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Electrical Engineering Formulas - "Electrical Engineering Formulas"is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles ofphysics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing,and maintenance of Electrical systems. "Electrical EngineeringFormulas" has some set of solved Electrical Engineering equationsin step-by-step. It has the following 10 main Category equationssolved, 1. Solenoid Coil Electromagnetic Force 2. Capacitor Energy(E) and RC Time Constant 3. Inductance of an Air Core Coil 4.Parallel Resistor 5. Straight Wire Inductor 6. LM317 CurrentRegulator 7. Physical Properties of Coil / Material 8. 8051 PICMicrocontroller Time Delay 9. Microstrip Transmission Lines 10.Lm317 Voltage and Resistor

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