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Electro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music Game A Top highqualitysoundtrack and sound design style is like real withamazingvibration animation on play. Top design and imagination. AllnewElectro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music Game Make beats andmusicwith fresh EDM sample packs! Use new pitch effect to makeyourbeats even better! To play, simply tap your fingers on thedrum.And drum sounds are played simultaneously. Choose a weightheavyvolume as needed. It sounds like real drums. Electro MusicDrumPads: Real Drums Music Gam to help you design andimagination.Sound design or music. Ideal for those who begin todesign sound.It can be easy to use and allows you to evolve interms of designand style of music. Electro Music Drum Pads: RealDrums Music GameApplications has option allows you to discover yoursound designstyle. The course is fun and enjoys the sound designwith thisdrumpads get effect of drum and bass with drum music inthediversification of drumstick by playing with EDM friends onEDMsamples and make music for hip hop drum pads in hip hop padslikethis melody maker in this Electro Drumpad. Simply make beatsandmusic by tapping colorful pads, even though beginners aboutmusictheory can create something sounds like a popular EDM productwiththeir own hands. In addition, we provide many melodies, whichmakesthis drum machine full of strong play ability andendlesspossibility. To play, simply tap your fingers on the drum.And drumsounds are played simultaneously. Choose a weight heavyvolume asneeded. It sounds like real drums. Electro Music DrumPads: RealDrums Music Game Features: ✔ With different types ofhigh-qualitysamples. ✔ Make your own music tracks, train yourfinger drummingskills . ✔ Mix many sounds and melodies in realtime. ✔ Record themusic you created. ✔ Support share to YouTube,Instagram, Facebookand Google+ ✔ Totally 48 pads. ✔ Volume control,to diversify yourmusic. ✔ Electro Drum Pads works even offline. ✔You can adjust allsounds with different volume as you like. ✔Fade-in & fade-outeffects, to make professional beats. ✔ Saveall your beats &music with fading effects. ✔ Electro Music DrumPads is free todownload. ✔ Support share tracks on social network.✔ Share beats,share music, share fun!. ✔ Most downloaded ElectroDrum Pads appfor android. Electro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums MusicGame musicstyles * Dubstep * drums * Trap * Hip Hop * Electro *Techno * Jazz* Drum * Bass * Loop * Synth * Percussion * Melodic *Lead * VocalNew Feature of Electro Music Drum Pads: Real DrumsMusic Game ✔Volume control, to diversify your music. ✔ Electro DrumPads workseven offline. ✔ You can adjust all sounds with differentvolume asyou like. ✔ Fade-in & fade-out effects, to makeprofessionalbeats. ✔ Save all your beats & music with fadingeffects. ✔Electro Music Drum Pads is free to download. ✔ Supportshare trackson social network. ✔ Share beats, share music, sharefun! All newElectro Music Drum Pads: Real Drums Music Game Makebeats and musicwith fresh EDM sample packs! Use new pitch effect tomake yourbeats even better! Simply make beats and music by tappingcolorfulpads, even though beginners about music theory can createsomethingsounds like a popular EDM product with their own hands.Inaddition, we provide many melodies, which makes this drummachinefull of strong play ability and endless possibility. ElectroMusicDrum Pads: Real Drums Music Game to help you designandimagination. Sound design or music. Ideal for those who begintodesign sound. It can be easy to use and allows you to evolveinterms of design and style of music. Download and become amusicmaker. Download Electro Music Drum Pads and become a musicmaker.Thank You………!!

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    Tool Media App
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Digital Invitation Card Maker Create custom invitation cardsbysimply choosing a free invitation template and edit it withyourown images, messages, etc. Create your own invitation cardforparty, birthday, wedding ceremony, engagement/ring ceremonywithinseconds using beautiful and professional templates. 100+predesigned invitations card to choose to make a your ownpersonalizedinvitation cards. Whether you need to invite for awedding, abirthday party, musical party, new year party,engagement,graduation party, theme parties like, foam party, loveparty, hottub party etc., we specially designed for all theoccasion that youmay need to create your invitation cards. Alsodesign your owninvitation card or simply edit one of our predesigned cards withyour preference. Main Features: 1. Select from100+ pre designedinvitaiton cards. 2. Add your information that youmay need topersonalize the card. 3. Choose your own text or fontstyle, itssize and color. 4. Change background as per your choice.5.Finalize and share it to invite your friends n family forthespecial occasion. Create cards for Birthday Card maker, Partycardmaker , wedding invitations, anniversary cards, theme partiesetc.Announce your special day to the whole world with abeautifulmessage wrapped in attractive wedding card designs. Getstartedtoday! You can search for design your own invitation for ababyshower invitation, create personalized baby shower invitationstoyour guests, birthday invitation maker, 1st birthdayinvitationtemplate, event invitation templates, business eventinvitationmaker, create festival invitation card with your photo,name, apiece of art or personalized invitation, an invitation forafestival celebration, invitation for getting together dinner,gettogether invitation card maker, party invitation maker, createaninvitation, digital invitations, free eCards, birthdayinvitationcard maker, birthday invitation card maker with photo, doityourself invitation templates. Digital Invitation Card Makerisbest application to invite all your relatives withsharingattractive card with amazing colorname,fontstyle and withbestcards.it has some simple steps to make Invitation cards withsimplesteps click like # Write name # Your patrner name # AddInvitationdate # Time # Invitation message # Location # Selecttheme # Saveand share With this all fetures you will easily makemany cards andshare with everyone different different cards withyour relatives.Digital Invitation Card Maker app has all beautifulname editingformats,attractive font style,best color,colorfulshadow,Shader andalso have choice to increase and decrease fontsize with yourchoice. At last you will save image in your creationand directshare it with your friends, and relatives withsocialnetworkin..You have also choice to save profile and directeditwith cards and sahre it.. Thank You…………….!!
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Garden Echo Mirror Effect Garden Echo Mirror Effect photoeditorapplication and see your image with twin and reflectioneffect. Youcan also change effects like small to big or big tosmall as peryour requirement. Mirror magic effect allows you todecorate yourphoto with echo mirror magic and background changerapp. You cancut your image as you like and set the reflectioneffect which isselected by you. Try Garden Echo Mirror Effect tosee you in TwinEffects, Slow motion effects and so many othermagics effects. Tryadd slow motion to your photo, want to showclones with 3d mirroreffect. Apply echo effect to any photo fromyour gallery. Cut outand repeat yourself to create awesome photoeffects. Addition youcan create innovative 3d mirror effect, showcrazy, magical mirroreffects, Twin Effect or Reflection Effect ormany more effect. Wantto make an image with echo effects likereflection and mirroreffect? Then try our new App Echo MirrorMagic: Repeat MagicMirrors which allows you to apply awesome echomirror effect withstunning backgrounds. How to use: - Select imagefrom Gallery. -Crop and zoom image for making your effectefficient. - Draw andselect the portion which you want to cut. -Select mirror effectwhich you want to apply. - Use the eraser tomake your photo moreclear if you want, so that echo effect will bevisible properly. -A Select background which will suit your photo.- Select filtertool to apply awesome effect to image - Save phototo the album. -Share your output mirror effect photo with yourfriends usingsocial media. Garden Echo Mirror Effect app can beused for showingwalking, running, jumping and many more postureseffects with slowmotion. Also, this awesome echo editor can be usedto show crazyand magical echo effects. Echo reflection photo editoris a bestway to create reflection and twin effects of your usingecho cameraand make a photo for you. We are excited to see yourawesomecreativity with us. Thank You……………….!!
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DSLR Camera: Blur Photo Effect DSLR Camera: Blur Photo Effectwithimage blur tool allows you to blur the background of yourphotovery fast to create amazing photos with blurred background.DSLRCamera: Blur Photo Effect is the best photo blur tool to blurimagebackground and create real DSLR Camera effect. DSLR Camerawithimage blur tool allows you to blur the background of yourphotovery fast to create amazing photos with blurred background.DSLRCamera: Blur Photo Effect with image blur tool allows you toblurthe background of your photo very fast to create amazingphotoswith blurred background. If you want to focus in your photoatparticular area you can easy download this DSLR camera -BlurCamera app. Blur image lets you selectively blur or un-blurtheparts of your pictures so that you can manually focus onthesubject properly. DSLR Camera: Blur Photo Effect is a AmazingPhotoEditor with many amazing effects! A very comprehensive photoeditorand pretty much everything you could ever want to do on yourphone!You can easily undo, redo the wrong actions in this app. Howto useDSLR Camera: Blur Photo Effect :- 1. Take Photo from CameraorGallery 2.Crop image to set perfect size of photo 3. ChoosefromVarious Blur category is available like Round Blur, Line BlurAndPixel Blur etc. 4. Use Photo editing tools like Undo, Redo,BrushSize and more to accurately blur photos. 5. DSLR Camera allowsyouto save photo in your blur effects. 6. You can share imageviasocial Media like Facebook, Whatsapp, and many other. Features:- -Crop your photo - Lot of customized magic mirror effects.-Brightness - Contrast - Saturation - Blur - Add Text - Sticker-Focus DSLR Camera: Blur Photo Effect is blur image backgroundandthe best photo blur tool create real DSLR Camera. DSLR Camera:BlurPhoto Effect oto is one of the best photo editing a blurredpagesfor picture blurring. Blur photo lets you select Blur or BlurUN,the part of your pictures so thatIf you want to focus in yourphotoat particular area you can easy download this DSLR camera -Blureasy to use Background app. Blur photo lets you selectivelyblur orun-blur the parts of your pictures so that you can manuallyfocuson the subject properly. Key Words:- -DSLR Camera &PhotoEditor -DSLR Camera: Photo Effect -DSLR Camera-Blur Effect-DSLRCamera Blur Background -Professional DSLR Camera Download ittodayand Enhance your photo with our amazing And Creative AppsDSLRCamera ... If you like this app then rate it and review itandshare this with your love one. Thanks for using this app, leaveusyour feedback and we will consider them for future updates!
Video Call Recorder -Auto Call Recorder 1.0 APK
Video Call Recorder -Auto Call Recorder Video call recorder isasuper creative app that helps you to capture screen and recordanyvideo in your mobile phone. Video Call Recorder lets yourecordyour conversations tango, imo, whatsapp, facebook, Messenger,oovooor ICQ to HD and FullHD videos as well as in full screeneveryonecan use the 100% free in a short time limit for recordingthedevice's screen the best way to record video images Video Callis acovered camera for master recording and perect Rec for usertorecord all calls, chats and screens secretly. Being able tofileconversations away is a very valuable asset, you can alsorecordaudio from the microphone and it is automatically mixed intotherecording videos, App works does not require root access, notimelimit, no watermark and very easy to use on most phones andtabletsfor devices running Android 5.0 more. -Capture screen andrecordvideo instantly -Play and share recorded videos with yourlovingones. -Adjust screen resolution and video quality It’s timetorecord the loving memories with your loved ones and capture allthemagical moments with Video call recorder. Video CallRecordersupport video recorder, a call recorder and phone automaticcallrecorder. Features of video call recorder & VideoChatRecording: 📹 Record IMO video call screen recorder 📹 Videocallingfree cam chat 📹 Record All Social Media video call 📹 Audio +VideoRecording and HD Quality Available. 📹 Record any video callwithjust 1 click. 📹 Cool dynamic effect of the floating window 📹Editname of the video, delete recorded videos anytime. 📹Autoadjustment of screen resolution and voice 📹 Play, share ordeletevideos from within the application 📹 Save your videos ondropbox,google drive etc 📹 Record anytime anywhere without root. 📹Hidefloating window when recording. 📹 Multiple video resolutions,videoquality, frame rates. Automatically choose the best videosettingsfor your device. 📹 Share & edit & delete &select allpictures. It's simple and easy to use: - Video callrecorder, youcan easily record every video call when it starts, -Automaticvideo call recorder. - HD quality recording. - Playrecorded videocalls anytime. - Video Editing, delete, rename, shareyou name it.- Video Effect Set a recording delay timer. - you caneasily manageand set your own time delay you choose before start avideo callrecording or call recording. - Share recording videocalls anytimeyou want. - Delete & Rename voice call recording.You will seemany Video Call Recorder Apps in Play Store but videoautomaticcall recorder has state of the art solutions, this may bethe #1Call Recorder for android. It’s time to record the lovingmemorieswith your loved ones and capture all the magical momentswith Videocall recorder. Thank You…
Baby Photo Suit Photo Montage 1.0 APK
Baby Photo Suit Photo Montage Why people neglect baby boysregardingtheir fashionable kids wear? Why do people think thatbaby boy isnot fond of fashion? It’s not reasonable. There arelots ofdifferent baby suits which you can straight use with you oryou canedit images from mobile's image gallery to add this babysuit toyour photos. Mostly, parents have a wish to see theirchildren indifferent picture of dresses. Parents prefer for thebabyphotography with stylish suits for different occasions likeparty,wedding or birthday. In contrast many babies have limitednumber ofsuits and dresses. The baby photo is the foremost babyphoto montageapp which would transform baby face in extensivevariety of dresses.So try this extreme baby photo editor and edityour baby’s photosfor free.. You can wear virtual suits, just takephotographs withthe camera. You have front and back camera to takea picture. BabyPhoto Suit Photo Montage App is powerful photoediting software toolfor stylish TextArt on your photo and let theface swap photo funbegin! Baby Photo Suit Photo Montage containsStylish, fashionable,Trendy and Latest suit Photo collection soyou have to just selectany Baby Boy Photo Suit as per your choice.◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ Features:◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ ✔ 100+ Baby Boy Photo Suit for your babylook picturestickers you can add to your pictures. ✔ Easy to useBaby Boy PhotoSuit Montage that will make you enjoy photo editingand it’s allfree. ✔ Use best baby clothing photo Crop tool withBaby Boy PhotoSuit. ✔ Capture new photographs from camera andselect from gallery.✔ It’s Simple and easy to adjust your photo inBaby Boy Photo suit.✔ You can remove and crop background so getperfect passport sizephotos. ✔ You can cut and pest image andchange background ✔ In BabyBoy Photo Suit we provide 1000+stickers, emojis to add your photo.✔ Easy to add your own textapply colors and much more.. ✔ Removeand crop background so getperfect passport size photos. ✔ Adjustyour image to any frame byrotating, moving and zooming it in orout! ✔ Save awesome Baby BoyPhoto Suit images to your mobiledevices and sd card! ✔ Use the'share' option to post images toFacebook, Instagram or Twitter!.Make your baby boy prepared withnew and classy fashion suit ⚛ Whenit comes to fashion trends orclothes even kids have becomechoosier and particular. Those daysare gone when parents use tochoose the kids wear and kids use towear it but today time isdifferent with the creation, they preferto use their childrendresses on their own. ⚛ Smart kids also wantto look awesome andclassy. They are more particular about theirlooks and kidsdresses. They also evaluate their kids clothing withtheir friendsand always want to look best like a mature want to. ⚛So you shouldpurchase kids clothing which increase their looks incommunityoverall look like baby suits, little boy clothes, babysuits, babyboy fashion, kids suits, baby clothes, kids clothes,kids clothingand kids wear. You can now dress your baby boy in avariousdifferent set of kids blazers. You don’t have to buy themjust tocheck whether your lovely little boy suits looks awesome andclassyin this kids wear, kids clothes, kids clothing and baby suit.Anapp known as baby boy fashion suit can be a messiah for you.Obtainthis kids dresses app and follow the mentioned steps andhelpcreate your baby boy prepared with new and classy boysclothing.Thank You………….!!
Caller Name Announcer & Flash on Call SMS 1.0 APK
Caller Name Announcer & Flash on Call SMS Caller NameAnnouncer& Flash on Call SMS is Caller Name Speaker announcesname ofthe person who is calling your number. Caller Name Announcer&Flash on Call SMS speaks every thing while some one is callingyouor send you a message, identify with out looking to yourandroidsmart phone. Caller Name Announcer & Flash on Call SMSSpeaksCaller Name of Incoming Phone Call, SMS Sender Name &reduceits ringtone volume. Caller Name Speaker and SMS Speaker1.Announces incoming caller name. 2. Speaks SMS sender name.3.Speaks SMS contents. 4. Set repeat mode i.e. announces nameonce,twice, thrice etc. 5. Enable/Disable in Silent mode.6.Enable/Disable in Vibrate mode. 7. Set before/After testwhileannouncing name. 8. Set speech rate and pitch of sound. CallerNameAnnouncer & Flash on Call SMS :Flash Light Alerts on callandSMS 1. Alerts you with flash light blinking on incoming callandSMS. 2. Can set blink time and Number of blinks. 3.Enable/Disableon Ring, Vibration and silent mode. Flash Light Torch1. ON/OFFFlash Light. 2. Set Strobe for Flash light. 3. Can setScreen Lighti.e. brightest Screen. Note: This app uses Googletext-to-speechlibrary which is important to be installed in yourdevice. CallerName Announcer & Flash on Call SMS uses thebuilt-in Androidtext-to-speech engine to speaks the "incoming"caller name or SMSsender name and contents of the SMS. Caller NameAnnouncerFeatures: ✔ Highly Customize your Caller Name Announcer.✔Enable/disable speaking caller name. ✔ Enable/disable incomingSMSsender name only. ✔ Enable/disable incoming SMS sender nameandcontents of the SMS. ✔ Set your Message before and aftercallername manually. ✔ Speaks message sender name. With full SMScontentreading. ✔ Change repeat mode announcements. ✔ Choosingdelay timebetween announcements. ✔ Turn off Announce while silentoption isavailable. ✔ Custom Ringtones settings. ✔ Custom VolumeSettings. ✔Caller Name Announcer is completely free download. ✔Notify on allincoming calls. By speaking caller name. ✔ If you wantsuddenlystop speaking. Than Shake it. ✔ You can change volume,pitch andspeech rate of audio. ✔ Enable or Disable announcingcaller name ✔Caller Name Announcer is completely free download.Disclaimer:Caller Name Announcer & Flash on Call SMS uses thebuilt-inAndroid text-to-speech engine to voice the caller or SMSSender ID.If your mobile do not have pre-installed text-to-speechengine,please go to Google play to download the engine app. ☆AudioSettings☆ Speak volume settings Speak sound pitch settingsSpeakspeed settings Caller Name Announcer & Flash on Call SMSwillnot work if your smart phone does not have text-to-speechlibrarybut this is not a problem you can easily download it fromGoogleplay store. Thank You…………!!!
Age Calculator 1.0 APK
Age Calculator Age Calculator: Know How old are you? This isasimple yet powerful app for performing everyday datearithmeticincluding age calculation and more. Now it is possible tocalculateyour current age on date with age calculator. AgeCalculatorprovides you best and easy calculation of you age andremainingdays of your next coming birthday. Age Calculator isgiving yourage with all the detail of years, months, days.Calculate yourperfect age in years, months and days. It's sometimesvery handy tofind actual age and days between two dates. Find yourage in years,minutes and hours. This is a very easy age calculatorto calculateyour actual age and find days between two dates. Now,It's hasslefree to find your age, how many days you are living andremainingdays until your next birthday. This is a simple yetpowerful appfor performing everyday date arithmetic including agecalculationand more. Now it is possible to calculate your currentage on datewith age calculator. Sometimes very difficult to finddate of birthbetween two Date. 1- Our Age calculator App Help youto findday,month, years between two date. 2- This is an agecalculator appbased on the date of birth and the date to becalculated at. 3-This calculator gives out age in years, months,weeks, days. 4-Know your age. Calculate your age in years, months,days. Just knowhow many days have been passed since your time ofbirth. 5-Calculate how many days are left for your next birthday.6- FreeApp Easy to use and You can share your DOB with friend. Thisis avery simple age calculator to calculate your actual age andfinddays between two dates. Extra Calculation used to give detailsthattoday you are total of days, total months, total years,totalweeks. You can save your friends and relatives birthdays withthistool. You will be notified on your friend's or any of yourdearone's birthday. Thank You……….!!
Taj Mahal Photo Frames 1.0 APK
Taj Mahal Photo Frames Decorate your photos with thisincredibletajmahal photo frames app. Create awesome looking photoframes ofyou at TajMahal Photo Frame by embedding your photos.Share andshow off the photos of you at TajMahal with friends andfamily.Select any photo from Gallery and embed the photo of yourchoiceinto TajMahal photos like etc. You can use two fingergestures toenter the photo in right place in the TajMahal frames.addingTajMahal background to their favorite images. Feel yourselfin thesurroundings of TajMahal beauty Now we develop TajMahal photoframeeffects app to decorate your photos with TajMahal photoframeeditor and to get feel we are in Pleasant atmosphere. =>TajMahal Photo Editor in which you will now be able tocherishmemorable moments you have spent with your loved onesforever. TajMahal photo frames are best and useful for beautifysome romanticmoments in your life. Taj Mahal photo frames is veryuseful forspecial moments like : Event, Anniversary or maybeWeddingceremony. Decorate your photos with this incredible tajmahalphotoframes app. There is no photo that cannot look good wheneditedwith this photo frame editor. This Taj Mahal Photo Frame isalsoknown as : 1) Taj Mahal photo frames 2) Taj Mahal photo framesHD3) Taj Mahal photo Editor 4) Tajmahal photo frames Have thisphotoframes app and give to your photos awesome look with TajMahalphotoframes. Your pictures will be perfect with these fantasticromanticTaj Mahal photo frames. Create stunning looking famouspictureframes with your every day pictures using our Famous Framesandyour photos. Choose your favorite image and add it tofavouriteTajmahal Photo frame. Create your own beautiful andTajmahallyTajmahal picture frames and share it to your Tajmahaldones or setit as your device wallpaper. Features: - Apply TajmahalFrames onphoto. - Add amazing photo effects and add photo text onimage -Select a pic from the gallery and use this cute pictureeditor todecorate it! - Capture a new image with your camera andapply acool photo frame to it! - You can set swap photo. - SupportsAllandroid OS Mobiles and Tablets devices. - Simpleuser-friendlyinterface. - Browse your existing pictures fromgallery. - Move,rotate, drag options to set photos on gardenframes. - Tap to applydifferent effects on your photo: Black &white, sepia,grayscale and more!. - Tajmahal Photo Frame is easy touse app. -Wonderful Tajmahal photo frames. - Draw text and diagramswithglowing effects - Share your Tajmahal photo collage throughsocialnetwork sites like facebook, twitter, whatsapp,instagram,gmail etcIf you like this Taj Mahal Photo Frame : PhotoEditor then pleaserate us and give your comment and share this appwith your friendsad family. Thanks...