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Electrical Calculators is a powerful automation tool which lets youperform calculations automatically. List of calculators:*** Ohm'slaw calculator: Use this tool to calculate two of the quantitiesfrom voltage, current, resistance and power.*** 4 & 5 Bandresistor color coding calculator: You can easily find the value of4 band carbon resistors using this tool.*** Voltage dividercalculator: Find the amount of potential drop across seriesresistors.*** Current divider calculator: Find the amount ofcurrent divided across resistors.*** Parallel resistors: Solve 2,3, 4 or 5 resistors joined in parallel.*** Parallel Inductors:Solve 2, 3, 4, or, 5 resistors in parallel configuration.*** Seriescapacitors: Solve 2, 3, 4, or, 5 series capacitors.*** Resonantfrequency calculation: Enter the values of capacitance, inductanceand resistance to calculate resonance frequency, series dampingfactor, and parallel damping factor.*** Ceramic capacitors coding:Enter 3 letters to calculate the value of ceramic capacitors.***Temperature conversion calculator: Covert temperature betweendifferent scales from Kelvin, Fahrenheit, and Celcius.*** Prefixes:Convert from nano to atto, or from femto to pico, or from mega toyotta.*** Digital numbers: Convert between binary, hexadecimal,decimal, and octal.*** Electricity bill calculator: Calculate thebill due to different electronics.*** Power calculator: Calculatethe power from voltage, current, power factors and current type.***Energy: Calculate the energy from power and time.*** kVA to Amps:Calculate the current from voltage and kVA.*** kVA Calculation:Calculate the kVA from voltage and current.*** Current from power:Calculate the amount of current flowing from power.*** 3 PhaseInduction motor calculation: Calculate the amount of current alongwith RLA and FLA values for induction motor.Basics formulas andelectrical charts on following topics:*** Ohm's law*** Voltageformula*** Current formula*** 4 Band Color coding*** 5 Band Colorcoding*** Prefixes*** SI units*** Electrical symbols*** Solidcopper gauge

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Induction Motor app which provides the basic theory of constructionand types of motor. The MCQs and questions are provided to developa solid foundational concept on the motor. The Induction motorcalculators provide automation solution for Electricians, designengineers, fabrication designers and everyone in the industry withultimate automation.Details:*** Introduction: In this section, thetypes and construction are provided. Attractive visuals are addedwhich enables you to understand the physical design as well.***Speed: The concept of speed is provided. You'll understand whatexactly do we mean when we talk about Speed of induction motors.***Slip: The concept of slip and its mathematical equations areprovided.*** Questions: Different questions on the induction motorstheir types, construction and drives are added. These questions areequally important for Engineering students who are studying the ACmotors as well as for those who are/intend to work in theelectrical industry.*** MCQ: Couple of MCQs are added which helpyou test your skills. A good practice is to scroll through thequestion, guess the answer and then compare it with the correctanswer.*** Speed, Frequency, Pole Calculator: This induction motorcalculator helps you find one of the three unknown quantities. Hittwo quantities and press Calculate, you'll be provided with thecorrect answer.*** Torque, Horsepower and Speed Calculator: Same asabove.*** Starting current calculator: This calculator enables youto find the starting current of the motor. Select the class ofmotor and hit Calculate, you'll be provided with the current.***Motor controls A symbols set which provide visuals on Inductionmotor starter control diagram.
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This application provides the basic knowledge on followingtopics:*** Basic properties of EE: The basic properties such asvoltage, current, power and resistance along with their units arediscussed.*** Formulas for calculating voltage, current, resistanceand power are also provided.*** Two types of circuit configurationsare discussed*** Formulas for solving series and parallel circuitsare provided*** Kirchhoff's current law*** Kirchhoff's voltagelaw*** Current divider*** Voltage divider*** Superpositionprinciple*** Thevenin theoremThe practical knowledge on followingtopics is provided.*** DC Voltage source*** Resistors***Breadboard*** Wires*** Switches*** Wires*** Batteries*** Practicalbattery skills*** American wire gauge system (AWG)*** Sensors andtheir typesReference tables for:*** Units*** Prefixes*** Symbols***Resistors color coding*** AWGMCQ's are also added
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Multimeters are the electronic measurement tools which help you tomeasure basic electrical quantities such as voltage, current andresistance. In other words, a multimeter is a combination of thevoltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. Modern digital multimeters areloaded with multiple features such as capacitance measurement,temperature measurement, continuity tests, transistor working,battery testing, and diode checking. Keeping all these points andelectrical industry in view this app is designed to give you theinformation about working of the meter. After going through thisapplication you'll learn about the basic theory of multimeters aswell as you'll be able to use your device for performing differentcalculations. This app includes:*** Basic introduction to themeter*** Symbols which you should know while using the meter*** Alltasks which you can perform using DM*** Battery testing andchecking*** Capacitance measurement*** Diode checking using thedevice*** Fuse checking*** Frequency checking*** LED Testing***MOSFET*** Temperature MeasurementThe online section of the appfeatures Chapter wise information about Multimeter which ispresented as follow:> Chapter 1: Basics*** Parts ofmultimeters*** Important symbols*** What does it can do?>Chapter 2: Functions*** Continuity buzzer*** Battery check>Chapter 3: Equipment testing*** Battery*** Capactitance***Frequency*** Fuse testing*** Temperature*** LED Testing*** MOSFETChecking> Chapter 4: Multimeter purchasing guide*** Probes
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A catalogue of electrical symbols containing electronic componentsand power elements.*** Basic components- AC Voltage source-Battery- Bell- Cell- Chassis ground- Current controlled currentsource- Current source- DC Voltage source- Digital ground- DipSwitch- Fuse- Ground- Photoresistor- Push button (Normally open)-Push button (Normally closed)- Resistor- Speaker- SPDT- SPST-Tapped resistor- Thermistor- Trimmer- Variable resistor- Voltagecontrolled current source- Wire- Wires not connected- Wiresconnected*** Electronics- Adjustable Inductor- BJT (NPN)- BJT(PNP)- Capacitor- Current regulator diode- Diode- Ferrite coreinductor- IGBT- Inductor- Iron core Inductor- JFET N Channel- JFETP Channel- LED- Op amp- Photodiode- Polarized capacitor- Schottkydiode- Shunt inductor- Tapped inductor- Tunnel diode- Varactordiode- Variable capacitor- Variable inductor- Zener diode***Machines- AC Motor- Generator- Motor- Transformer- Wattmeter***Power- Busbar- Circuit breaker- Circuit breaker with thermaloverload device- Circuit breaker with magnetic overload device***Digital- AND Gate- NAND Gate- NOR Gate- NOT Gate- OR Gate- XNORGate- XOR Gate*** Single line diagram (One line diagram)- Ammter-Contactor- Current transformer- Frequency meter- Generator- HVCircuit breaker- HV Draw out circuit breaker- Inverter- Lamp- LCCircuit breaker- LV Fuse- Motor- Phase meter- Potentialtransformer- Rectifier- Transformer- Var meter- Voltmeter- AC Motordrive (Variable frequency drive)
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Ohm Law Android app provides a reference for Electrical learnerscontaining the following topics:*** Theory: The theory of law andits mathematical statement, as well as the different forms ofvoltage, current and resistance, are provided.*** Experiment: Theexperiment performed by Georg Simon Ohm for achieving the desiredresults is also provided. Visuals are added as well as the table,graph and tabulated form are added for the optimal learning.***Calculator: The Ohm's law calculator helps you to calculate thevoltage, current resistance, and power provided that two values areknown. The calculator provided here is the most powerful calculatorwhich contains prefixes such as Milli, Kilo, Mega and Giga forproviding a feasible and seamless experience.*** Ohm Law Wheel: TheOhm's wheel provides 12 different formulas for calculating two ofthe voltage, current, resistance and power from any given twovalues.*** Please report the bugs and problems in the comment.