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You predstavlyaetsya application that can teach you how to doeverything with their hands! Here you can find only the best ideasfor needlework and crafts! You only need to download and installthe application and you will be able to follow the simple step bystep instructions and interesting needlework! You will become morecreative, you will develop a sense of taste, and artistic view ofthe world. Choosing our application, you will not go wrong!

You will learn how to easily make handmade items!
- Simplicity of schemes suitable for all age categories;
- You will have the ability to do everything with theirhands;
- Training takes place quickly and easily, you will see foryourself

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    Easy crafts
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    August 14, 2015
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Fast tutorial
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    10,000 - 50,000
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Crafts for All 2 1.0 APK
Fast tutorial
It is believed that crafts is a wonderful way to spend time withhis family, indulge in a new ornament or decoration element, make agift to loved ones. Creating things with their hands, we areinvesting in them a part of himself, his soul, therefore,needlework is also a wonderful way to express your feelings, loveand care. But not always and not everyone has the opportunity tospend a lot of time to create masterpieces of their own hands.Therefore, we have collected the best tips on needlework that willteach you how with a minimum of effort, cost and at home to createtrue works of art. Read, create, make incredible discoveries in theworld of crafts with their loved ones.In our application a lot of advantages:- Easy crafts for children and adults;- Anyone can make a masterpiece with our application;- I do not need to connect to the Internet;
Beautiful hairstyle 1.0 APK
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As you know one of the main components of an image has hair. Butmany often lack the time and money on trips to the beauty salon ora personal stylist! What do you do in this case? You can easilymake a fashionable and stylish haircut hands! This will help ourapplication, which gathered a lot of beautiful and easy toimplement hairstyles for all occasions! Here you will find a lot ofdifferent hairstyles for all hair types and to suit differenttastes. You just need to follow simple instructions andinteresting. And you will forever change your image!With our app to be stylish - easy!- The application is absolutely free;- Create original hairstyles step by step;- A variety of unique images on all occasions;
Do cards 1.0 APK
Fast tutorial
The gift made by your own hands, it is considered much betterthan store bought. After all, this gift is made with all my heart,love, respect, and good mood! This gift will be a lot more weightfor a man than goods bought in the shop! We will teach you how tocreate masterpieces from scrap materials, we show you the bestinstruction from the masters tell you how and what to combinecards. Which color is better to do, how to properly decorate andmore, you'll learn in our application! Do not miss yourchance!Do not waste your time and money to buy a gift! Do ityourself!- Become the creator of this sentiment;- Use available materials for their ideas;- Giving the best gifts!- You can also jibe applications with friends on Facebook,WhatsApp, skype, Viber;
Gift card 1.0 APK
Fast tutorial
Be the best masters of crafts cards with our unique app!Purchased cards, this is not the kind of thing that couldsupplement your present. The best way to do this postcard to,because hand-craft it is much better than buying. This productmanual, in which you infuses the soul, that it had been a greatgift! All you need is to follow the instructions in our photoapplication, and you get a real masterpiece! Only the best examplesand instructions are waiting for you!Advanced user cards in your way!- Stylish gift application;- Classroom instruction crafts;- The best and cool prezenty- You can also jibe applications with friends on Facebook,WhatsApp, skype, Viber;
Crafts with own hands 1.0 APK
Fast tutorial
All that we are doing with their hands, comes from the soul,from the heart. To create beauty is quite simple, you need only alittle time and a flight of fancy. But then, as a result, how niceto indulge in the original result, treat the new trinket someonefrom relatives. But not always, unfortunately, there is plenty oftime to do needlework. Therefore, we have assembled the mostoriginal and simple variants of handicrafts that can be created athome, while spending a minimum of effort, time and money. In ourapplication you will be able to discover a new world of creativity,interesting ideas and wonderful handicrafts. The unique capabilities have already asked to you at thephone:- Always wanted to learn to create things with their hands;- Only the best and most beautiful work;- Do it yourself crafts;
Sightly makeup 1.0 APK
Fast tutorial
You will find very interesting information about the secrets ofthe morning, after leaving the house without make-up for womenquite a big problem. This is one of those almost unimaginablethings that you do not want to hear anything that might dream or anightmare. Show the world without makeup worse than being on thestreet naked. All may not be perfect, but that person is a majorpart of our body! This is it allows us to be different from others,and we do not want to stay without that secure shell that createsfor us a makeover. If this is about you? Then our fully andcompletely suits you. You will learn about all kinds, types, makeuptricks with us!Only with us you will feel like a Cleopatra!- Will be quickly assembled, and do not be late because of themakeup.- Learn how to become irresistible.- A wide variety of instructions and diagrams.- Only the most interesting facts.- You can also share the app with friends on Facebook, WhatsApp,skype, Viber.
Interesting crafts 2 1.0 APK
Fast tutorial
The world that we are creating with their hands, carries a piece ofour warmth, love and care. It's so nice, doing somethinginteresting, give it to your friends, acquaintances and relatives,while all others will be pleasantly surprised. Crafts have longbeen an inherent part of every family, because how was thecraftsman depended comfort of his home. In today's world, noteveryone is a lot of time to do needlework. We have collected allsorts of secrets and tips on how to with minimal effort possible tomake home a work of art, to surprise everyone around you, to make agift or to decorate your own home.Application "Interesting ideas needlework" was created just foryou, if you want:- Learn needlework with our help;- Easily and quickly without any special effort;- Do not stand on the spot - to develop together with theapplication "Interesting idea"
Fine hair 1.0 APK
Fast tutorial
If you want to change your style, but for a hike to thehairdresser does not have money and time? For you, there is asimple and convenient solution! It is within this application thatwe have prepared especially for you! you can quickly and easilymake styling your hair beautiful braid braids and more! Also inthis application, you will find plenty of turn-based schemes forthe care of any type of hair from long to short! Swing ourapplication on your mobile device, and you'll always be the ownerof a great hairstyle!With our app to be irresistible - easy!- The application is absolutely free;- Create original hairstyles step by step;- A variety of unique images on all occasions;