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Traveling to Dublin? Discover everything that Dublin has toofferwith this free guide with maps and offline lists. Thebestrestaurants, hotels, activities and monuments in Dublin. Dublinhasmuch to offer. Visiting its monuments, wandering itsstreets,meeting the people and learning their customs is a must.That's whyyou have this guide toDublin, created using photosandrecommendations from real travelers. And remember that you cansaveyour lists offline. Dublin is waiting for you! 🌏Features🌏: ➢Thebest places in Dublin recommended by real travelers like you,withtips on what to see, where to eat and where to stay. ➢ In 'WhattoSee', you'll find a selection of must-see sights that youcan'tmiss in Dublin. ➢ In 'Activities', you'll find the best toursandexcursions in Dublin. ➢ In 'Where to Eat!, discover themosthighly-recommended restaurants in Dublin. ➢ In 'Where toSleep',you'll find a selection of the best hotels in Dublin forallbudgets and all types of traveler. ➢ Complete basic informationonDublin. ➢ Photographs shared by fellow travelers. ➢ Downloadyourlists to view their recommendations and photos 100% offline.Saveon roaming charges and download your guide to Dublin beforeleavingthe house.

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Asturias: Guía de viaje 120 APK
¿Qué visitar en Asturias? Prepara tuviaje a Asturias con la guía de minube. No te pierdas las preciosasciudades de Oviedo, Gijón o Avilés. Haz turismo rural por lospueblos de Asturias: Cudillero, Llanes o Lastres, y no tepierdas las playas de Asturias como la del Silencio enCudillero o Gulpiyuri, en Naves (municipio de Llanes), y sobre tododisfruta de los espacios naturales del principado: Los Picosde Europa y los Lagos de Covadonga.Tanto los viajeros como los propios asturianos recomiendan en estáguía los mejores restaurantes, hoteles y puntos de interés deAsturias. Todo acompañado de fotos y mapas.A Asturias se la quiere, y mucho, viajar a Asturias: Es descubriruna tierra privilegiada asentada entre el azul de sus playas y elverde de sus impresionantes montañas, el Principado ofrecetradición, gastronomía y opciones tanto culturales como naturalespara una (o muchas) visitas.Características:➢ Más de 110 rincones y 250 experiencias de viajeros, consugerencias reales sobre qué ver, dónde comer y dónde dormir enAsturias.➢ En la sección "Qué ver" descubrirás una selección de monumentos,pueblos, playas y otros puntos de interés de Asturias.➢ Dónde comer, descubre los mejores restaurantes de Asturiasrecomendados por viajeros.➢ Dónde dormir, una selección de los mejores hoteles enAsturias, pensados para todos los presupuestos y tipos deviajeros.➢ Información básica completa sobre Asturias.➢ Más de 200 fotografías compartidas por otros viajeros.➢ Recomendaciones, fotos y mapas son 100% offline. No te preocupespor los gastos de roaming, descarga tu guía de Asturias, antes desalir de casa y disfruta en el destino.👉 Si encuentras algún error o tienes problemas con la guía, porfavor escríbenos un correo electrónico a liliana@minube.com paraque podamos ayudarte. ¡Gracias!What to visit inAsturias? Prepare your trip to Asturias minube guide. Do not missthe beautiful cities of Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés. Makeaccommodations for people of Asturias: Cudillero, Llanes andLastres, and not miss any beach of Asturias as of Silence inCudillero or Gulpiyuri, Naves (municipality Llanes), and especiallyenjoys natural areas of the principality: the Picos de Europa andLagos de Covadonga.Both travelers and the Asturian themselves recommend in this guidethe best restaurants, hotels and attractions of Asturias. Allaccompanied by photos and maps.A Asturias wants, and far travel to Asturias: discover a privilegedland is settled between the blue of its beaches and the green ofits stunning mountains, the Principality offers tradition,gastronomy and cultural options both as natural for one (or many )views.Features:➢ Over 110 corners and 250 experiences of travelers, with realsuggestions on what to see, where to eat and where to stay inAsturias.➢ In the "Where to" find a selection of monuments, towns, beachesand other points of interest of Asturias.➢ Where to eat, discover the best restaurants of AsturiasRecommended by travelers.➢ Where to sleep, a selection of the best Hotel in Asturias,designed for all types of travelers and budgets.➢ basic full Information about Asturias.➢ More than 200 photographs shared by other travelers.➢ Guides, pictures and maps are 100% offline. Do not worry aboutroaming charges, download your guide Asturias, before leaving homeand enjoy the destination.👉 If you find an error or have problems with the guide, please sendus an email to liliana@minube.com so we can help. ThankYou!
Canary Islands - Travel Guide 1.5 APK
Discover the best places in the Canary Islandsand let yourself be seduced by this amazing archipelago, so full ofdetails, options, and, above all, fun. Fuerteventura, Tenerife,Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, and El Hierro areseven islands, but each with its own personality. The CanaryIslands will be the best discovery you've ever made!➢ Fuerteventura, with its white sands and constant sun,is also a Biosphere Reserve and will leave you speechless:sprawling dunes, plains, volcanoes, and lava fields…If you’relooking to just relax, there’s nothing better than Fuerteventura’sbeaches and crystal-clear waters. It’s a traveller’s dream.➢ Tenerife is the archipelago’s biggest island. Crownedby the Teide, Spain’s highest point, Tenerife has everything oneneeds to make everyday unforgettable: culture, cities, shows,beaches, theme parks, and, of course, a rich landscape of forests,volcanoes, tropical plantations, and hidden coves.➢ El Hierro, has always been off the mainstream touristmap and is a delight for nature-lovers; the island is one of theBiosphere Reserves in Europe and has world-class marine life. It’sa special destination for scuba divers and its focus on completelyrenewable energies assures that it will be around to enjoy in thefuture. El Hierro is truly a privileged destination which justwaits to be discovered.➢ La Palma is called ‘the pretty island’ for a reason.Also declared a Biosphere Reserve, La Palma is covered in thickvegetation and forests ideal for hikers. Its rural atmosphereinvites travellers to not only enjoy its flora, fauna, andspectacular landscapes, but also sample a slower pace of life.Another highlight is the sky. Due to its clean air and geographiclocation, La Palma is one of the world’s best places forstar-gazing. It’s a must!➢ The great treasure of La Gomera is Garajonay NationalPark, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a millennialforest filled with trails and a world-wide example for thesuccessful conservation of sub-tropical forests. The landscape,rocky ridges, black sand coves and stunning cliffs, is practicallyuntouched. It’s impossible not to enjoy this little naturalwonder.➢ Gran Canaria is the Canary Islands second largest andmost populated island. Its western half is a Biosphere Reserve withactivities for those who prefer a relaxing trip in a pristinenatural environment: beaches, coves, a rural atmosphere, and plentyof hiking. If you’re looking for the something more exciting, therest of the island is oozing with life: museums, theatre,nightlife, concerts. No wonder they call it the “little bitcontinent.”
Sardinia - Travel Guide 120 APK
Sardinia is a beautiful Mediterraneanisland with a wealth of historical, cultural, and natural treasuresthat you can discover which the minube Sardinia Travel Guide. Findtips, photos, and information about all of Sardinia's must-seeattractions, restaurants, and hotels, all shared by real travelerswho've had unforgettable vacations in Sardinia.Here's you're complete minube Sardinia Travel Guide to help youdiscover the best of Sardinia. What are you waiting for?This guide contains:➢ 97 attractions recommended by real travelers.➢ 380+ real photos shared by real travelers.➢ All maps and content is available offline so you can enjoy yourtrip with no roaming fees.ABOUTThese Social Travel Guides are applications whose content does isnot written by editors, but rather comes straight from over 1million real travelers in the minube community who have sharedtheir real travel tips and recommendations. The content in thisguide represents the best recommendations and photos from theminube community and has been selected by the minube team for itsintrinsic quality. The views represented herein do not necessarilyrepresent those of the Region of Sardinia and the Region ofSardinia is not responsible for any errors found in thisguide.
Terres de l'Ebre - minube 120 APK
When you visit this region, your eyes arefilled with the most verdant green and you can breathe fresh, pureMediterranean air . It is truly one of the most unique andunforgettable areas in the country.
Castellón travel guide 120 APK
Minube offers the best travel guide forCastellon, compiled using the recommendations of real travelerslike you. With minube, you can discover the best of this provinceof cliffs, sand, and sea.
Vietnam Travel Guide 120 APK
In recent years, Vietnam has seen a surge inpopularity. Given the country’s rich heritage, pristine naturalareas, and stunning beaches, it’s really no surprise. However, onefactor that all visitors mention is the friendliness andhospitality of the Vietnamese people. With this guide, we'llhelp you discover the true Vietnam and all it's unforgettableplaces.When to go and weatherVietnam has a tropical climate and the average temperature rarelydips below 24ºC (75ºF). Lovely, right? There are two main seasons:the dry season, which lasts from October to April, and the rainyseason from May to September. Both have their charms and the choiceis up to you!Visa RequirementsMost visitors need a visa to visit Vietnam. There are single-entryor multiple-entry visas available upon arrival, so you won’t needto visit a Vietnamese Consulate in advance.Exchange RateThe currency is the Dong (VND) and $1 is worth roughly 21,000VND.Dollars and Euros are also widely accepted. The exchange rate canseem surprising at first, and it’s not unusual to receive bills ofover a million dong (around $40) at city hotels. Expect to pay inthe $5-10 range for meals.So let us show you the best things to see, places to eat, andplaces to stay for your trip to Vietnam. Ready to begin yourjourney?Features:➢ Over 80 places recommended by real travelers.➢ Categories: What to See, Where to Eat, Where to Stay.➢ Over 200 photos from real travelers who’ve been therebefore.➢ All content and maps available for download offline so you canexplore Paris without roaming charges.
Rome - Travel guide 120 APK
Rome is a metropolis par excellence and one ofthe world’s first major cities. Many things have changed since thedays of the Roman Empire but, thankfully, many things have remainedthe same. All roads lead to Rome…So let us show you the best things to see, places to eat, andplaces to stay for your trip to Rome. Ready to begin yourjourney?Features:➢ Over 70 places recommended by real travelers.➢ Categories: What to See, Where to Eat, Where to Stay.➢ Over 200 photos from real travelers who’ve been therebefore.➢ All content and maps available for download offline so you canexplore Rome without roaming charges.
Gran Canaria Guía de Viaje 120 APK
Gran Canaria esta considerada como uncontinente en miniatura. La isla entera es Reserva Mundial de laBiosfera, con un clima primaveral durante todo el año, playas,naturaleza y cultura, Gran Canaria es el destino ideal.Gran Canaria isconsidered as a miniature continent. The entire island is a WorldBiosphere Reserve, with a spring climate all year round, beaches,nature and culture, Gran Canaria is the perfect destination.