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This app contains basics and few abnormalitiesof electrocardiogram. The description is mainly aimed at providingbasic knowledge regarding the normal ECG and how to identifyabnormal ECG.

This short is mainly features of ECG or EKG tracings. A methodfor analyzing EKGs is presented too which includes assessment ofrhythm, calculating heart rate, observing P-wave forms, measurementof EKG intervals and segments and the evaluation of other relevantwaves.

Identifying an abnormal ECG is not difficult as many think, butthe reader should shed out the opinion that it is socomplicated.

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    ECG Interpretation Basic
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    April 23, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    MeetDoc Developers
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ECG Interpretation 1.0.8 APK
Electrocardiography (ECG or EKG*) is the process of recording theelectrical activity of the heart over a period of time. A typicalECG tracing is a repeating cycle of three electrical entities: a Pwave (atrial depolarization), a QRS complex (ventriculardepolarization) and a T wave (ventricular repolarization). The ECGis traditionally interpreted methodically in order to not miss anyimportant findings. In normal condition a heart rate is between 60to 100 beats per minute. Below 60 heart rate is said to bebradycardic and a rate faster than 100 beats per minute is said tobe tachycardic. Many athletes can have a normal resting heart rateof less than 60 beats a minute. The heart's electrical axis is thegeneral direction of the ventricular depolarization wavefront (ormean electrical vector) in the sagittal plane (the plane of thelimb leads and augmented limb leads). An ECG tracing is affected bypatient motion. Some rhythmic motions (such as shivering ortremors) can create the illusion of cardiac dysrhythmia.
ECG Interpretation Basic 1.7 APK
This app contains basics and few abnormalitiesof electrocardiogram. The description is mainly aimed at providingbasic knowledge regarding the normal ECG and how to identifyabnormal ECG.This short is mainly features of ECG or EKG tracings. A methodfor analyzing EKGs is presented too which includes assessment ofrhythm, calculating heart rate, observing P-wave forms, measurementof EKG intervals and segments and the evaluation of other relevantwaves.Identifying an abnormal ECG is not difficult as many think, butthe reader should shed out the opinion that it is socomplicated.
Duplicate File Remover 2.6 APK
# Introduction: Duplicate File Remover or Duplicate ContactsRemover is the application which scans your phone's internal andexternal memory and gives you the exact results of having duplicatefiles or contacts. You can delete the appeared file or contacts oneby one. Duplicate file finder and duplicate contacts merger scansall types of files and contacts on your Smartphone and clean up theunnecessary space which have occupied by duplicate files. Thisapplication also works as a file cleaner or Whatsapp cleaner. #Problem Statement for Duplicate File Remover:- -> We all faceproblems there are more than one copy of same file be it's Media,photo or images, video, audio, docs, pdf or others because itoccupies unnecessary space of you phone which is unwanted. ->The main reason for having duplicate files is due to Whatsappbecause it might have saved same image or video or audio or photoon downloaded folder and on sent items. This applies to othersocial media apps as well. # The duplicate files are created undermany conditions: - Having downloaded same file multiple times -Received same file from different sources ex. You might havereceived same picture from different contacts on your Whatsapp orfrom different social app (Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc.) - The timewhen your backup apps take a backup of your device. - The time whenAndroid media apps create cached images or thumbnails. - The timewhen you are receiving files from Bluetooth and error occurs for anunknown reasons. # Problem Statement for Duplicate ContactsRemover:- -> We all face same problems when we buy a new phoneor sync and add social media account for ex. Google, Facebook,Whatsapp, Linkedin, etc. This will sync and store all your contactsinto their cloud in a separate manner and when you try to sync itwith your phone it will fetch and store all you contacts with allof your social media accounts. Hence the duplicate contacts occursand you might have multiple contacts with same name and number. #Problem Solution:- - The Duplicate Contacts Remover identifies anddetects all your duplicate contacts and will give a chance todelete them individually. - You can search the duplicate contactsby same name or same number and perform an action such as byremoving or merging it with other contacts. # Features of the app:- Remove duplicate files for example, Photos, Images, Videos, docs,PDF created by Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media apps -Remove duplicate contacts from same phone numbers and same namesand have a chance to delete them individually - Go to settings andhave a chance to filter the search criteria for example, includespecific files such as .mp3,.mp4,.png,.jpg and so on. - Has abackup directory for deleted results so you can restore the deletedoperations. - Works as a Whatsapp cleaner, Storage cleaner,duplicate file cleaner, storage space cleaner, junk cleaner, etc.#### Disclaimer #### ------> We do not store any of the user'sinformation in any form whatsoever. **** RATE US **** ------>Please do rate us if you like Duplicate file remover and DuplicateContacts Remover to help us grow <-----
MeetDoc 1.0.1 APK
MeetDoc is a consult oriented app which letsusers to record their daily activity data such as steps, calories,distance and heart rate and can post their queries from the app.MeetDoc is Mobile and Web based centric product. The appcommunicate with wearable which track your steps, calorie,distance, activity time, heart rate and ECG. You can post yourconcerns or queries to via app and our registered dietician willget back to you with useful information to make you fit andhealthy. It has functionality to store your data to the cloud andyou can see them using Web interface. We value the privacy of yourpersonal data so these functionality safe and secured.Below are the functionalities this app can provide:1. Display Real-Time activity data from wearable using BluetoothLow Energy protocol.2. It can store your 30 days data from wearable device.3. Display ECG graph (not for diagnosis purposes)4. Set the alarm from app to let the wearable to wake you up orremind to exercise.5. You can post your concerns related to your health and ourregistered dietician will advice to keep you fit and health.
Metal Detector 1.0 APK
Metal Detector uses the magnetic sensor ofyoursmartphone to calculate the magnetic field values and turnsyoursmartphone into a metal detecting device. The value displayedon topof the app is in microtesla(µT). 1µT is equivalent to 10mG(milliGauss). Generally magnetic field in nature ranges from 25 to65 µT(0.25 to 0.65 G) and any higher indication in the vicinity istheindication of a metal in nearby area which cause magneticfield.This app best works detecting ferromagnetic materials suchasiron but it can’t detect non-ferromagnetic such as Aluminium,Gold,Silver, Copper, etc. You can get the best result if you bringthesmartphone as close as possible (approx. 10 cm).You have a simple and effective metal detector in your handifyour phone is equipped with magnetic sensor. Most of themodernphones comes with magnetic sensors but there are alwayssomeexceptions. This app is very simple to use, just bringyoursmartphone to the metal and get the accurate result.If you want to check the authenticity of the app just bringyoursmartphone close enough to TV, Laptop or desktop, itwillimmediately notify you because of the magnetic field is createdbythose devices.Please rate the app 5 star if you are enjoying the app.P.S.In any case, for non-functionality of the app there arecertainguidelines need to follow:- Initialise your magnetic sensor by rotating your phone inthefigure 8 pattern from left to right.- Bring your phone close to TV, Laptop of Desktop to instantcheckof the proper working of app.- Remove magnetic or metal cover from your device foraccuratereadings
Quick Heart Rate Monitor 1.7 APK
Turn your Smartphone into your personal heartrate monitor. Heart rate monitor application measures your heartrate by analyzing blood flow on the tip of your finger that changeswith every heartbeat due to blood flow which is collected byanalysing a robust algorithm which constantly process your imagedata. It also draw a cardiograph on your Android Graphview.This app and algorithm require any external hardware to measureyour Heart Rate.How to use-:Place and hold your finger gently behind camera and flesh lightwhile taking measurement. Do not press your finger hard on yourCamera, it might give unexpected result. Press the Start button inorder to initiate the measurement, you will get your result afterfew seconds.Key features-:- Easy to use.- User Friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).- Reliable in measuring records.- Draw Real-Time Cardiograph.- Work best with smartphone having flashlight.
Quick Photo Sketch 1.16 APK
Apply pencil sketch, oil paint, black and white effects and filteron your photo. If you are tired from searching genuine photo sketchor pencil sketch application then once you use this app you do nothave to search for any other application. This application givesyou wide range of filters which includes pencil sketch, oilpainting sketch, wax sketch, crayon sketch, black and white effectsand many more. You can make your images black and white or colorimage, it doesn't matter. This application will make your imagesfar more better then those were before. How to use the application:1) Choose photo from your phone's gallery or capture it. 2) Crop oralign or rotate your photo according to your need. 3) Choose theeffect you want to apply on your photo and application will makethose changes to your photo. 4) You can choose black and white orcolour sketch effects for ex. Oil Paint Sketch, Pencil Sketch, WaxSketch, etc. 5) Save and share photo to your friend at any timethrough your social media network. Features of this application: -NIce and easy to use layout with material design theme - Rotate andcrop your selected images to your needs - Apply pencil sketch, oilpaint sketch, crayon sketch, black and white sketch, negative basedimages, blur effects. If you are enjoying the app then take amoment to rate this app and help us grow. Thanks and have fun.
Photo Sketch 1.0 APK
@Photo Sketch:Convert your picture into sketch effects with some givennicebackground styles. This is an amazing app with a niceuserinterface and great layouts. All you have to do is downloadthisapp and select your picture from the gallery or capture it fromyoucamera.In addition, you can crop your picture according to yourstyle.Thereafter, you can apply more than 25 different backgroundandoverlaying effects to your picture. Those pictures areespeciallyselected for this application.Lastly, there is an option to save your image with fourdifferenttypes of resolution settings. You can select any of thoseand ifyour phone isn't compatible or not supporting theresolution, theapp will notify the message.You can share your saved images to your friends or email youwiththe help of social media.Key features:- Pencil Sketch Effects- Different backgrounds overlaying effects- Varying the brightness of your image to your needs- Saving option for different resolutions- Sharing option with social media