1.0 / February 13, 2017
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Exciting educational game helps to improve attention and reaction.You - a duck that got pretty hunters. The point is simple - shoot aslingshot in the hunter, his dog, and did not shoot at eachother-duck. Well suited for children and adults. With each levelbecomes more and more difficult to change the allotted time,hunters speed increases. Compete with other players who pick up themost points?

App Information Duck's Vengeance

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    Duck's Vengeance
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    February 13, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    OSHEMB dev.
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    123182, Moscow, novoshchukinskaya 8
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ControlYourSelf - bad habit breaker 1.8 APK
This application will help you get rid of the bad habits that makeyour quality of life worse. The essence of the application based onthe famous "point" method. Fit into the bad habits the applicationsettings (you can choose more than one) that you want to quit andmark each stall in the program. Then follow the points for a totalscore of all habits. The technique mainly on honesty to oneself.For this to work, you must realize that there is a bad habit andyou really want to get rid of it. For each habit you need to setthe level of severity: weak, medium, hard. It determines the numberof seizures at failure points. For each day, for each habit 1point, if no breakdown. Statistics are kept, recorded date / timeof each breakdown and results account every 7 days and plotted.Success is considered, if the graph points each time increasing. Ifit falls or stands still - it is necessary to reconsider theirbehavior. Under addictions meant everything that you want to quit:smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, wake up late in the morning, goto bed late at night, foul language, watching something forbidden,etc. The application does not function good habits deliberately -can not compensate for the bad good deeds. We wish you good luck.You are on the right track.
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С помощью этого приложения Вы сможете узнавать по номеру телефонаоператора сотовой связи (МТС, МегаФон, Билайн, Теле2, Yota и т.д.)и его регион. Всегда актуальная информация, т.к. приложениеполучает данные из онлайн базы. - определить номер при входящемвызове (необходимо в приложении поставить галку "Определятьвходящие вызовы") - определить номер из истории вызовов -определить номер из списка контактов Для работы приложениянеобходимо подключение к интернету. MNP (mobile number portability)- переход с одного оператора на другой с сохранением номерателефона. With this application you can learn by phone mobileoperator number (MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, of Yota, etc.) andits region. Always up to date information , as application receivesthe data from the online database. - determine the number of anincoming call (it is necessary in the annex to put daw "Identifyincoming calls") - determine the number from the call history -determine the number from the contact list For the application, youneed an internet connection. MNP (mobile number portability) -transition from one operator to another while maintaining thetelephone number.
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Оператор связи по номеру PRO 1.05 APK
Отличия от бесплатной версии: - возможность определять операторапри исходящем вызове - отсутствие рекламы С помощью этогоприложения Вы сможете узнавать по номеру телефона оператора сотовойсвязи (МТС, МегаФон, Билайн, Теле2, Yota и т.д.) и его регион.Всегда актуальная информация, т.к. приложение получает данные изонлайн базы. - определить номер при входящем вызове (необходимо вприложении поставить галку "Определять входящие вызовы") -определить номер из истории вызовов - определить номер из спискаконтактов Для работы приложения необходимо подключение к интернету.MNP (mobile number portability) - переход с одного оператора надругой с сохранением номера телефона. Differences from the freeversion: - the ability to define the operator for outgoing calls -the lack of advertising With this application you can learn byphone mobile operator number (MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2, ofYota, etc.) and its region. Always up to date information , asapplication receives the data from the online database. - determinethe number of an incoming call (it is necessary in the annex to putdaw "Identify incoming calls") - determine the number from the callhistory - determine the number from the contact list For theapplication, you need an internet connection. MNP (mobile numberportability) - transition from one operator to another whilemaintaining the telephone number.
Shopping List S PRO 2.16 APK
This is a version of the popular application without ads. Thisapplication has priority in supporting, fixing bugs and developingnew features. First of all it is updated. All the newest you willget first. Before buying, try installing the free version.
Hide Car Number Plate 1.16 APK
A simple application, which is easy to paint over the car's numberin the photo. Decided to sell the car or want to put his picture inhis autoblog, but do not want to show everyone the state number?Then this application is for you. Capabilities: - opening photofrom album - create photo snapshots from the application -compression of the photo without loss of quality, reducing the filesize, which speeds up its download to the site (especially relevantfor mobile Internet) - "share" the photo immediately after thechanges
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В скучный час большая база анекдотов в кармане поднимет Вамнастроение. - Вы выбираете какие анекдоты попадут в топ, а какиеисчезнут навсегда. - Без повторов, в случайном порядке на экранепоявляются анекдоты. - Удобное и простое управление. - База данныхпостоянно пополняется новыми анекдотами. - Не работает безинтернета, но понравившиеся можно сохранить и рассказывать безсети. 18 плюс. In a boring hour large database of jokes in yourpocket lift your spirits. - You choose which stories get into thetop, and which will disappear forever. - No repeats randomly appearon the screen jokes. - Convenient and easy operation. - Thedatabase is constantly updated with new anecdotes. - It does notwork without the Internet, but you can save your favorite and tellwithout a network. 18 plus.