1.0 / May 6, 2016
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Elite Military Commando is a Shooting game with exciting missionsand stages. Let’s face this challenge, Enemy is invading, you arethe Lone Survivor Commando.If you love shooting games, then this3rd person shooting game is the ultimate fun.This games providedyour dream shooting environment of city where enemy has advantageof army bunkers, setup in the main street of the city.Aim forheadshot in this FPS game, you are contract commando sniper shooterin dangerous location, your action will determine the victory.Experience the feeling of different weapons. Excellent and ModernWeapons are used like Pistols, AK47 & hand grenades bring toomuch excitement.The Filthy Enemy is at its peak to destroy the citywhich was a peaceful one and now you are the War Commando runningalone to save the city from these beast enemies and bring the peaceback.Just find them and shoot them. Be-careful, there are someenemy soldiers also attacking you.Kill them all and Raise the PeaceFlag!!!Features:• Complete Battlefield real looking 3D environment•Realistic and modern gameplay. • Tap to shoot and kill the enemies•Great 3D graphics and environment.• Fabulous sound effects• Advanceand larger environment to explore• Strategy making game

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    Elite Military Commando
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    May 6, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    DET Games
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Helicopter Tank Gunner Battle is the most immersive and realistic3D helicopter battle action game available on Google Play. Theworld's most powerful combat helicopters are at your fingertips.Launch the attack on the most dangerous terrorists now! Become ahelicopter pilot and engage in combat missions across the deadlyruined world. Guide with precision your combat helicopter anddemolish the enemy military tanks in the with greatest combatexperience! Helicopter Tank Gunner Battle combines tactics, flyingskills and the right amount of ruthless in this # 1 militaryhelicopter action game! You are alone in these warzone andbattlefield since your rulers have become a diamond digger and it’snot a secret anymore, protecting your countrymen from the brutalarmy, attacking everyone. Helicopter Tank Gunner Battle is ahelicopter action game that combines stunning 3D graphics withflight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to pullyou into an immersive combat experience the moment you start thegame. “War of Gunship Helicopters and Tanks”Take hold of one thebest in class stealth helicopters in the world, against the mightof heavy bombarding panzer tanks across deadly battlefields. Theintense combating action levels will take players through theiconic deadly ruined battlefields, with an immersive and highoctane air to land shooting exchange, as the elite panzer tankforce attempts to track and destroy you. Stealth is the Key!Tosuccessfully complete all missions, take cover in the skies,keeping away from the enemy trackers and stealthily taking out themighty tank army to pieces. Keep a strong and steady aim, alongwith extremely precise flight navigational skills to take downenemies from a distance. Being equipped with the latest machine gunand rocket launcher, you need to destroy the convoys, Humvees,tanks and helicopters of the enemies heading towardsfoursquare.There are waves after waves that won't let you settledown in the battlefield. Loosing this battle is not acceptable; youneed to win at any cost in the battlefield.Features:★ Enjoycontrols optimized for 3D flight.★ Realistic 3D graphics andstunning visual effects ★ Real Sound effects★ Challenging missionsto enjoy the game★ Radar tracking system and artificialintelligence systems for enemy tanks.★ Also optimized for tabletdevices.If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is theperfect game for you. You'll find yourself whirling through theskies across intense crossfire.
Apache Strike Gunship 1.1 APK
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Get Ready for Great Gunship Helicopter Strike Action!MilitaryIntelligence and the CIA has indicated large formations of enemypositions on the outskirts of a fallen allied stronghold. The enemyseems to be amassing their capabilities to make a major push tooverrun allied territory. A full scale war is on the cards and youhave been assigned to a strike package deep within enemy territoryto destroy their operations and their build up.You are the pilot ofa gunship helicopter who is directed by FAC's into position for aclose air support mission. Your targets will be marked and you willbe required to destroy them with your machine guns and powerfulhellfire rockets. You must use your radar effectively to neutralizeall enemy targets as they come online and destroy the enemy bases.Fly around in your Gunship Helicopter and deliver freedom acrossthe globe!Features• Realistic 3d environment• -Latest Army BattleHelicopters to select• -Variety of Military gears to purchase fromthe store• -A lot of rewards to win • -Complex and challengingmissions
City Defense Air Jet Gunner 1.0 APK
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Storyline In ww2, Nazi had the strongest air force in Europe andtried hard to destroy everything with intensive bomb jet gunnerfighters. All lives on the town were becoming their target. Theykilled millions of people as well as millions of innocents. Oneyoung defender stood out to build safety for people and carry outcity defense.With the odds unfavorable, the city defense soldiertakes control of the mounted gunner combat machine to trade blowswith the Nazi extremists. Gameplay Use the power of ww2 themed airjet gunner machines at your disposal to destroy mighty Nazi bomberand fighter planes to thwart this city defense attempt. In 5intense levels of warlike environments, take control of mounted airjet gunner machines and twin defender guns against the fast flyingair jet fighter enemies as your only weapon at hand.Beware though,enemy has the advantage of already being in town domination, so itwill be difficult to destroy them without the most perfect of hits.To clear each level, eliminate and destroy the number of fighterand bomber planes roaming around the town in the time limit, toprogress towards to the next levels.Battle against tough warconditions with variables like weather changes, such as rains anddark which making your defender mission real challenging. Keep asteady aim on apache machines for these planes, as they rush byyou. Taking a perfect shot will only allow you to destroy spell ofenemies. Fail to take any single one down, and the enemy bomberplanes will gather up and shoot you into pieces. Features - Highlyrealistic ww2 themed environments, objects and enemies- FPS assaultair jet gunner combat controls- 5 extreme levels of city defenseaction
Master Archer Target Training 1.0 APK
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Time to pick up your bow and arrow and start taking down targets tobecome a master archer around town TARGET TRAINING ON VARIOUSLOCATIONS Embark on a crash course of target archery challengesthrough various locations, in timed levels to showcase yourprecision and immense timing.Take down multiple target trainingboards in limited time and hitting your target as close as possibleto score high by earning large score multipliers. GAMEPLAY Play invarious levels in different locations. Hold your arrow stretchedand wait for target training boards to appear. Try to hit as manyboards as possible, ensuring the arrows hit as close to the bull'seye as possible. Accurate and timely targets will earn playersscore multipliers to boost scores.In more difficult levels ofgameplay, the target training boards movement will become fasterand random, putting your master archer in a race against time toscore as high as possible.Keep into count the differentenvironmental factors like wind flow and resistance while takingaim and adjust accordingly. FEATURES === Classic bow and arrowarchery experience ====== Engaging third person master archergameplay ====== Challenging levels through various locations ===
F16 Monster Jet Fighter 1.0 APK
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F16 Monster Jet Fighter is an exciting combination of modern warsimulation and dogfight action that simply unleashes your truegunner spirit. Ready to take on flight your F16 Monster Jet Fighterto war against invading enemy rivals with ship carriers andaircrafts. Travel through air high ranges flying advanced superfast F16 Monster Jet Fighter right upon ocean waves.This warmissile mission opens up in a real 3D air dogfight modernenvironment, lodge with HD visual treat of air bounds and distantocean View. Use your gunner weaponry wisely! Acute aim needs tomake count of war missile trajectory while air strike attack onaircrafts with fully weaponized artillery. Experience the storm ofshell exploding aircrafts with cruise missiles and limitless bulletgunner ammo, bent in the weaponry.Enemy rivals are fast enough. Youhave to come up with modern dogfight simulator and f16 elite pilotskills specialized in war missile attacks. Get a firm hand onamazingly precise controls while this air flight war having a closecounter with enemy jet rivals. You have to come home with thebattle won! GAME FEATURES➫ 4 exciting levels enduring immense F16Monster Jet Fighter missions➫ Enemy targeting in cockpit view,switches to third person➫ Flying experience through artificialweather generator➫ Various Power weapons to destroy target➫Supersonic F16 Monster Jet Fighter battle ambience sound effects➫Smooth screen transition with Precise controls➫ Classic flightsimulator game with addictive gameplay
Marine Marksman Assault 1.0 APK
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Hello Soldier! Your country calls upon you in the darkest call ofduty. Enemy warships have entered territorial waters to embark uponsavaging your homeland. The military wants you to go in and stopthem dead in the water! You are to defend your country from theinvaders with your blasting machine guns and blowing rocketlaunchers!Intel indicates multiple warships, carriers and frigatesnear the coastline. You will ride a Sea Stallion to the enemy'slast known position. You will engage the enemy upon visual contact.Ruthless will be the order of the day as we enter battles that willtest our nerves and the will to fight on for what youbelieve!***FEATURES***• Shiny Weapons!• Protect yourself withShields!• Losing health quickly? Get a fresh breath by using thelife kit!• Stuck in a quagmire? Call in the airstrike to blow theenemies skyhigh!• Enemies with Gunship helicopters, motor boats•Challenging missions• Machine gun and upgraded RPG• Optimizedcontrols• Realistic 3D environment• Real sound effects