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E-Commerce Inventory Management(EIM)app is an user-friendly, multi-store smart inventory andstockmanagement system. It works in complete stock synchronizationwithyour eCommerce store and allows you to update your inventoryfromyour mobile phone itself.
With the Barcode/QR Code Scanning in the app, you gettheeasiest, quickest yet the accurate way to update your stockwithoutany error. It's an error-free inventory management appthatprovides the quickest way to either directly update inventoryonthe store, or prepare a CSV file to update the inventory.
We have developed this app for all those eCommerce store ownerswhofind the stock and inventory Management boring andtedious.Especially the ones working for a huge eCommercewebsitewhere a large number of products are needed to beenteredand updated each day.

How EIM works?
► Install the mobile app on your Android phone.
► Open the app, and follow the store setup instructions. Youwillreceive web service on your email.
► Install and enable the web service module/extension/plugin onyoureCommerce store. (Install the respective module designedforrespective eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, OpenCart,Magentoand so on)
► Login to your store using the credentials.(Credential willbeprovided by Velsof).
► That's it. You have successfully added your store totheapp.
► Now you can use its multiple features to manage your inventoryandstock. You can also add multiple users on your storeprofile.

Main features of E-Commerce Inventory Management(EIM)app:
Free/Paid: The EIM app is available in Free (limited)aswell as Paid (Unrestricted) subscription options. You havetheoption to choose from Monthly, Quarterly, orYearlysubscriptions.
Simple to use: It's quite simple to use. Notechnicalskills required to use the app for updating yourinventory.
Multiple-stores: If you own multiple eCommerce sites,thereis no problem. You can add a multiple numbers of eCommercestores onthe app.
Multiple-users: For each store you are adding on theapp,you can add maximum up to three users per store.
Barcode scanner: You can also scan, read or capturetheproducts using any of the major code scanning systems likeBarcode,QR code scanning, ISBN scanning, EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A,UPC-Eetc.
Simple Material Design: Simple way to update yourinventoryon a user-friendly interface with the Materialdesign.
Update inventory: Update inventory of your storebyscanning the barcode or by manually entering the uniqueidentifierslike SKU, Reference Number, EAN-13 etc.
Search SKU: Allows you to search for an SKU to seetheproduct and stock related details with the product image ontheapp.
Export: Option to export the list of items orcurrentinventory from the store in CSV format.
Reset: You can reset your current scanning andinventoryupdate work and start again if you wish to.
E-commerce Compatibility: The EIM app can be used withallthe major eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento,OpenCartand so on.
Special plugin for OpenCart: OpenCart platform doesnotcreate unique SKUs for product Options or productcombinations.That is, if a product on your store is available intwo colors,both the product will have the same SKU. To handle thiswe havedeveloped an OpenCart plugin that will allow you to addunique SKUsfor your product combinations. Thus you can easilyupdate theirinventories separately.

Contact us
If you are having any issue using this app or need any assistanceorcustom modifications to fit your professional purpose, youcancontact us using the undersigned details. Please do not forgettosupport our work by leaving us a review.
Copyright © 2017 Velocity Software Solutions PVT LTD. AllRightsReserved.

App Information E-Commerce Inventory Management

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    E-Commerce Inventory Management
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    July 18, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    10 - 50
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Resume Builder 1.6 APK
Resume Builder App by Velsof: Is it accurate to say that you aresearching for a free resume builder app to make your own CV in aquick time? This resume builder application developed by our topdevelopers will empower you to outline all the essential subtleelements with your phone itself. This CV maker is particularlyvaluable to produce the prepared resume/CV using your mobile phone;rather than depending on laptops or computers for the same. Inaddition, this application has several engaging resume designs. Weare also planning to add more and more designs in the upcomingdays. CV/Resume are essential compulsory documents, which arerequired by a candidate to apply for an occupation or temporaryposition. It is basically vital to have an all around created andexpert document when going professional. This free resume creatorwill help you to make the perfect CV/Resume. For the most part, ithas been all around composed with several layouts where the userscan see and create by picking their own format. Key features ofthis Free Resume builder/ CV maker: ► Start building a resume in onyour Android phone; gone are the days when you were dependent onyour laptop to create a document like this.► Different formats andlayouts to generate your Resume in multiple designs. ► Step by stepprocess to enter every detail and create a job winning professionalCV, Resume.► Save your document in PDF version.► Edit, Delete orSave your work, and continue with it at later time.► Included withindustry standard expert layouts followed by most of the companiesand organizations.► Function for creating different resumes indifferent formats to adapt the profession you are applying for.►Share the document directly from the Resume Builder app through anysharing platform like WhatsApp, Email etc. Resume builder Appincludes the following sections: ► General Information► Academicinformation► Work Experience► Project details► Industrial trainingor exposure► References► Career objective► Image upload► GenerateResume in different layouts.Utilize our free app to build a resumewith a perfect outline that fit your professional needs. Contact usIf you are having any issue using this app or need any assistance,you can contact us using the undersigned details. Please do notforget to support our work by leaving us a review.support@velsof.com Copyright © 2016 Velocity Software Solutions PVTLTD. All rights reserved.
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Voice Recorder is an smart sound recording app designed forrecording and saving high quality audio on Android mobile devices.With this sound recorder app, users can quickly record, save andplay audio and voice notes in high quality over their smartphones.Recording is Fun with Voice Recorder App by Velsof► Voice orAudio Recorder- The user just has to press on the microphone iconon the home screen of Voice Recorder App to begin the soundrecording process.► Recordings that you save- User can browse thelist of all the saved voice recordings. You can play, pause, moveforward/backward, or delete the recordings from the app interfaceitself. Material design setting and user Interface This audiorecording app provides a setting option in easily accessiblematerial design that can help in performing various setups on thevoice recordings. ► Audio Recording formats- Depending upon therequirement, the user can save their audio recordings in a Highquality WAV, Good Quality MP4/ M4A or 3gp AMR formats.► RecordQuality- With the Voice Recorder App users have the freedom to savetheir audio recordings in various frequencies such as 22 KHz,32KHz, 44.1KHz, and many others.► Storage location- Once the soundrecording is done, the users can save their audio recordings on thedevice storage. By default, the recording files are saved in theinternal mobile storage.► Default Recording title- Users can changethe default title of the recording file and save it. ► Managelabels- Users can easily categorize recording files while savingthem. Just select the category label like personal, business,meeting, or create a category of your own like interviews,lectures, memo, concert, meetings, speeches etc. ► Edit therecordings- You can make changes in the name/title of the audiorecording file or can assign the desired label to it.► Share yourrecording files - The share option let users share their recordingfiles, voice notes, memos so on through various available mediumslike WhatsApp, Shareit, Gmail, bluetooth share and all the othersharing options on your phone. Install this free voice and audiorecorder app and never let a sound go out of your memories. You canutilize it for lecture recording, Meetings recording, Memo, voicenotes, and much more.Contact ussupport@velsof.comCopyright © 2016Velocity Software Solutions PVT LTD. All rights reserved
Vehicle License Info 1.1 APK
Getting your vehicle-related informationsuchas registration details, licensing details, and other such dataisnow just a click away. This Vehicle License Info app canprovideyou crucial details in a seamless manner. You just need toprovidethe number written on number plate for registration detailsandprovide the D/L number for D/L related details.What makes this Vehicle License Info app so special?► Registration details- This option helps inprovidingdetails of any Indian vehicle Registered with RTO. Here,the usercan search the automobile registration details of twoWheeler, fourWheeler, or any Indian automobile by typing theregistration numberin the search box.► License details- With this option, the user can easilygetthe license information of any D/L issued by the IndianRTO.► Recent searches- It displays the recent searchresultsrelated to the enrollment information and drivinglicensesdetails.► View All- By clicking on this option, the user willberedirected to the list page that displays thecompleteregistrations and licensing details searchedrecently.► Delete button- Delete or remove anytime the recentqueriesmade.► Share the info- It is now much easy to get and sharetheenrollment and driving licenses related information withothers.The app user can use any of the available filetransferapplications for sharing the details quickly with otherpeople.Now, no need to go to RTO office for getting thevehicle-relateddetails. Whether you are planning to buy asecond-hand car or bike,or you need legal information like chessisnumber, enrollment date,model number, automobile type, owneraddress, owner details etc.This single Free Vehicle License Infoapp by Velsof can be a greathelp in more than one way.Contact usIf you are having any issue using this app or need anyassistance,you can contact us using the undersigned details. Pleasedo notforget to support our work by leaving us a review.support@velsof.comCopyright © 2016 Velocity Software Solutions PVT LTD. Allrightsreserved.
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With Waller App by Velsof, you will never be in shortage of awesomewallpapers again. Download this Free wallpaper App to unlock anunlimited access to the Premium and coolest background images foryour phone sweet phone. Unlock the fun with unlimited FREEWALLPAPERS ► Ad-Free Experience - An AD-FREE wallpaper App tosolely concentrate on its true purpose of providing best HD, FHD,2K and UHD /4K wallpapers. ► No In- app purchases - A wallpaper appwith no in- app purchases as we have provided everything for FREE!Setting a wallpaper was never so FUN! ► Cleanest App interface -Easily accessible Full HD images even for a first timer. ► Quiickdownload Easy interface to download wallpapers and set them as yourdevice background directly from the App. ► Want to save the imageon your phone ? Use one-click download option. ► Want to directlyset them without downloading? Just a single click to Apply optionwill directly set as your background image.Waller backgroundsfeatures ► The unique material design - Wide range of appcompatibility with simple yet versatile app interface on a materialdesign. ► The light weight app design - A light weight App tobeautify your home screen. ► Unique and licensed images - Theamazing wallpapers offered by Waller are always original,handcrafted, live photos, or uploaded by our users. ► Favorites-Add them to your favorite list in LOVIN' IT tab. ► Social or QuickLogin- Personalized UX with Quick Facebook and Google+ login.Wallerinterface ► Categories- Nature, Photography, Community, Abstract,Material, Food, Space, Textures, Minimal, Fantasy and much more tobe still included in the upcoming versions of Waller. ► Examples ofImages- Patterns, Animals, Vehicles, Solid colors, Rain, People,Mountains, Forest, Trees, Travel, Seasons, Sunset, Sunrise , Night,City Night, blurred, cosmic view, and much more. ► All- Find allyou need in one interface without any filter to categories. ►Popular- Find all the best and popular images in one interface. ►LOVIN' IT- Add your favorite ones to bookmark and keep themseparately. ► User uploads- Users can also upload their Artwork toshowcase to the world. Contact us support@velsof.com Copyright ©2016 Velocity Software Solutions PVT LTD. All rights reserved.
Phone Manager - Online/Offline 1.1 APK
Have you ever lost your Android mobile andhavebeen worrying about the data in it? Have you gone frustratedofwaiting for the thief to connect it to the internet so that youcanreset it from your anti-theft app? Next time when you buy one,donot forget to install this android device manager.Phone Manager - Online/Offline app by Velsof is a simplewayto manage the crucial android device management task without aneedto be connected to the internet. With the help of thisPhoneManager app, even a naive mobile user can manage his/herpreciousmobile in an effortless manner.Android device security: This Phone Manager app iscapableof handling the phone security and network related taskswith thehelp of simple SMS commands. The user can perform thesetasksremotely, even when mobile if offline. The user just has toSMS afew commands through any other mobile on their own mobilehavingthis offline Phone Manager app.Anti-theft Protection without internet : WithPhoneManager - Online/Offline app, the users do not have to worryaboutthe privacy and security of their data in case of situationsliketheft and robbery. The user can reset his/her mobile with thehelpof few SMS commands and save himself from the misuse ofthedata.Wifi manager: Besides security and anti-theftprotection,this app can also remotely handle tasks likeenabling/disabling ofWifi and Security Number. You canenable/disable wifi accessremotely by just an SMS command.What makes this app cool?► Phone management without internet► Anti-theft protection without internet► Remote reset without internet► Remote erase with SMS► Remote wifi control without internet► Simple material design► Ad-free experienceSo, you can be assured of performing difficult androiddevicemanagement tasks from any place with the help of some simpleSMScommands only. It is definitely a big relief for numerousAndroiddevice users who are facing these critical issues intheirday-to-day life.Currently, this app is available for offline mode onlythroughSMS based commands, but the work on the online version isunderdevelopment. Stay updated on the recent developments relatedtothis Phone Manager mobile app.Contact usIf you are having any issue using this app or need anyassistance,you can contact us using the undersigned details. Pleasedo notforget to support our work by leaving us a review.support@velsof.comCopyright © 2016 Velocity Software Solutions PVT LTD. Allrightsreserved.