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Volume controller is a app with many uses .Itcan control all the volume and easy find the place to operate.Volume controller can adjust : Alarm volume , music voiume,Notification volume , Ringer volume , System volume , voicecallvolume an so on . Control them all easily with VolumeControllerwhich is a simple app . Beautiful interface , easy tooperate ,user-defined custom , it is better than the original

App Information easy Volume Control

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    easy Volume Control
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    May 27, 2014
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    App DEV
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    10,000 - 50,000
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Language and Locale Set 1.3 APK
Language and Locale Set is a controlling content area withselectors . If you want to change other languages by th mobilephone or your mobile phone hasn't the language selection , youcould use this App as mobile phone language system . You can setthe language system quickly , the mobile desktop and others will bechanged the language which you choose . Such as , key touchselector , select Chinese language , then its language will besimplified Chinese which make you mobile phone with Chinesecharacteristics . Language and Locale Set contains a variety oflanguages which are translated and checked professionally . Moresimplicity , rapidity and practicality , is the best choice oflanguage lovers .Language and Locale Set tool supports Android phone languagesettings, if your phone does not come with so many languages, youcan use this tool to modify, but can be set only area locallanguage support for languages ​​such as games can use this toolset.Language and Locale Set allow you to set the phone withoutopening the complex interface, directly in the program a button tochange the current regional and language phone, the volume is verysmall.
LED Light Board 1.0 APK
Led lights effect a simulation application,you can change the colors, theme (color emitting LED light tubes),size and speed.     LED lights license to manufacture onthe phone screen fantasy incomparable LED fluorescent board with avariety of fonts and bright colors, you want to be the focus of abig crowd do, wanted to show their happiness you in front ofeveryone, LED light board definitely let you become the bestnight's brightest star. The beloved lover to marry him, watchconcerts, performances, be sure the software needed!     If you like this software, please giveme a praise in the market, thanks for your support.
App Memory SD Card Transfer 1.3 APK
App Memory SD Card Transfer can move apps to the SD card, help youeasily to save phone memory to install more applications!Supports the following features:- Mobile Software List;- Move one or all of the software to the sd card;- A key to clear the software cache;- Adding mobile software to ignore list;- The size of the cached data display software;- Show all available memory card size;- Mobile software to the phone memory;- Open this software in the market;- Uninstall program;- Open the program;- Display software details.You can APK (application) by the mobile phone memory to the SDcard, but the system comes very handy mobile features, you need tofind one by one, with the application after the transfer is muchmore convenient, it can help you through the system set to move theapplication to the internal or external storage, very convenientfor your cell phone saves memory space, so that the mobile phonehas become more fluid.
Screen Checker 1.1 APK
Screen Checker, Do you want to check yourphone is right? Download the Screen Checker, you can use it to testyour phone's screen if they work normally, have bad point or touchdead spots, even much problem. Screen Checker's control very easy,you only press the check button and follow the tips. Screen Checkercan help you check your phone's equipment which have problem torepair.If you like the Screen Checker, please give a goodevaluation.
App Installer Manager 1.1 APK
Application Installation Manager lets you from other storagedevices (like SD card) I install software to your phone inside. Yousee, this is what a handy software. Meanwhile, he also lets youuninstall or backup application. Applications Installation Manageris simple and practical, you can easily use it to manage your phoneabove application installation package.If you like this application Installation Manager application,please give me a praise on the market.
Voice Recorder Free 1.0 APK
Voice Recorder:An easy-to-use, high-quality recording tool android phone, youcan view a list of audio file, while also providing playback, audiofiles, etc. to share a series of functions, can run in thebackground, without prejudice to the use of the phone's otherfeatures, clear and concise interface.Open software for recording, record voice anytime you need, Ihope you will like! Come and download it now! Your life willcertainly be helpful.Voice Recorder Features:- Simple recording function to ensure quality;- You can delete, share, rename, and view recordings;- You can change the audio source;- You can change the bit rate (11 kHz - 44.1 kHz);- Optional 3GPP / AMR / MPEG-4 AAC audio format;- Recording information (record size, storage capacity);- More feature set;- Integrated components (1x1, 3X1), lock screen components, set thetone, etc. ......
Backup Tool 1.3 APK
Backup tool is a very powerful applicationthat can back up or restore all the applications installed on yourphone and some other stuff. You can do it with a backup tool to putyour MMS, SMS , bookmarks , call logs , system settings , alarmclock, all access points and applications are backed up. Backuptools work very fast and simple, you simply press a few buttons ,it will start working. When a backup tool for the job finished, youdo not belong to restart your phone.( When the backup tool is started, it will be able to back up alist of things to do , and then let you to choose what you want tobackup . Backup tool to prepare backup following a three buttons,one is to select all , one does not choose All third is to startthe backup . Similarly when the backup tool is also ready torestore the following three buttons , one is to select all , onedoes not select all , and the third is start the restore.In the settings backup tool which has a button you can see the viewand management, where you can watch your backup files. There is atime to set up automatic reminders , you can set how often toremind you to go back up again. The third is to uninstall thebackup tool, backup tool when you think that the software is notwhat you want , you can choose this to uninstall it. Thank you foryour support . )
Super Magnifier glass 1.1 APK
"Magnifying glass" is a practical livingsoftware, you can put the camera into a magnifying glass andpractical, the only inconvenience is that each must re-focus, turnyour phone into a magnifying glass, ideal for older comradespresbyopia, fast mom and Dad's cell phone to install a bar.This application can be used without any additional tools sothat you can see the case of small items.It uses the phone's camera, and the enlarged screen display onthe screen. Allows adjustment of magnification (the exact rangedepends on your cell phone camera hardware). Read the small printis no longer a problem.Features:- Zoom in and out- Use the camera flash- Auto Focus button