3.2 / June 9, 2018
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Follow the trend of 80’s of hunting with cowboy music, hat and bigrifle. The best game on hunting that will sharpen your aiming andshooting skills Not long ago an angry cow boy moved deep into theforest to hunt those birds which ruined his harvest. Now you helpthe cowboy to attack the yellow and blue ducks by using the depadfor aiming and tap the hit button to shoot .For shooting everygolden duck a you will be awarded 5 sec extra. You need high speedwhile aiming and shooting or you will run out of time in ‘timekill’ mode. For shooting every golden duck you will be awarded 5sec extra. In challenge mode you are going to counter the hard taskof searching, aiming and shooting the target. After completing thechallenge you are going to move to next level.Duck hunter is a goodfree game for everyone from kids to adults as it is wild but notviolent.

App Information Duck Shoot - Sniper Hunting

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    Duck Shoot - Sniper Hunting
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    June 9, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Mechanism - Physics Simulation 3.3 APK
*** 20 new challenging level Added ****** Now play with mostaccurate physics N twist your mind *******Now lets try the updatedversion of the most tricky physics game MECHANISM. As you gave usfeedback we have updated various changes according to yoursuitability (improved graphics quality, rotation bug fixed, minorbug fixes)***You liked it?? Please give us feedback, the INFINITYSTUDIO team will bring a perfect solution for you as soon aspossible. MECHANISM is a physics game where you have to set upsimple mechanical structures to move the ball to the basket byusing various kinematics laws and gravity.Creativity is essentialin the game play MECHANISM. You have to plan a creative structureto move the ball to the basket. For understanding the game play,tutorial and documented helps are also given.As you will start toplay this physics based puzzling game you will come to know thathow to make a proper mechanism with the help of given objects toreach the ball to the basket. Levels can be solved in many ways.Thegame play is having 4 interesting stages:-( Newbie level, Gearlevel, Spin'EM All, Pro attack ). Each stage is having 10 differentlevels and some other stages are underdevelopment, they will beavailable very soon.HOW TO PLAY:----------OVERVIEW- You have tomake the ball reach to the basket by using provided objects like:-hammer, revolving rod, elastic wheel, nails etc.PLAY- After placingthe objects on canvas you have to touch the play button to simulatethe physics and see if the ball goes to the basket.SELECTING- Touchany movable object to select that object.MOVING- Touch and drag anyselected object to move it.PIN- Activate the pin button by touchingit, and then tap where one object overlaps the other one to pinthem together.UNPIN- Select the pinned object you want to unpin,then touch the unpin button to unpin it from every object.ROTATING-You can rotate the objects to adjust there angles. Rotation buttonsonly be active when any object is selected.TIPS- Objects can bepinned to the walls, gears or to the other objects. Revolving rodcan not be rotated or pinned to other objects. Note- At least 7levels should be completed from current stage to unlock the nextcampaign.FEATURES:-----------*- Share your achievements with yourfriends via Facebook.-*- Makes you smart in strategicaldecisions.-*- Four interesting worlds to keep you busy for thebeing time.-*- Through each world, difficulty and number ofmechanical objects are increased.-*- Smooth controls
Night Portal Prisma 2.4 APK
"Blip : Night Portal Prisma"Immerse yourself in the dark world ofthe underworld. Use the "Night Portal" to jump and reach your finaldestination.=> "Night Portal" is having five extremelychallenging stages:----*** Blue Night (having 15 levels)*** HorrorTrees (having 15 levels)*** Green Shadow (having 15 levels)***Light Moon (having 15 levels) (coming soon)*** Jungle World (having15 levels) (coming soon)=> How to play:---*** Shift the playerright/left by touching the screen at both ends.*** Collect all thestars of each level to unlock the next level.*** Move, drag &jump your character to save yourself from obstacles & collectcoins.=> Features:----*** Extremely challenging 5 stages (BlueNight,Horror Trees,Green Shadow,Light Moon,Jungle World)*** Eachstage is having 15 unique levels.*** Dark & unique graphicswhich suits the name of the stage.*** Very easy controls.*** Sharethe link with your friends via Twitter and Facebook.=> Use thenight portal to jump places and reach your final destination. Usethe elastic ropes in the starry night to reach the light portal.Collect all fireflies to activate the portal. The path is filledwith obstacles likes spikes. Move, drag and jump your character tosave yourself from obstacles and collect fireflies.
Chicken Drop Station 2.0 APK
Chicken Drop Station is a fun filled, addictive & challenginggame. There is no time limit, just awesome puzzles and hours ofentertainment. Enjoy 80 tricky levels over 5 worlds (stages).!!Mission Of The Game!!Your mission is to help the chicken get toeach nest while eating all the honey bees along the way. Drag thegiven tools i place and then click the switch & watch chickenbounce, chicken slide & chicken float around the levels.Use airballoons, elastic bands, and wooden blocks to make a perfectMechanism and get all the honey bees. Think before you drop thechicken & be sure to avoid the bombs & other obstacles.!!How To Play!!1- Drag the tools in place, set them up so the chickenwill eat all the bugs (honey bees) then get to the nest.2- Clickthe switch to drop the chicken.3- The chicken will drop and bounce,float & move around the level while collecting honey bees alongthe way.4- Finish the levels by getting to the nest. See how you gothen move the tools again if he doesn't make it to the nest firsttime.!! Features!!* Chicken Drop is having 5 addictive stages(Chicken Coop, Farm House, and Old Barn), (Wind Mill-coming soon& Factory-coming soon).* Each stage is having 16 mind buildinglevels.* Very addictive and mind building game play.* Great for allages (kids, adults, and children).* Easy to learn but hard tomaster.* Music on/off function.* Sound on/off function.* Resetlevels function.
Monster Truck - Racing Game 2.5 APK
Happy Christmas to all of you :)"Monster Truck - Racing Game" is avery interesting and challenging game with fascinating graphics, agame with a very stunning new concept on this festive season.Easycontrols, smooth game play, and designed for maximum fun. Defeatyour friends by challenging them and have fun.*^*HOW TOPLAY*^*Control car with accelerometer by tilting your device, rightand left halves of the screen is for acceleration & brakerespectively. Upgrade your car for various factors like health forlonger game sessions, suspension for better steering, nitrous forthe boost and earn virtual money for upgrading these items.You canalso earn money by collecting various gifts and converting thosegifts in to money.
Fighter Jet Sky Jump 1.8 APK
***Fighter Jet Sky Jump***Float through space & be ready forfor safari of different galaxies in this 3D Sky Road Safari gamenamed as "Sky Road Jump".An Astronauts mission to take thespaceship back to home .as he lost somewhere in a glowing Milkyway.Can you help that ship to find the way back to his home.Useyour reflexes & timing to get safely to your destiny, fromother planets to earth.If you think so, just download this Glow SkyRoad game and become the pilot.Find the way back by completingdifferent levels of glowing galaxies.Features:**30 challenginglevels**3 modes (easy, medium, hard)**Super accurate physics.**100%free for android.Choose your aircraft and take a sky safari to getsafely to your destiny as you will face many difficult hurdlesduring your adventurous journey in the other world.
Blip : Star Portal 2.9 APK
"Blip : Star Portal"Here is a unique, challenging & fun lovinggame "Blip : Star Portal" with dark and unique graphics, only forthose who loves to play challenging games and who loves to playadventurous games in a dark and scary night. Feel yourself that youare in an another world.=> "Blip : Star Portal" is having threeextremely challenging stages:----*** Easy Wesy (having 15levels)*** Green Serine (having 15 levels)*** Golden World (having15 levels)=> How to play:---*** Shift the player right/left bytouching the screen at both ends.*** Collect all the stars of eachlevel to unlock the next level.*** Move, drag & jump yourcharacter to save yourself from obstacles & collect coins.***Use the elastic ropes in the starry night to reach the lightportal.=> Features:----*** Extremely challenging threestages(Easy Wesy, Green Serine, Golden World )*** Each stage ishaving 15 extremely challenging levels.*** Dark & uniquegraphics which suits the name of the stage.*** Very easycontrols.*** Share the link with your friends via Twitter andFacebook.=> Use the blip Star portal to jump places and reachyour final destination. Collect all coins to activate the portal.The path is filled with obstacles likes spikes. Move, drag and jumpyour character to save yourself from obstacles and collect coins.
Fruit Cut 3D 1.9 APK
3D-Fruit World!!Slice fruit by your finger, and enjoy fruitjuice!Face the battle like Ninja Warrior, save yourself from kniveswhile slicing the new variety of 3D fruits like (banana, cherry,pine-apple, water melon, pear, orange,).This new 3D Fruit Smashergame named as "3D-Fruit World" will change the trend of smashingthe fruits. You need a top smashing speed to master the game in anyof two modes (Classic Mode, Time Mode).How to Play:-* There are twomodes "3D-Fruit World" game (Classic Mode, Time Mode).* In ClassicMode you have to save three given lives. You will be losing onelife every time as you touch the knife. You have to smash the 3dFruits but be careful from the Sharp Knife.* In Time Mode you haveto tap the yellow clock also with 3D Fruits as you will get theextra seconds to improve score but if you slice the red clock yourseconds will be deducted. Along the time management skills the fastsmashing of fruits are necessary to score high. You have to smashvery quickly if fruit fall down the screen you lose a life.# Sharethe link of the game via- Google+, facebook, twitter, whatsap andmany more
Highway Racing HD 2.8 APK
"If you love burning rubber and speed is in your blood then thisincredible high speed racing game is exactly what you are lookingfor..This Winter burn the rubber in different levels withmind-blowing super cars... and you what we hide somethinginteresting in the game, so racers get ready to break the rules anddon't forget speed is not the limit.."If you love incredible racinggames, HIGHWAY RACING HD is the free racing game you need toplay.Enjoy the feeling of speed and power with highway racing hdgame and if you need for more speed and power then collect thecoins from the track.Highway racing hd game is very easy to getstart. Unlock the fantastic cars by skillful plays and challengethe extreme of speed and distance.Highway racing hd combinesstunning, high fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay that willhave you swerving through oncoming traffic, collecting coins andknocking other racers off the road. With astonishing physics,eye-pooping tracks, and awesome cars,fast racing creates a new typeof racing experience for android users. If you need more speed thancollect the coins from the track.HOW TO PLAY:----:- tilt your phoneto steer left/right.:- touch the acceleration button on thescreen:- keep accelerating to multiple scoresFEATURES:--------:-amazing graphics:- simple controls:- touch to accelerate:-customize your vehicle:- easy to install:- easy to playSPECIALFEATURES:--------Earn 1000 coins to buy different wallpapers ofimported cars.