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Every year, drivers and their passengers diewhen caught in a dust storm because they did not follow appropriatesafety measures. The Dust Storm app provides drivers withup-to-date weather alerts, air quality alerts, tips and suggestionsif they find themselves caught in a dust storm or if one isapproaching.

•Quick Safety Tips for coping with a dust storm
•Places to list emergency contact numbers, toll-free highwayinformation numbers, and insurance policy information
•Weather maps
•Access to alerts
•Items for a dust storm survival kit in your car
•Share this app with others

Produced by Arizona Cooperative Extension, an outreach arm of theUniversity of Arizona and the College of Agriculture and LifeSciences.

App Information Dust Storm

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    Dust Storm
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    March 6, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    The University of Arizona
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    100 - 500
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    Visit website Email mobilematters@list.arizona.edu
    Mobile Matters 1077 N Highland Ave PO Box 210073 Tucson, AZ 85721
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Every year, drivers and their passengers diewhen caught in a dust storm because they did not follow appropriatesafety measures. The Dust Storm app provides drivers withup-to-date weather alerts, air quality alerts, tips and suggestionsif they find themselves caught in a dust storm or if one isapproaching.Features:•Quick Safety Tips for coping with a dust storm•Places to list emergency contact numbers, toll-free highwayinformation numbers, and insurance policy information•Weather maps•Access to alerts•Items for a dust storm survival kit in your car•Share this app with othersProduced by Arizona Cooperative Extension, an outreach arm of theUniversity of Arizona and the College of Agriculture and LifeSciences.
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OVERVIEW The Produce Safety Rule (PSR) requires growers toinitially establish a Microbial Water Quality Profile (MWQP) foreach untreated surface agricultural water source used duringgrowing activities of covered produce (other than sprouts). The PSRmust be applied for each water source using a direct waterapplication method and annual surveys must be conducted for thatwater source in subsequent years. The water quality profile isbased on the levels of generic E. coli in your agricultural water.The method of testing for generic E. coli must be conductedfollowing U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 1603.Methods other than 1603 may be used but they must be scientificallyvalid and shown to be at least equivalent to EPA Method 1603 inaccuracy, precision, and sensitivity. Ag Water app was developedto: • Assist growers with GM and STV calculations to determine iftheir water meets the criteria for appropriate application toproduce before harvest • Assist growers with making watermanagement decisions if their water does not meet the criteria inthe Produce Safety Rule • Evaluate current sampling conditions forirrigation water quality to determine the probability of microbialcontamination Definitions: Agricultural water is defined in part"as water that is intended to, or likely to, contact theharvestable portion of covered produce or food-contact surfaces."Geometric mean (GM) : GM is essentially the average amount ofgeneric E. coli in your water source. PSR criteria requires a GM ator below 126 E. coli CFU/100ml. Statistical threshold value (STV):STV is a measure of variability of generic E. coli levels in yourwater source. In simple terms, it is the level where 90 percent ofthe samples (log values) are below the value. PSR requires an STVat or below 410 E. coli CFU/100ml CFU (colony forming units) is theestimate of bacterial concentration in your water per 100 ml. Moreinformation on the Produce Safety Rule and agricultural water canbe found here:http://www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/FSMA/ucm334114.htmMICROBIAL WATER QUALITY PROFILE This feature allows you todetermine your MWQP. The initial MWQP must be established with aminimum of 20 water samples that are representative of use andcollected as close to harvest as possible over a period of at least2 to a maximum of 4 years. Geometric mean (GM) and StatisticalThreshold Value (STV) are calculated from these 20 samples(minimum). The GM and STV are your MWQP and should be compared tothe microbial quality criteria provided in the Produce Safety Rule.After the initial MWQP has been established, the GM and STV valuesmust be updated annually based on a minimum of 5 new samples."Rolling" GM and STV values are calculated by combining the old andnew sample data. For example, for an MWQP established with 20samples, five new samples would be combined with the most recent 15samples from the previous MWQP to update the MWQP and confirm thatthe water is still being used appropriately. CURRENT WATER SAMPLINGCONDITIONS This feature will evaluate current environmentalconditions to determine the potential for microbial contaminationin a water source. The probability of contamination is determinedusing environmental data, current weather conditions, and user datainput which includes water quality parameters specific to the watersource in question.
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Celebrate the UA with the UA AlumniAssociation appWildcats for Life — access the UAAA on the go! Connect to all ourevents, news, and member benefits right from your phone. Competeand earn points for prizes, rewards, and badges.Features include:Social network ― connect with friends and classmatesGames ―test your knowledge of UA traditions and moreEvents ― game-watch locations and career meetupsMembers ― benefits and exclusivesCareer ― career and professional development resourcesNews ― top alumni magazine stories and campus updatesBrought to you by the University of Arizona AlumniAssociationCopyright: ©2016, Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of theUniversity of Arizona.
Learn about hundreds of clinical studiescurrently enrolling participants at the University of Arizona!This free app is designed to help healthcare providers findcurrent and upcoming studies, and share info with patients, clientsand other providers.- View details on hundreds of studies in dozens ofcategories- Learn about studies in layman’s terms (or using medicallanguage)- Sign up for email alerts about new studies in categories you careabout- Easily share individual studies via email- Contact study personnel via phone or email- View studies even when you have no cell signal or WiFiAbout the University of Arizona College of Medicine – TucsonThe University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson providesstate-of-the-art medical education, groundbreaking researchopportunities, and leading-edge patient care to the state ofArizona and its people.About the Arizona Health Sciences CenterThe Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) at the University ofArizona is a network of health-related organizations and activitiesunique in the state and region. Arizona’s only academic healthsciences center, AHSC is based on the campus of the University ofArizona in Tucson and maintains a growing presence on the PhoenixBiomedical Campus in downtown Phoenix. From these vantage points,AHSC reaches across the state of Arizona and well beyond itsborders to provide health-care education, research, patient careand service for Arizonans and their neighbors today and for thefuture.
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