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Easter Bunny Slot Machine Packed withcasinofeatures,lots of big win payouts such as Stacked Wilds,FreeMultiplier Features,20 Winlines, 4x5 reel play, Scatters,WildsJackpots and lots of fun. BUNNY: invokes mystery prizeselectionEGGS BASKET: invokes Egg Hunt where bunny collects thebest andpotentially unlimited prizes. EGG KNOCK/TAP: invokes alittle extrabonus game where your egg is knocked by the top egg towin lots ofprizes. BAR: mystery special bonus prizeselection****************************************************************************
SYMBOLS: Standard suite 9,10,J,K,Q,J Special Symbols: SPRINGCHICK,CHOCOLATE COCOA BUNNY, HOT CROSS BUN, CHOCOLATE COCOA EGGEGGTAP/KNOCK In addition some traditional EASTER symbols:RESURRECTIONLILY andSUNRISE************************************************************************
RULES (commandments): * WILD substitutes all apart from Scatterandmini games * CHICK is Stacked so every one incrementsthemultiplier * RESURRECTION LILY is Scatter. Three or moreinvokeFree Play Special Jesus Feature * SUNRISE is Wild * Startwith$1,000 plus daily prizes of 1,000 * All wins and mini gamewinsproportional to bet * 1 - 20 winning lines * Variable stakeperline * Current bet cost * Pay-table with interactive realtimeanalysis of wins * Variable Autospin * Original Music andSoundEffects * Completely free. No In-apps. * Random Reel placementeachapp start means new chances and virtually new machine. * Resetfromstart scratch and receive new Slots and credits any time if yourunout. * Last amount won displayed * Full of the bestchocolatygoodness * Welcome Prize * Standard casino slots play fromleft toright. * Stacked Wilds occupy reels 1,2,3,4 Good luck withChicks nGiggles Easter Slots. Take a look at our other Slots, someof thebest emulations, music apps, retro games and more. No bunnieswereharmed in the making of this app. Well one chocolate one brokesowe ate it. Remember the true meaning of EASTER is about newlife,toasted hot cross buns, cute chicks, bunnies getting frisky,andeating as many chocolate eggs as you can until you cannot move.Eatchocolate sensibly. Too much chocolate can make you dirty andyoudont want that!. Don't forget Jesus either - he's watchingyou.http://facebook.com/beatsnBobs

App Information Easter Bunny Slot Machine FREE

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    Easter Bunny Slot Machine FREE
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    September 28, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    BEATS N BOBS™ Mobile Games & Entertainment Apps
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    50 - 100
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Unlimited free play with lots of big wins, andendless scratch cards fun. Start with $1,000 plus daily prizes of1,000A variety of fish themed scratch card games within a casino fruitmachine style. Also includes fishy mini games plus bonus fishprizes. * Completely free slots. No In-apps.ScratchCard Feature:A row of card symbols (minimum 3), invokes main Scratch N SpinFeature. Scratch away revealing prizes. For every scratch cardsymbol on a line will be a new card to play. Each scratchcard gameis uniquely generated so its hardly ever the same game twice.Prizes range from hundreds to millions. Chances of winning arecompletely random, odds 4/1* Fishing mini games for mystery prizes (Goldfish, Shark, CodCarp)* Unique scratch card generated every time scratch card game isinvoked* Wild Salmon replaces plus DOUBLES most symbols* BAR logo invokes mystery cash prize mini game* Adjust bet amount $100-$1000 per line!* 4x5 reels action.* All wins & features proportional as bet* Original Music & Sound Effects* Animations lights & special visual effects.* Random Reels placement for new free fish slots everytime.Symbols include fishing ScratchnSpin, fish: Salmon, Carp, Cod,Goldfish, Shark. Also includes standard suite, Salmon is Wild andBEATS N BOBS Bar.http://facebook.com/beatsnBobsTwitter:@loveBeatsNBobshttp://beatsnbobs.com
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Dance Energy House Party Slots A FREE ravethemed slot machine with progressive jackpot , huge payouts, funraver dance music themed bonus games, wilds and bonusmultipliers.Packed with acid house raveynes.★ EUPHORIA PLAYOMETER: "Put ya hands in d' air!". Reach maximumEUPHORIA level for EUPHORIC ecstasy RUSH Mega prize.★ RUNNING MAN FEATURE. Play Running Man game. Do the famous dancemove to win cash. Keep Dancing, keep winning.★ DJ's Decks Wheels of Fortune: "DJ stop the turntable decks!"Where turntable ends tune, wins DJ a prize★ Mega Rush Sweet'es cash grab. "Can you feel the sugar rush!" Pureecstasy! Grab falling sweets for cash.★ Max 13 lines★ Collect Smilies anywhere on win line increases smilies gives freespin feature.★ Standard Suite symbols★ Clubbing scene symbols such as( dummy pop - dummy lolly pop,vapour rub, balloons, dancers, old-skool, hardcore, lasers, water,chewing gum, smileys, police raid, decks, sweet'es, running man,Ebeneezer)★ Five A Kind★ Police: An illegal rave means a police raid. You get busted &lose your progressive jackpots.★ "Eezer Good Eezer Good" Ebeneezer Wild Symbol★ Jackpot★ Wild on all reels★ Variable stakes★ Auto-Spin★ Reset to receive credits any time★ SFX★ Rave music effects★ Animated graphics★ Last bet won★ Unlimited play★ Welcome Bonus★ Daily Prize★ SlotsFree with Spin multipliers★ Random Reels each app start means fresh acid dance slots &odds (brand new machine reel placements)Check out some of our other free novelty slot machines, apps,Casino, new games, musical plus best retro games.Good Luck.
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Grimm Tales Little Miss Red Cap Slots (LittleRed Riding Hood) is a classic magical tales theme slot machinebased on the classic fairytale with huge cash prizes, bonus games,ever increasing multipliers, treasures of gold, multi bonus maniaand fairytale Reels Party feature.Download now for unlimited slots & play to win a virtualfortune.With sparkly graphics and effects. No in Apps or AdsAll bonuses multiply one another for big fat bonuses on all yourcurrent wins.Fairytale Features:3 symbols that land on these wins:GRANDMA Doubles your winnings with "Oh Grandma, what Great TeethYou Have" BonusWOLF Triples your riches with Wolf Gets Caught By TheWoodsmanREDCAP magical forest game. Guide Little Red Riding Hood throughthe woods and keep winning prizes until you reach your destiny oryou get lost.WOODSMAN: scares Keeps the Wolf at bay and starts the Free FairyTale Reels featureFour of a kind pays 4x4x4x4 your symbol x bet.Five items will give you the progressive jackpot.Magic Fearie MUSHROOM is a scatter & increases progressivejackpot indefinitely.Magic Fearie MUSHROOM does not need to land on a winning lineMystic MOON is Wild and substitutes symbols exceptmultipliers.During Free Reels, replaces symbol with x2 or x3.Ever increasing Double or Triple multi mega mania riches up tomax 150X.All multipliers last for up to 50 spins until the decrease by1Free Party ends after 100 spinsMUSHROOMMOONGRANDMAWOLFREDCAPWOODSMAN+Standard SuiteEnjoy this latest Grimm Tales casino slot for fairytales,nursery rhymes and folklore stories.Check out our Web, Facebook and Twitter pages for the best sourceof updates + more great apps and casino slot machines.Good Luck and Enjoyhttps://facebook.com/beatsnbobsTwitter:@lovebeatsnbobswww.beatsnbobs.com
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Enjoy this exciting fishing casino slotmachine game with great bonus games, progressive Jackpots , HUUGEpayouts and more!Super fishy fun can be enjoyed with oyster catching, fishingcompletion, trawler games plus collect bait, hunt for pearls, findgolden treasure, catch shellfish, WIN Big and aim for gold!Packed with amazing exciting fishy theme features★ Main Feature game: Big Catch Angling Comp. Reel in the winningmega big fish at the angling competition giving maximum payouts.There's no losers in this game Get your fortune hooked!★ Oyster Pearl Catching. Hunt & open oysters for pearls. Everypearl gives you prizes.★ Trawler Maelstrom. Trawl as many ocean fish with your fishermen.Avoid giant whirlpool maelstrom, see how long you can go catchingwithin your net, avoiding hazards of ocean sea fishing.Super WILD SALON replaces all except scatters & features.PROGRESSIVE POT:KRILL MAGGOT RAG WORM & LURES These scatters also add tocollection. Match 5 of em to win that pot back.Standard suite items (j,q,k, a) visualized by (normal Atlantic seafish)ANGLER. Watch out for this little nasty creature, he will comesteal your bait. Avoid em at if you can.SHELLFISH: These WINKLES + COCKLES are mini bonus symbols. You onlyneed 2 to win. Small prizes but more often.emCheck out some our other cool novelty theme casino slotmachines, apps, cool casino games, musical plus best retro andexciting arcade machines.Good Luck and enjoy!