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Learn Pashto is an educational App, which is designed to facilitatethe non-Pakhtoon android users with the connotations of Pashtoliterature. This smart phone App is for the convenient facilitationof those users who are keen seekers to learn Pashto language in aneasy way. This Pashto learning app for Urdu & English speakersfor is feature-rich with its user friendly and light weightedframes covering almost every aspect towards learning Pashto. Itwill serve as a guide for those who are novice in this field andfor those who are foreign to the Pakhtoon belt still yearn to learnits syntax and literature.Main preliminary screen contains optionsfor the users to opt from their desirable features. The best thinglies in its sequence of options starting from Pashto Alphabets tovocabulary and from Pashto phrases to conversation just like ateacher who starts from basics and helps in mastering thebeginners. Others features include:• Alphabets: Alphabets are thebackbone of any language to learn. Pashto alphabets with Englishcomparison are added for easy comprehension along voice over.•Numbers: Learn Pashto numbers & counting with transliteration,transliteration, and voice over in English & Urdu.• Vocabulary:Vocabulary contains the significant parts of Pashto literature,which further is divided into other sections to familiarize theuser with the daily use of words.• Phrases: Phrases contain preciseand short sentences of daily life along translation and audio voiceto eliminate the hurdle of quick learning.• Conversation: No onecan master a language until be able to converse in it. Theconversation part covers Pashto greetings, helping sentences,public and restaurant conversation along introduction and smalltalks.

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