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The app provides quick revision and reference to theimportanttopics like a detailed flash card notes, it makes it easy&useful for the student or a professional to cover thecoursesyllabus quickly before an exams or interview forjobs.Understanding electricity requires knowledge of thesebasicelectrical terms. 1. Introduction of electrical engineering2.Voltage and current 3. Electric Potential and Voltage 4.Conductorsand Insulators 5. Conventional versus electron flow 6.Ohm's Law 7.Kirchoff's Voltage Law (KVL) 8. Kirchoff's Current Law(KCL) 9.Polarity of voltage drops 10. Branch current method 11.Meshcurrent method 12. Introduction to network theorems 13.Thevenin'sTheorem 14. Norton's Theorem 15. Maximum Power TransferTheorem 16.star-delta transformation 17. Source Transformation 18.voltage andcurrent sources 19. loop and nodal methods of analysis20.Unilateral and Bilateral elements 21. Active and passiveelements22. Introduction of measuring instruments 23.Variousforces/torques required in measuring instruments 24. GeneralTheoryPermanent Magnet Moving Coil (PMMC) Instruments 25.WorkingPrinciples of PMMC 26. A multi-range ammeters 27.Multi-rangevoltmeter 28. Basic principle operation of Moving-ironInstruments29. Construction of Moving-iron Instruments 30. ShuntsandMultipliers for MI instruments 31. Dynamometer type Wattmeter32.Introduction to Power System 33. POWER TRANSMISSIONANDDISTRIBUTION 34. Magnetic Circuit

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