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Ducks was arrested by alien for genetically experiment to be thebest in every aspects such as swimming , diving , flying andrunning but the experiment was failed . Then they left the duckwithout knowing that it can evolve itselves by eating othercreatures !!! One day, Alien from other space came to the earth andfound a creature named Duck. Duck is an animal that can do a lot ofthings such as swimming , diving , flying and running but they arenot very good at anything. The alien would like to evolve the duckto do everything the best in swimming , diving , flying and running. The aliens built up and did recombinant DNA of the duck withother animal; eagle , cheetah, alpaca , goat and so on but theexperiment was not successful . The duck is still a duck and itlives in general . The aliens decided to leave the duck in theforest on the island without knowing that the geneticallymodification will be affected when the duck eats and absorbs DNA ofother creatures . At first the duck can only hunt small creatureslike shrimp and crab but when it has the ability to evolve tolarger size , it is possible to hunt more for evolving itself tobecome the ultimate form and be the best in every aspects . ★★★ HOWTO PLAY ★★★- Hunt DNA from wild animals- Absorb DNA forevolution★★★ APP GAME FEATURES ★★★- 15 Steps of duck development -12 kinds of wild animals to hunt for food- Evolution System-Beautiful scenes and effects- Free food from watching video

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    Duck Evolution Life
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    December 17, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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One day, a meteor smash in the world and bring alien baby, whichcan evolve themselves from eating other creatures. In the first,Alien baby is so small so it can only eat small creatures likeplankton. When alien can evolve to a bigger size and get theability of the DNA from organisms, mutation into new creature andhunt a new creatures within the forest, such as ants, beetles,deer, bear or even a human!!!! in order to survive in an unknownplanet and become the ultimate of creature.★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★-Hunt the DNA from the creature within the forest- Absorbed the DNAto mutate★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★- Alien can evolve in 15 level- Thereare 12 kinds of wild creatures- Evolution System- Beautiful scenesand effects
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Little ghost was born from spirit of rancor in the horriblegraveyard filled with death rancor with the ability to developitself from eating the spirit of another ghost in order to survivethe monster hunters.At the graveyard located in abandoned valley.It was an execution place for the prisoners that did the criminalcases such as murderers and pirates that killed everyone both men,women, boys, girls, old people or even kids. This made this placefull of horrible spirit of murderers. Some spirits were very strongwrath to revenge which made some transformed into a scary ghost ora monster. If some had the more spirit, it become more powerfulsuch as the walking skeleton, the mummy wrapped with shroud, theraisen zombie from the grave, the witch with magic, the uglyfrankenstein, the werewolf that can be human and the blood thirstyvampires. Some spirits were born with a little soul. It made themtried to find the way to keep up their strength by eating ghostspirit from the other as our protagonist vs horror. it had morepower and could develop itself which made its body stronger, runfaster or jump higher in order to survive because in this islandwas full of ghosts, evil, demon and death, so it caught the ghosthunters attention, undead slayer, zombie hunters or whatever it iscalled to dispose of these monsters. Some of them came to trainthemselves. Some came because they wanted exciting adventure. Inorder to survive, there is the only strongest one. That was why itneeded to eat as much as possible to develop themselves to becomethe ultimate ghost as soon as possible.★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★- Huntthe spirits of ghosts and monster in the abandoned graveyard-Absorb the spirits to get stronger★★★ APP GAME FEATURES ★★★-Characters can be transformed into 15 forms- There are 12 ghostsand monsters for hunting- Evolution System- Beautiful scenes andeffects- Free food from watching video
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The little dino was sent back on earth after being arrested byaliens for genetic experiments which makes it developed itself byeating other creatures. The more it eat, the more it develop.Alienshave traveled to the earth in Jurassic era and hunted dinosaursboth eggs and growths such as Triceratops, Raptor or the king ofthe dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus. They selected the best in eachspecies by letting them fight or battle each other until they foundthe survivor. Then they used the dinosaur's genes to modify andbreed for the best dinosaur specie. The experiment was not asexpected because most of the dinosaurs are weak so they weretreated as pets or showed in a zoo or safari park for alienchildren or kids. Some of them cannot control. They attack or dashaliens and got them injured. Therefore they were killed. Some wasused in Realistic Adventure Simulator Game for the aliens who arefond of hunting and some have been converted into robots. In thefinal experiment, aliens mixed all dinosaurs’ breeds together toget the ultimate breed but the result was a weak dinosaur. Thealiens gave up on them and left them in the forest or jungle on anisland on the earth without knowing that these dinosaurs coulddevelop itself by eating!!!! On this island filled with manydangers, this tiny dino could be killed at any time. In order tosurvive in this world, it needed to develop itself to the ultimateform. Adventure of little dinosaur's food hunting has begun.★★★ HOWTO PLAY ★★★- Hunt various kinds of dinosaurs in the island- Absorbnutrients for evolution★★★ APP GAME FEATURES ★★★- 15 Steps ofdinosaur development - 12 kinds of dinosaurs to hunt for food-Evolution System- Beautiful scenes and effects- Free food fromwatching video
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Tiny monsters live in the lava cave has a dream and a willingnessto become the ultimate monster. They have the ability to developthemselves by eating other creatures. The more they eat, the betterthey get. At first they are both weak and fragile. They can onlyhunt small creatures such as fish, mice, and frogs. The more theydevelop, the stronger he are. He will have a horn to stab enemy andit makes them are able to hunt the big creatures such as tigers,bears and even wild lion in order to become the ultimatemonster.★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★- Hunt the meat from the creature withinthe forest- Absorbed the nutrient to evolve★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★-Monster can evolve in 15 level- There are 12 kinds of wildcreatures- Evolution System- Beautiful scenes and effects
Spinosaurus Simulator Boss 3D 1.0.14 APK
Spinosaurus lived on the island in a land filled with manyferocious dinosaurs . There is just only the strongest will survive. To play is just control Spinosaurus through a joystick to fightor attack the dinosaur as enemy to strengthen itself . The freegame is a survival battle and simulator with dinosaur and realisticgraphics world which man , woman , children and adult can play .Onthis dangerous island is savage and scary angry dinosaurs habitatfor many species , clans of the Jurassic Cretaceous and otherperiod such as Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex , which was named as theking of the dinosaurs , Triceratops has horns to attack , Raptor isclever and nimble , Carnotaurus have sharp teeth for biting andtearing flesh and many others which live in the jungle or a desertin this island . The player mission is to combat , kill andeliminate dinosaur boss in each zone which live in areas surroundedby flames . Dinosaur boss are stronger, fiercer and bigger thannormal dinosaurs . To eliminate it and you have be stronger ,evolution or be the ultimate form only . Spinosaurus meaning spinelizard , which has a narrow beak filled with conical teeth sim vsanimal life . They are carnivore , viviparous predators (reproduction by laying eggs ) hunter and they hunt in the water formost of the time which is the main character in this free fightingsimulator world game .★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★- Control the character byjoystick to kill of enemies- Upgrade the abilities - Fight boss ineach zone.★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★- Smooth realistic character control- Missions and upgrade abilities and system- The ultimate character- Three beautiful world scene (the jungle, the desert , the bossroom)- Enthusiastic music , noises and sounds- Beautiful UI ,button , animation and effect
Shooty Rider 1.4 APK
Experience the battle between sky rider and crazy bears in theforest.Crazy bears are make trouble at peaceful forest. Sky Riderand his plane will defeat them for make the forest has peace again.★★★ SHOOTY RIDER HOW TO PLAY ★★★- Tap to fire the bullet and defeatthe crazy bears.★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★- Simple play- 3D platformgame- Great scene , Character models , Cartoon FX.
Dinosaur Fighting Evolution 3D 1.0.7 APK
Experience the exciting adventure and fighting of Tyrannosaurus Rexor shot name called T-Rex and dinosaur friends in this jurassicisland which have many fierce , angry and hungry dinosaur by usingonly tap on the screen . This free app game is a mix betweensimulator , fighting , hunting and incremental clicker game styleby using the main character as Tyrannosaurus Rex which man , woman, children and adult can play. Nothing is complicated for playingthis game, just tap or click on the screen to let the T-Rex attackthe enemies in this jurassic island or the treasure chest withhidden gold or gems or the giant dinosaur boss for questaccomplished . Team characters need to be developed in order to getstronger for fighting and surviving . Player can find fellows orfriends such as Triceratops , Raptor , Stegosaurus , Ankylosaurusor possibly fierce angry wild dinosaurs like Spinosaurus ,Carnotaurus etc to fight against the strong dinosaur enemies. Themember in the team has different ability such as increase attackdamage , gold in the game or reducing boss HP life . The more theyhave greater level , the more they evolve to the ultimate evolutionform and it helps the battle or fight easier. There is also themysterious forest scene full of treasure chests for players to findgold and gems to enhance the fun and exciting to play.TheTyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) was a giant animal . It was a fiercepredator that walked on two powerful legs and was one of thelargest land meat eating animals ( carnivores ) of all time . Thisdinosaur is main character in this adventure of this half hybridgame .★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★ - Tap or click the screen to attack theenemies.- When the gold reached the set amount player can Buy,Upgrade or Evolve character - Evolve character will increase theability . ( each character has different evolve level ).- When openthe premium chest, you will get gems or extra effect such as resetcooldown skill , auto tap etc★★★ GAME FEATURES ★★★- Quest andvarious upgrade systems .- T-Rex model and realistic 3D wilddinosaur .- Auto Tap System- Video reward system to receive freeitems- Achievement System- 4 beautiful scenes- Enthusiastic music-UI, button, animation ( attack , hit , idle ) and beautiful effect