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Elegant Princess Dress Up game is availablefor you now with amazing graphics. It’s time for you to help theprincess in choosing the most beautiful dresses and accessories.The princess must be very beautiful because tonight she is going toan important event in the kingdom, only you can help her by playingthis attractive princess dress up game. Our princess dress up gamesare always amazing, we are looking to create beautiful outfitsbecause you must have a lot of choices.
The princess is looking to find a beautiful prince at this partyand only with a perfect look she can do it. Dress up the princessand show to everybody your fashion designer skill, certainly youcan do this perfect job without problems.
- You have to dress up princess
- You have a lot of items
- You have amazing graphics
- You have to show your fashion designer skills
- You can play the game unlimited for free
Play one of the best princess dress up games and make the princessto shine, she needs it and only you can help her. Play ElegantPrincess Dress Up game whenever you need for free, just install itnow and have fun.

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Princess Beauty Salon 4.0.0 APK
Welcome to our new princess game, we hope thiswill be one of the most beautiful princess games. Princess BeautySalon comes with a lot of new items for your fun. The princess iswaiting for you, she needs to shine again after a hard night.Last night our princess was at an important party with her parents,but today she has to meet her boyfriend, so, you are the online onewho can help her. Without a perfect makeup she can’t go at themeeting and her princess will be upset.Do you want to help our princess in this amazing princessgame?Make her to be beautiful and of course make her to don’t delay atthe meeting. We combined a makeup game with dress up game for yourfun. So, you will be a fashion designer and of course theprincess’s makeup artist.Play one of the best princess dress up games right now for free. Wetried to provide you only quality clothes and accessories for aperfect suit. All you have to do is to put your imagination to thetest and try the best combinations.Features:- Makeup and Dress Up the princess;- A lot of makeup items;- A lot of dress up items;- A lot of accessories;- Amazing graphics;- Simple gameplay;Thank you for choosing to play our princess dress up games. Weeveryday try to create the most beautiful dress up games and makeupgames for our kids. Have fun with Princess Beauty Salon and don’tforget to ask us if you have problems.
Bibi Head Injury -Doctor Games 2.5.0 APK
Hey girls, would you like to play a new gamewith Bibi on our website with the best games for girls? Firstly wewill tell you the story of Bibi. She just get married with Allanand they are very happy because they move in a new house.Since they are moving their furniture in the new house Bibi haswounded her head and now she needs quickly a doctor.We know that you are a good doctor and in the same time you are thefriend of Bibi so we have decided to ask your help.Choose quickly this game and help our beautiful girl to be happyagain in her new house !
Prom Night Dress Up 2.5.0 APK
Tonight is very important for our princess whomust to shine at prom party. Play our last Prom Night Dress Up gameand help the princess to be beautiful and happy. You are probablyone of the best fashion designers in the world and your skills canhelp the princess shine.Prom Night Dress Up is one of the most beautiful princess dress upgames because you have a lot of things to do. You have to choose aperfect hairstyle, you have to dress up the princess, manyaccessories are ready to be used and of course don’t forget tochoose a perfect pair of shoes for our beautiful princess.Let’s start with a little story about our Prom Night Dress Up game.Our princess, Ema, is probably the most beautiful girl of thekingdom and of course, she must to shine at Prom Party, but onlyyou can make her be amazing in this night. The king contacted youfor preparing the princes and you are here to do this job. Likeevery princess dress up games, you have to choose a perfect suitefor her, she is waiting for you and the best solutions are in yourmind.Prom Night Dress Up Features:- Amazing Princess Dress Up Games;- Great Graphics;- Simple Gameplay;- Easy to use for kids;- A lot of clothes;- A lot of hairstyles;- A lot of accessories;- Amazing Princess;Thank you for playing our princess dress up games and for choosingProm Night Dress Up game which is here for you. We try to createbeautiful princess games for your fun. This is a free princess gamewith but we have included ads.
Barbara Wedding Day 1.5.0 APK
Barbara Wedding Day is a beautiful game whereyou can choose wedding dress and of course a lot of other importantthings for our princess. We thought this game to be a wedding spasalon game but of course, the princess must be dressed. Barbaracan’t prepare herself for this important day, so, you are herfriend and playing one of our best wedding games, hope you havesome fun.Like any girl, our princess needs to shine at her wedding toimpress all the guests who are there. The same as wedding spa salongame, firstly you must use facial masks to clean her complexionbecause she has problems with the pimples and after that go towedding dress or other accessories. If you think the girl is readyfor the next step, just do it, but make sure, her face isshining.Barbara Wedding Day is a very simple and beautiful game where youhave the control of spa session and dress up session for bride.Like every wedding games at the end, the princess must bebeautiful, the future husband to be impressed about her appearanceand her wedding dress.Wedding Games Features:- Amazing Graphics;- Wedding Spa Salon Session;- Beautiful Bride;- Many clothes and accessories;- Easy to play;- Free to play;Thank you for choosing our wedding games and we hope you can havefun at Barbara Wedding. We try every day to provide you qualitywedding games for free.
Princess College Dress Up 3.0.0 APK
Hello Guys, welcome to our new fashion dollgame. We present you Princess College Dress Up games, which isready for you. Our little princess is looking to go at the schooltoday but she needs your help to choose a perfect suite. Our dollfashion game is created especially for your skills, you have toshow us a perfect princess at the end of the game. What do you say?Can you play this amazing doll dress up game?To be a good fashion designer and to play these doll dress up gamesisn't easy, you must to have a great imagination to know choose aperfect suite.Our princess is prepared and she is waiting for you, just start thegame and follow the instruction, you will find a lot of beautifulclothes, accessories, more and more.At the College, the princess must to be beautiful and of course,you are the only one who can help her.Take care about what dresses you will use because the princess iscommon to have the most beautiful suit and always to stand out withsomething. Always try to create some original costume for her withsome colored items in this fashion doll game.Doll Dress Up Games Features:- Amazing Graphics;- Beautiful Dresses;- Beautiful Earrings;- Beautiful Socks;- Beautiful Shoes;- Beautiful Chains;- More soon;- Fashion Doll;Thank you for choosing to play our fashion doll game and hope tohave some fun. We try everyday to provide you quality doll dress upgames for free.
Royal Princess Prom Salon 2.0.0 APK
Prom Night is a very important event for ourprincess and of course she needs to be perfect. We are looking toincrease the collection of prom salon games with this amazing gamewhich can entertain you. Of course you the princess is yours, youhave to make her to shine like every prom games. Your fashionstudio is perfect for a beautiful princess like ours. You shouldhelp her take, care of the way they are looking by selecting them agood and well looking outfit for this special event in order to beglittery and sparkling like in all prom salon games.The first level is a makeup one, we added a lot of makeup items andcolors for a beautiful Royal Princess. In princess dress up gamesyou’ve a many clothes to choose, we created an amazing dress closewhere you will find dresses, accessories, hairstyles more and more,just play our prom salon games and you will find exactly youneed.In prom games you have the freedom to choose, you are the only onewho can decide what dress to be on the princess in the prom night,a long dress, a short one or a blue dress. Probably you know promgames and already you know what to do, but, every week we try togive you something new, this princess dress up game isspecial.The prom is almost here so our Royal Princess must have the bestdresses for this event. Good luck in your try and have fun whileyou are playing this awesome, incredible and totally amazing promsalon games.Princess Prom Salon Games Features:- Amazing Graphics;- Beautiful Royal Princess;- Princess Makeup Level;- Princess Dress Up Level;- A lot of dresses;- Many accessories;- Easy to play.Thank you for playing princess prom salon games, we are very happyto choose our prom games and we hope to have fun. The RoyalPrincess is waiting for you, so, don’t make her to wait anddownload Royal Princess Prom Salon right now for free. This gameincludes ads.
Ella Foot Doctor 2.0.0 APK
Hey All, how are you today? Would you like totry a new game with Ella? We invite you to help us in this new gamewith Ella which needs your help. As you can see she has someproblems with her foot and she hopes that you can help her to solveit. You are a good doctor and we are sure that you will do a goodwork.So, what are you doing? Let's start to help Ella to have a healthyfoot, follow all the instructions of the game and certainly allwill be fine at the end. Ella will be happy and she can walk againwithout pains. Prove your medical skill, save Ella's foot and giveher a normal life, but the most important is to show her your truefriendship.Download this amazing game and have fun!
Messy Redhead Princess 2.0.0 APK
Messy Redhead PrincessOh now, Redhead Princess just came out of the castle when itstarted to rain, she is messy now and after few hours she must goto an important regal party. Redhead Princess is your friend andyou have to help her in this amazing caring game. As you can see,her dress is muddy, she must have perfect look again, because sheis an important princess. Messy Redhead Princess is probably thefunniest game in which you can take care of a little and beautifulprincess. Your mission is to make her happy and of course to have aperfect look. We pointed this game in category of caring games butyou have to know that in the second scene a lot of dresses and fewaccessories are prepared to be put on the Redhead Princess’sbody.So, for the instance you have to clean her with all the itemsavailable and after you have to find the best clothes andaccessories for Redhead Princess.Features:- Two interesting levels;- More items;- A lot of dresses;- A lot of accessories;- Great graphics;- More soon.How to play:- To clean the Princess you have to use the items from the firststage.- You have to follow the arrows and you you do it very well.- To dress up the Princess you have only to press the buttons andthe clothes will be on the model.