1.0.2 / December 24, 2018
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It is a game to hit a cup containing a ball from among shuffledcups. [Recommended for people like this] Person who has confidencein moving subject vision People with confidence in sight People wholike cup shuffle Person who is good at seeing moving things

App Information Dynamic visual acuity test - Cup Shuffle

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    Dynamic visual acuity test - Cup Shuffle
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    December 24, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Taro Horiguchi
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jp.corappi.Kobun 1.2.3 APK
このアプリは高校受験用の古文単語学習アプリです。 学習する単語は全部で80単語。 これを8日間かけて覚える内容になっています。自分の学力を試すテストはもちろん、10点満点の小テストもありますので、いつでも自分の実力を簡単に把握することが出来ます。語呂合わせで覚える。だから忘れない。 === 【こんな人におすすめ】 古文単語を勉強したい人 古文単語を沢山暗記したい人古文を得意にしたい人 高校受験をする人 私立受験も考えている人 無料で学習したい人 無料で古文単語を勉強したい人人気の学習アプリを探している人 ゴロゴが好きな人 語呂合わせが好きな人 中学生の人 ゲーム感覚で勉強を楽しみたい人 This appis an old language word learning app for high school exams. A totalof 80 words to learn. It takes over 8 days to remember this. Thereis a test that tests your academic ability, as well as a 10-pointtest, so you can easily grasp your skills anytime. I will rememberin the word 呂. So I will not forget. === [Recommended for suchpeople] Person who wants to study old sentence word Those who wantto memorize a lot of old language words Someone who wants to begood at ancient writings Person who takes high school exam Personwho thinks about private examination Those who want to learn forfree People who want to study old language words for free Someonelooking for a popular learning app People who like Gorogo Peoplewho like to match Junior high school student Someone who wants toenjoy studying like a game
算数系脱出ゲーム アインシュタイン 1.2.3 APK
算数の問題を解いて、次々と部屋を脱出していくゲームです。ステージは全部で9個。これをサクッとクリア出来る人はアインシュタイン級の天才かも。☆☆☆無料で遊べる新作の脱出ゲームです。非常に適当なデザインなんですが、iPhone版は2万ダウンロードくらいされました。地味に人気がある作品ですw算数の謎を解いて全クリを目指しましょう。Bysolving the math problem, the game is going to escape one afteranother room.9 in total stage. This Crisp and clear can people beEinstein-class genius.☆☆☆It is a new escape game to play forfree.It's a very appropriate design but, iPhone version has beenabout 2 million downloads.Quietly is the work that is popular wAimthe all clear by solving the mystery of math.
Aha!! Moment 1.2.1 APK
The image gradually changes. Tap a place that is changing. Tap onthe wrong place and the game is over. let's start the Ahaexperience!!
ニート専用脱出ゲーム 職安へ行こう 1.4.5 APK
男は焦っていた。公務員試験に落ちること4年連続。来週で30歳。ガチニート。 人生のチェックメイトが見えたとき、男は決心した。そうだ職安へ行こう。職安へ行って本当の人生をやり直すんだ。 【概要】 無料で遊べる脱出ゲームです。クソゲー丸出しのグラフィクなんですが、iPhone版は4万ダウンロードされました。 地味に人気がある作品ですwヒントボタンがあるので、脱出ゲーム初心者でも最後までクリア出来ると思います。 【こんな人におすすめ】 脱出ゲームが好きな人新作の脱出ゲームが好きな人 人気の脱出ゲームが好きな人 無料の脱出ゲームが好きな人 脱出ゲームのおすすめを知りたい人簡単な脱出ゲームが好きな人 初心者向けの脱出ゲームを探してる人 謎解きゲームが好きな人 新作の謎解きゲームが好きな人人気の謎解きゲームが好きな人 無料の謎解きゲームが好きな人 謎解きゲームのおすすめを知りたい人 簡単な謎解きゲームが好きな人初心者向けの謎解きゲームを探してる人 脳トレゲームや脳トレアプリが好きな人 バカゲーやアホゲーが好きな人 クソゲーが好きな人くだらないゲームが好きな人 無職で働いていない人 頭を使うゲーム(無料)が好きな人 頭脳ゲーム(無料)が好きな人頭の回転を速くする事に興味がある人 頭を柔らかくするゲームが大好きな人 頭の体操をするときに面白いクイズや面白い謎解きをする人頭を良くしたい人 簡単なゲームが好きな人 面白い無料人気ゲームを探している人 楽しい無料人気ゲームを探している人暇つぶしにゲームやアプリをする人 飽きないゲームやアプリを探している人 オフラインでも遊べるゲームやアプリが好きな人暇げーを探している人 脳トレゲームや脳トレアプリが好きな人 無料の謎解きゲームや謎解きアプリが好きな人通勤や休憩時間に暇潰しできる無料人気ゲームを探している人 The man was impatient. Failure inpublic servant examination For 4 consecutive years. Next week is 30years old. Gachinito. The man decided when he saw a checkmate ofhis life. Yes, let's go to the office. Go to work and start a reallife. 【Overview】 It is a escape game that you can play for free. Itis a graphic of Kusoge rolled out, but the iPhone version wasdownloaded by 40,000. It is a work popular in plain w Since thereare hint buttons, I think that even beginners who escape can clearup to the end. [Recommended for people like this] People who likeescape games People who like new game escape games People who likepopular escape games People who like free escape games People whowant to know the recommendation of escape game Someone who likessimple escape games People looking for escape games for beginnersPeople who like puzzling games Someone who likes a new mysterysolving game People who like popular puzzle games Someone who likesfree puzzle game People who want to know the puzzle game'srecommendation Someone who likes simple puzzle game People lookingfor a mysterious game for beginners People who like brain traininggames and brain train apps Someone who likes Bakage and AhogheeSomeone who likes kusoge Someone who likes crappy games People whoare not working unemployed Someone who likes to use a head (free)People who like brain game (free) Those who are interested inaccelerating head rotation People who love games that softens theirheads Those who have fun quizzes and funny puzzles when doing headgym. People who want to improve their skills Someone who likessimple games People looking for interesting free popular gamesPeople looking for fun free popular games People who play games andapps for killing time People looking for games and apps that do notget bored People who like games and apps that you can play offlinePerson seeking spare time People who like brain training games andbrain train apps People who like free puzzle games and puzzle-freeapps People looking for free popular games that can kill time forcommuting and break time
Breakout of fire - Simple game 1.0.6 APK
It is a nostalgic block breaking game.Items do not appear in thegame, but instead I added elements of deathblow technique.If youhit the ball on the edge of a bar (paddle), red, the deadly gaugewill accumulate.The gauge fills up when it hits five times.Attributes of fire are added to the ball and it will come throughthe block.Since the stage has 100 stages in all, it is fortunatethat you can touch it for a while, such as during your sparetime.Let's Fire !!
古畑クイズ - 雑学クイズゲーム 1.0 APK
Mr.Swimmer - free action games 1.0.7 APK
Fish attack the elegantly swimming old guy.Dodge fish attack andearn coins!This is 10-stage game. The difficulty level goes upinsanely from stage 9.Don’t freak out and prepare for it.
JumpMan - Japanese games 1.0.8 APK
It is a game aiming at the goal while the man jumps desperately.Canyou clear all 100 stages of difficulty MAX? Isit?movies,launcher,games,jumping,jumpscare,jumpy,kill,time,crazy,fail,hard