollinating the clusters of dates in order toproduce a better yield. The Prophet expressed his disapproval ofthis process. Knowing this, the farmers immediately stopped it. Butlater on the Prophet was told that due to lack of properpollination the yield had been very low as compared to the previousyears. On hearing this, the Prophet replied. “You know your worldlymatters better.” (Sahih Bukhari) In other words, experiment andobservation should be the final criteria in such worldly matters.
Durood Akseer e Azam Wazifa 1.5 APK
Benefits of Durood Akseer e Azam This Durood Shareef has beenwritten by Hazrat Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) in the praise ofHazoor (saw) and its name has been given as Akseer e Azam. Thisname that is Akseer e Azam has been given by keeping in mind howthe gold is created by Akseer from ordinary metal; in the samemanner the person who reads/recites this Durood Shareef will alsobecome like gold from inside and outside (physically andspiritually). Hazoor e Ghouse Pak (ra) used to love this DuroodShareef. That is why the Silsilah e Qadirya’s mureed’s have read itto gain infinite sawaab and benefits. If any person who reads thisDurood Shareef (to gain spirituality), once after namaz fajr andonce after namaz isha then he/she will gain such spiritual statusthat the routes to right path will be opened for him/her. If anyperson has not found Mrshid e Kaamil then he/she will find aMurshid e Kaamil with the barakaat of this Durood Shareef If anyperson who is imprisoned or is in any kind of prison, reads this inexcess, will gain his/her freedom back. If any person reads orrecites this Durood Shareef with the niyyah/intention of gaininghealth from illness then he/she will become hale and healthy.
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• App has charismatic formatted text of Surah Al MULK • App havebeautiful and visible text of Arabic format • App have pause andplay option of Surah • App has easy way to use Page Viewer • Apphas easy to move /scroll next page • Now you can easy to scrollinto next page • App have only two page Activity • Beautiful designof start playing Option and while on reading as well
Dua Hajaat and Hazrat Anas Dua 1.7 APK
Ju shaks har namaz ke bad is dua ko hamysha parhay ga. khasoosanJuma ke namaz ke bad tu Allah Tallah har khof ke chez se is kehifazat kare ga. is ke dushmanu per is ke madad kare ga aur is kogani kar de ga aur is ko aise jagah se rizq pohchay ga jahan is kakhayal be na jay aur is ke zindgi is per asaan kar de ga aur is kakaraz ada kar de ga agerchay wo pahar ke barabar be ho. AllahTallah apne fazal-o-karam se is ko ada kar de ga
Dua Mughni Wazifa collection 1.5 APK
This dua is generated by Once Hazart Owais Qarni (RA). His name wasOwais, he was known as Owais al-Qarni because he lived in a towncalled "Qarn" in Yemen. The Holy Prophet (PBUH), while speaking toSahaba-Ikram (companions), said: "There is a person in my Ummah(followers) whose prayers would bring forgiveness to as manysinners as the number of hair of the sheep in the tribes of Rabiaand Mazar." The two tribes were well known for raising sheep duringthe time of the Holy Prophet. The disclosure made the Sahaba-Ikramvery curious. They asked the Holy Prophet about the name of thatperson and the place he lived in. The Holy Prophet first hesitated,but on their insistence told them the name of a person who lived inQarn, Awais Qarni. Whoever reads this dua after Fajr, asr and Ishawill cross the bridge of sirat with ease, all his sins will beforgiven and whosoever keeps this dua with him will be safe frommagic and every harm. And finally whoever recites this dua all hismissing prayers will be forgiven.
Qasidah Burda Shareef With mp3 1.8 APK
I had composed a number of praise poems for the Prophet, Allahbless Him and salute Him with peace, including one that wassuggested to me by my friend Zayn al-Dīn Yʿaqūb b. al-Zubayr. Sometime after that, I was stricken by fālij (stroke), an illness thatparalyzed half of my body. I thought that I would compose thispoem, and so I made supplications to the Prophet Muhammad, Allahbless Him and salute Him with peace, to intercede for me and (andask God to) cure me. I repeatedly sang the poem, wept, prayed, andasked for intercession. Then I slept and in my dream, I saw theProphet, Allah bless Him and salute Him with peace. He wiped myface with His blessed hands and covered me in His Mantle (Burdah).Then I woke up and found I was able to walk; so I got up and leftmy house. I had told no one about what had happened. I encountereda Sufi (faqīr) on my way and he said to me: “I want you to give methe poem in which you praise the Prophet, Allah bless Him andsalute Him with peace.” I said: “Which one?” So he said: ”The onethat you composed during your sickness.” Then he recited the firstverse and said: “I swear by God that I heard it in a dream lastnight being sung in the presence of the Prophet Muhammad, Allahbless Him and salute Him with peace. I saw the Prophet, Allah blessHim and salute Him with peace, was pleased with it and covered theperson who sang it with His Mantle.” So I recited the poem to himand he memorized it and related his vision to others.