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Includes modules on Immunology, Hematology and Histology TypicalDoctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) 1st year curriculum 158questions, 101 images Everything you wanted to know about: ...Immunology: innate vs adaptive defence; antigenicity vsimmunogenicity; haptens; MHC; APCs; lymphoctyes - T cells vs Bcells; CD4/ CD8; cytotoxic, helper, memory cells; primary,secondary, tertiary lymphoid organs; antigen processing; immunecell communication; anamnestic response; affinity vs avidity;complement; passive immunity; MALT, GALT; immunological"compartments" ... Hematology: blood constituents; hematopoiesis;cell identification on smears; red-cell abnormalities &classification; disease identification; primary/secondary/tertiaryhemostasis ... Histology: typical presentations of various organs(liver, gall bladder, kidney, thymus, ureters, urinary bladder,tonsils, lymph nodes, hemal nodes); blood cells ... but werereluctant to ask! Multiple choice Q & A (NAVLE style) Fun!Sounds, animations, funky sounds (representative of one's score)Serious! Supported by tons of images, detailed explanations, memorytips Relevance! Questions designed to highlight key topics Variousmodes. Sequential, Random, more Tracks one's profile, so - one canfocus on "difficult" questions (Difficult mode) - questions notrepeated Keyword mode. Presents questions that match a keyword(within the question text) Test mode. Configurable number ofquestions, picked at random. Stores your score. Switch to landscapemode on the fly (to expand an image, for example) Images:pinch-zoom or double tap to zoom Works on all sizes ofphones/tablets Ideal for revision, to supplement course work NOTdesigned to be used on its own 1st Year DVM students, seniorstudents (even DVMs) should find this useful revision Created by aDVM

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DVM 1st Yr Quiz - Neurology 2.30 APK
Quiz of 232 questions, 130 images Topics : typical Doctor ofVeterinary Medicine (DVM) 1st year curriculum Everything you wantedto know about ... Neurology: sympathomimetics, sympatholytics,parasympathomimetics; skull shapes; Organ of Corti; cauda equina vsMLF; CNS, PNS, the gorgeous cranial nerves, the blood-brainbarrier, ascending/descending pathways; cerebrum, cerebellum, andthe rest of them; sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric nervoussystems; CSF, what's normal; reflexes vs responses; spinal cordenlargements; drug effects; specie differences; lesionlocalization; LMN vs UMN; ion-channels - sodium, potassium, calciumand what they do; strabismus vs nystagmus; cells in the CNS vsthose "others"; can nerves regenerate?; action potential working;the wonders of micturition; disease conditions and the fun (andtechniques) in diagnosing them; effect of toxins; case studiesGenetics: inheritance, dominant vs recessive traits, various typesof mutations, karyotyping, allele, gene profiling, phenocopies,x-inactivation, translocations, mimic genes, heritability, geneticvariability, tumor suppressor genes vs oncogenes, mosaics vschimeras, psuedo vs true hemaphrodites, penetrance vs expressivity,aneuploidy vs polyploidy, blot techniques, epistasis ... and more... but were reluctant to ask :) Multiple choice Q & A (NAVLEstyle) Fun! Sounds, animations, funky sounds (representative ofone's score) Serious! Supported by tons of images, detailedexplanations, memory tips Relevance! Questions designed tohighlight key topics Various modes. Sequential, Random, more Tracksyour profile, so - one can focus on "difficult" questions(Difficult mode) - questions are not repeated Keyword mode.Presents questions that match a keyword (within the question text)Test mode. Configurable number of questions, picked at random.Stores your score. Switch to landscape mode (to expand an image,for example) Images: pinch-zoom or double tap to zoom Works on allsizes of phones/tablets Ideal for revision, to supplement coursework NOT designed to be used on its own Aimed at 1st Year DVMstudents, but senior students (even DVMs) could find this usefulrevision Created by a DVM