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Try and win levels that will test your ability to be dumb.A gamethat will test how dumb you can be... It takes genius to be stupid.Use the app to test yourself. Get to the next level by make baddecisions.So far the game has 35 levels. Each level presents achallenge with an objective of determining the dumbest possibleaction possible.HOW TO PLAY: The description at the bottom of eachlevel describes the challenge or question. You may have to touch,shake, turn or tilt the screen to get to the next level. If youhave the possibility to do multiple options (all of which arestupid), the objective of the level is the determine which optionis the most creative way to be stupid.If you're stuck on a leveljust ask us on our Facebook wall...More levels coming soon!Featuredin iTunes 'New and Newsworthy'. So far in the top charts of 28countries.A FEW NOTES:The game works best with the latest IOS.Somelevels will not work if the auto-rotate feature at the bottom ofthe screen is off... Make sure that it is off if you are gettingstuck on a level.There are a few new levels coming in a week or soand then another 30 coming two later. Stay posted! Please send usyour feedback on our facebook wall. It's customer feedback thatreally makes this game awesome.Do you have an idea for a level?Send us a message through Facebook and see your idea become a levelon the game!Thank you playing.The app is only FREE for a limitedtime! We intend to put a price once we come out with the next 30levels.

App Information Dumbest Option Quiz

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    Dumbest Option Quiz
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    May 22, 2013
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    The Saber Team
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    591 Crown St Brooklyn NY
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