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EctoBooks Audio eBook by TrahanApps Listen to and Read True GhostStories!You can submit your own stories to the EctoBooks Developerfor Review.Your True Ghost Story if Approved willbe included withthe other stories already on the App.Serious Inquiries Only!!EctoBooks:A True Ghost Audio BookRequires Amazon Apps and Games

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    EctoBooks Audio
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    December 6, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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EctoTorch Camplight 4.01 APK
Looking for your fishing pole? Your bait ? How about your drink? Doit with style! EctoTorch Camplight comes complete with animatedcampfire .. (marshmallows not included)Tilt phone to enhanceanimation effects.Designed for smartphones and/or tablets with abuilt in camera flash. Developed by: Fabian Pierre Trahan ..
GetLoke 2.10 APK
Tired of fumbling through your map application to get your exactand current location? Lightning Fast GetLoke instantly andefficiently locates your "Precise" coordinates using the mapapplication of your choice installed on your device. App Developerrecommends Google™ Maps for best results. Great for RV and Campingtrips as well as Truckers / Tractor Trailer Operators who runTeams. You can lay in the bunk and get your exact location ornearest town without disturbing the person driving and withoutleaving the privacy of your bunk. Works great in Airplane Mode andis loads of fun while flying!* Note: GPS / Location must beenabled. *
Ectophobia Lite 2.5 APK
The Compact version of theEctophobia.ComParanormal Research and Discussion App. Internalprograms updateregularly now.Submit your paranormal research group by using the submit forminthe app!Direct links to Fabian Pierre Trahan's Ghostbox Evp sessionsonSoundCloud™ and YouTube™ media have been added andimproved.Constant updates to Ectophobia's Community site atFacebook™ withits stories and content included.*Interface with the ongoing ITC Research of FabianPierreTrahan:A field paranormal researcher and freelance EVP and VideoAnalystwithEastern Paranormal in Wilmington, NC athttp://www.EasternParanormal.ComThis app allows access to Ectophobia's main andFacebookwebsites,Fabian's GhostBox EVP Sessions, Radio Interviews, current accesstohis GhostCam Experiment which he will be expanding intomultipleGhostCam Experiments from various webcams set up inreportedlyhaunted locations in the near future, Paranormal Candywhere Fabianwill be adding links to Paranormal Research Groupswishing to belisted and profiled on the Ectophobia App as well asmany otherideas such as Radio show links and Research GroupBios.This App will be updated as content becomes available peritsDeveloper at regular intervals.Visit: http://www.FabianTrahan.comFor more information and ITC research.*The Ectophobia Community Site © Facebook™For full interaction with the Ectophobia Community site you maybeasked to join Facebook™. If you are already a member ofFacebook™you still may be asked to login. You can still view thecontent,but interaction may be limited until you log intoFacebook™.Facebook™ is free to join.Developed by: Fabian Pierre Trahan
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EctoTach GPS is an application that uses your phone's locationservices to enable various gauges and functions. A 24 hour clock isalso included. GPS Speed Gauge (kph/mph/knots/m/s), Altitude Gauge(Feet/or/Meters), and Geosynchronous Position Location Gauge thatcan be set to either Decimal values or Degrees (Latitude andLongitude). Units of measure for each Gauge and Gauge types (SpeedAnalog/Digital) can be changed with just the tap of your finger('One Tap' must be enabled). Windshield Mode enables you to readyour reflected displays at night when you place your device runningthe app on your dash, or any area where its inverted image can bereflected. Check to see whether or not using this application withyour device in such a manner is Legal in the area you intend to use'Windshield Mode' or any of the modes offered. Using EctoTachrequires common sense and good judgement on your part! BESAFE!Please note that by using EctoTach you do so at your own riskand YOU are FULLY responsible for presetting EctoTach BEFORE youdrive or operate any machinery as this is imperative and legallynecessary as per traffic laws in most countries, provinces andregions of the world. YOU are FULLY responsible for your ownactions and safety behind the wheel of a vehicle or while operatingany machinery and should NEVER distract yourself from the road orfrom your tasks at hand that require your undistracted train offocus and thought! NEVER interact with this application whiledriving or during ANY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY THAT REQUIRES YOUR FULLATTENTION at any time! YOU ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY.NOTICE: Thecreator of this application is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any misuse byanyone of this application and DEFINITELY NOT ACCOUNTABLE for ANYillegal actions performed by any user of this application, or theconsequences thereafter due to misuse and blatant disregard of thelaw and their own safety in any country at any time in the world.
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Looking for something? Do. it withstyle!Candles glow and flicker when you light this baby up! -andyoudon't ever have to worry about getting your fingersburned!* Requires built in Camera and Recommended for handheld smartphonesand/or tablets that have a built in camera with aflash.Something Practical *Something Soothing *Something Different *The EctoTorch Candlelight *Developed by: Fabian Pierre Trahan
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Based on our Paranormal Community Ectophobia..Developed by: FabianPierre Trahan
EctoTorch Flashlight 8.00 APK
A Practical Flashlight that can be set to automatically shut offafter 1, 3, 5, or 10 minutes.. EctoTorch Displays the national flagof whatever country you are in, as well as a transparent backgroundmaking it easier to spot what you are looking for, as well as twophoto buttons to document where you find whatever you lost. .Flashlight comes on at startup. Use Camera to take Picture #1and/or Picture #2 (Images over-write), Location and visualReferences to Day and Night (Sun and Moon) are shown. Time (12 hourformat) and date are also displayed. * Requires built in Flash usedwith Camera hardware. Recommended for handheld smart phones and/ortablets that have a built in camera with flash.The EctoTorchFlashlight - A New Light.Developed by: Fabian Pierre TrahanThis isthe Third Edition of EctoTorch.
Trump-Light Flashlight 9.50 APK
Trump for President 2016A flashlight made to honor Donald TrumpThis is a 'Supporter Created Product' using 'freely shared' publicdomain imagery and self portraits.TrahanApps is not directly affiliated with:* Any Campaign or Candidate* Candidate's Committee* Political Party.Contributors:Fabian TrahanMark Freeman